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STEP to Achieve

STEP to Achieve . Strategic Tutorial Exam Preparation. http://www.california-exam.com/. Pain: High-Stakes Testing. NCLB – No Child Left Behind? You Don’t Pass, You Don’t Graduate!. Specialization: Unique Learners. Example problem: Do we attack the problem in the same way?

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STEP to Achieve

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  1. STEP to Achieve Strategic Tutorial Exam Preparation http://www.california-exam.com/

  2. Pain: High-Stakes Testing • NCLB – No Child Left Behind? • You Don’t Pass, You Don’t Graduate!

  3. Specialization: Unique Learners • Example problem: Do we attack the problem in the same way? • Learning Instrument: Does our learning style vary?

  4. Angle: Individualized Tutorial • Concerned educators are creating an online-tutorial service to help students prepare for and pass the CAHSEE by teaching conceptual confidence. • For a small price, students can take a diagnostic test that demonstrates current strengths and weaknesses based on California standards. • This initial diagnostic will create a custom tutorial service to help students prepare for the CAHSEE by strengthening areas of weakness unique to the student's learning preferences. • Hints, strategic walkthroughs based on learning styles, conceptual metaphors, practice quizzes, and practice tests will be available to improve the student's understanding of concepts. • Reporting tools to students, parents, and administrators will measure the progress of the student preparing for the tutorial.

  5. Anchor, Benefactors, Beta Mines • Survey reveals several schools are interested in Beta Testing this summer. • Most interested are “At-Risk” High Schools and “Adult Schools” (Rabbits) • Benefactors: Social and Personal Value to Education System to potentially create “Love Fest” Buzz

  6. Horses: Math & Learning Style • Scott Hendrickson: Utah teacher of the Year, UCTM president, and newest BYU Math Education Professor (20+ years experience) • David Squires: Designer of unique Learning Style Instrument (40+ years experience) • Jaime Escalante (pursuing, not landed): Stand And Deliver, helping East LA students at Garfield High School achieve by simply instilling ganas. • CEO & Education Grant Writer Needed

  7. Thrift: Priority of Money • As a for-profit, opportunities are more limited for Free Educational Grant Money • Bootstrapping: This summer, building product to beta-test in California (& maybe Washington) on $10K or less. • Guardian Angels: If interested, 1% equity for $15K (most know the industry, and be able to contribute; e.g., future CEO)

  8. Augmentation: Incentives / Spin-off • Easter-eggs in software to drive intrinsic motivation (movie clip, if parents purchase incentive program [coupon for iPod downloads, online gift certificates, etc.) • Spin-off and license unique learning instrument (e.g., Burke powers and Leadership Consulting) • Faculty Improvement Days: Teacher Profiling

  9. Guarantee and Incentive Pricing • “Proving Concept” is essential to success • Collecting data regarding actual test performance is critical to “Prove Concept.” • Limited money-back guarantee for failure (tutorial use continues until successful) • Incentive gift for entering actual test scores (online gift certificate)

  10. Other tactics • NCTM conferences – presentation of findings • School colors/logos as skins for website. • Equity shares • Magnet (movie clip example) – searching for win-win synergies. • Change – be quick on your feet. • Cult – anchoring from within teaching ranks.

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