ofb pre roundtable consultation december 9 2013 to january 18th 2014 n.
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OFB Pre-Roundtable Consultation December 9, 2013 to January 18th, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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OFB Pre-Roundtable Consultation December 9, 2013 to January 18th, 2014

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OFB Pre-Roundtable Consultation December 9, 2013 to January 18th, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OFB Pre-Roundtable Consultation December 9, 2013 to January 18th, 2014. The Open for Business Vision.

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The Open for Business Vision

Ontario will be a leading competitive business jurisdiction for reducing burdens, strengthening relationships with business and promoting efficient, targeted and smart regulations that protect the public interest.

  • Open For Business Mandate:
  • Open for Business is committed to modernizing Ontario’s regulatory environment to:
    • Contribute to Ontario’s economic growth and prosperity
    • Build productive and collaborative relationships with business
    • Improve the public’s trust in government
  • To accomplish this, Open for Business will work with internal and external partners to create smarter, faster and easier government that:
      • Minimizes Business Burdens
      • Promotes Smarter Regulatory Practices
      • Encourages B2G Connections



OFB Roundtable Objectives: Encouraging B2G Connections

  • Better understanding of business sector needs and priorities
  • Shared knowledge resulting in transparent exchanges that consider operational requirements, the public interest and the business sector experience
  • Shared objectives that create responsive solutions rooted in sound stewardship of business and government resources
  • Joint problem-solving and a shared commitment to arrive at agreed-upon solutions



OFB Roundtables: Rules of the Game

  • In order to produce rapid, cross-government results for a sector, there are boundaries in what can be delivered including:
  • Outcomes must involve no additional cost to government.
  • Outcomes must not require changes to legislation. Regulatory changes which aim to reduce burden and streamline processes may be within scope.
  • Must be within provincial jurisdiction
  • Must be achievable within two-month timeframe.
    • If the priority can not be fully addressed within the two-month timeframe, the sector and ministry leads can agree on a clear go-forward plan to resolve the priority issue.
  • Other Guidelines:
  • As a single-stakeholder consultation process, the focus should be on improving the way government works, rather than changing policy itself.
  • Focus on deliverable results, not on establishing new, ongoing processes or consultations.


ofb roundtable process
OFB Roundtable Process


Lead Association presents Top 5 Priorities

Chaired by Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Employment: Sector Business Leaders, Deputy Ministers and Assistant Deputy Ministers all brought together.

2 Month Timeline


Series of sessions between Sector and Ministry Leads

With stakeholder consultation and engagement, government-business working groups decide on objectives, identify solutions and set timelines.

Final report of priorities and solutions produced as public record. Ministries implement action requirements.

*If the priority can not be fully addressed within the two-month timeframe, the sector and ministry leads can agree on a go-forward plan to resolve the priority issue.


Lead Deputy Minister presents agreed-upon solutions*


completed ofb roundtables
Completed OFB Roundtables

Open for Business has engaged with 9 Ontario business sectors to date.

September-December 2010

March-May 2010

August-October 2010

November 2010-January 2011

March-May 2011

March-May 2011

Financial Services


Small Business

August-October 2012

March-June 2012

October-December 2012



Lessons Learned: Conditions for Success

  • Time limited: Two-month consultation
  • Each sector represented by one lead association that consults its business sector leaders and participates in priority working groups.
  • For this process, associations identify only their top 5 priorities
  • Government finds solutions within its current economic environment
  • Lead ministries appointed, all affected ministries are required to quickly address each priority or deliver alternate solutions
  • Focus on deliverable and measurable outcomes



OFB Roundtables: Outcomes Key Themes

  • Harmonization/Standardization
  • Standardized Food Premise Inspection Reporting/Food Handler Training Programs (Hospitality)
  • Standardized Hospital Procurement Contract Template (Medical Technology)
  • Improved Market Opportunities
  • Guides for doing business with the Ontario Government (Small Business, Medical Technology)
  • Launch of EXCITE pre-market assessment process (Medical Technology)
  • All inclusive travel/complimentary-drink exemptions (Hospitality)
  • Broader access to surplus government lands/provincial vendor of record arrangements (Not-for-Profit)
  • Smart Regulation
  • Introduction of Regulatory Impact Analysis (Manufacturing)
  • Introduction of Regulator’s Code of Practice (Hospitality/Agriculture)
  • Introduction of Mandatory Review Policy / Regulatory Feedback Form (Small Business)
  • Addressing Business Burdens
  • Review Definition of Catastrophic Impairment through Stakeholder Roundtable (Financial Services)
  • Streamline and Modernize Government Funding Processes (Not for Profit)
  • Clarification around Police Record Checks (Not for Profit)
  • Streamlining the number of permits required for development of residential subdivisions (Building and Land Development)
  • Reduction in length of WSIB No Lost Time Form (Form 7) by 60% (Small Business)