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To achieve this...

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To achieve this... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To achieve this...

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  1. To achieve this... we will seek to... through the following means... and by these actions... • Encourage GoI and KRG to pass and implement new legislation on hydrocarbons and revenue sharing. • Contribute to Iraqi development of a strategic vision for the energy sector. • Encourage GoI to play a responsible role in OPEC and other international energy institutions. • Work with the EU on a strategic partnership with Iraq, including encouraging gas exports to the EU. Encourage Iraq to contribute responsibly to global energy security. HMG IRAQ STRATEGY 2012- 2015: Support UK businesses operating in Iraq and improve the investment environment. • Support British companies to win high value contracts in Iraq. • Improve UK visa operations in Iraq . • Encourage and support GoI to tackle the problems that prohibit business, and encourage inward investment. UKTI to boost resources at post. Unlock Iraq’s economic potential. • Support increased private sector growth in Iraq, leading to job creation. • Build partnerships between UK and Iraqi colleges and universities to support improved learning and develop vocational, academic and professional skills. • Improve provision of education and training (including ELT) in the state sector. • Encourage Iraq funded scholarships to the UK. Improve educational and employment opportunities in Iraq. • Seek reduced restrictions on banks eligible to issue LOCs. • Promote a market open to foreign banks and support British banks’ efforts to enter and grow. • Promote development of retail banking to drive small loans to private businesses and the public. Promote a vibrant, open, transparent and diversified financial sector. A STABLE, PROSPEROUS AND DEMOCRATIC IRAQ THAT SUPPORTS UK INTERESTS IN THE REGION. • Persuade key political figures to make compromises for strong coalition govt. • Promote a non-sectarian approach to politics and further action on national reconciliation. • Develop stronger relationship with the PMO, MOD and MOI in support of UK-Iraqi bilateral interests . Promote political stability. • Build GOI and KRG capacity for central reform and coordinating policy, and support parliamentary oversight of the executive. • Encourage transparent and accountable mechanisms for the delivery of essential services. • Work with International institutions to improve Iraqi rule of law, education, economic prosperity and human rights (UN/World Bank/IMF & US/France/Turkey). • Support establishment of a human rights commission. • Make deepening of CT cooperation contingent upon adherence to HR standards. Enhance internal stability. Improve governance, tackle corruption and promote the rule of law. Strengthen security. • Support the GOI building capacity of security forces in order to counter special groups and militias through defence training and influence, supporting UK defence sales and wider bilateral relations. • Work with GoI, US and regional states to make progress on issues of national reconciliation. • Develop bilateral CT relationship with GoI and KRG. • Engage GOI and KRG, seeking an agreed mechanism to resolve Article 140 issues. Strengthen Iraq’s relations with Arab neighbours, the West and Turkey. Support Iraq to develop positive relations across the Arab World and with the West. • Help Iraq increase its regional engagement and persuade regional states, particularly Saudi Arabia, to open Embassies in Iraq. • Support Iraq’s development of effective security forces capable of interoperating with allies in regional security structures, through defence training and diplomacy. • Work with the KRG and GoI to resume flights returning failed Iraqi asylum applicants from the UK. Normalising bilateral relations between Iraq and Kuwait. UNCLASSIFIED • Work with Iraq, Kuwait, UN and P3 to resolve outstanding Chapter VII issues.