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Bellringer. What are three facts you have learned from Chapter 7? Put your Chapter 6 & 7 Notes in the tray Make sure everything is cleaned out of your Africa book and ready to trade-in tomorrow. Bellringer. What is something you have learned from your Africa book?

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What are three facts you have learned from Chapter 7?

Put your Chapter 6 & 7 Notes in the tray

Make sure everything is cleaned out of your Africa book and ready to trade-in tomorrow

  • What is something you have learned from your Africa book?
  • Get your Chapter 6 & 7 Notes in order, stapled, and name on them to turn in tomorrow before your test:
    • Chapter 6-1 (G.O.)
    • Chapter 7-1 (G. O.)
    • Chapter 7-2 (Fill in the Blank; 2 pages)
Why did the Ethiopian Christian Church develop in a unique way?
    • Ethiopian Christians were isolated from other Christians
    • Ethiopian Christians wanted to develop their own religion
    • Ethiopians encouraged Christians to convent to Judaism
    • Many Ethiopian Christians could not read Engish
The religions practiced by most Ethiopians today are
    • Traditional African religions and Christianity
    • Christianity and Islam
    • Judaism and Christianity
    • Buddhism and Islam
Because of Kenya’s geography and climate, the land there is suitable for
    • Manufacturing
    • Mining
    • Farming
    • Forestry
The former Ethiopian capital, Lalibela, is known for its
    • Industries
    • University
    • Royal palace
    • Underground stone churches
One important political change made by Tanzania’s new leaders was
    • Forming a dictatorship
    • Forming a monarchy
    • Starting a one-party system
    • Starting a multiparty system
Why did President Nyerere adopt Swahili as the national language for Tanzania?
    • So the people would keep their traditions
    • So the government wouldn’t be controlled by the military
    • So the country’s ethnic groups would be united
    • So the people would vote in every election
President Nyerere’s ujamaa program failed because many people
    • Didn’t have enough water
    • Refused to move to the new villages
    • Refused to work on family homesteads
    • Produced too many crops
One important change made by Tanzania's new leaders was
    • Ending the foreign debt
    • Adopting a new national language
    • Ending ujamaa, which caused a lot of conflict
    • Raising fewer cash crops
As Arabs took control of North and East Africa, some Ethiopians
    • Adopted Islam
    • Adopted Christianity
    • Resisted the Arabs
    • Took control of West Africa
In Kenyan villages, the women solve community problems by
    • Attending schools
    • Asking their extended families for help
    • Forming self-help groups
    • Asking the local government for help
Why do so many Kenyan women remain in the villages?
    • To farm the land
    • To attend colleges
    • to work in factories
    • to work in tourist hotels
How did apartheid laws affect South Africans?
    • Everyone paid higher taxes
    • White and black workers were united
    • Racial discrimination became legal
    • All South Africans could vote
What is one example of how harambee affects life in Kenya?
    • People place little value on family
    • People work together in villages to build schools
    • People leave Kenya to live in other countries
    • People refuse to help other villagers farm their land
After South Africa was unified, the white-led government passed laws that
    • Permitted black people to own good land
    • Kept land and wealth in white hands
    • Improved the living conditions of black citizens
    • Punished the British, French, and German settlers
Some of Congo’s most important natural resources include
    • Water, natural gas, and sugar
    • Copper, forests, and wildlife
    • Sugar, wheat, and cocoa
    • Forests, fruits, and vegetables
What happened after Congo’s economy collapsed?
    • The government raised taxes
    • The government cut spending
    • The government spent more money on health services
    • The government gave food to the poor people of the country
The Belgian rulers of Congo were mainly interested in the country’s
    • Resources
    • History
    • Language
    • Culture
Why did foreign companies help Mobutu take control of Congo?
    • To educate the children
    • To protect their businesses
    • To provide medical care for the people
    • To improve the transportation system
Under F. W. de Klerk, the South African government passed laws that ended
    • Black ownership of some land
    • Economic problems facing the country
    • Higher taxes in many poor villages
    • Legal discrimination on the basis of race
How did blacks in South Africa live under the apartheid system?
    • They attended the same schools as whites
    • They made economic advancements
    • They had almost no rights at all
    • They moved to cities and villages throughout the country
Who did South Africans elect as their new president after the end of apartheid?
    • Mobutu SeseSeko
    • Nelson Mandela
    • F. W. de Klerk
    • NomfundoMhlana
Why did the British battle with the Afrikaners over Afrikaner land in the late 1800s?
    • Because diamonds and gold were discovered there
    • Because the government collapsed
    • Because black Africans asked the British for help
    • Because copper was discovered there
Most of Congo’s wealth is produced by
    • Farming
    • Forestry
    • Mining
    • Manufacturing
Congo’s economy collapsed in the late 1970s because the price of copper
    • Went up and down
    • Increased
    • Stayed the same
    • Dropped sharply
Belgium ruled Congo in order to control the country’s
    • Manufacturing
    • Resources, including copper and diamonds
    • Forestry and water
    • Crops and wildlife
What did Mobutu do after he assumed power in Congo?
    • Improved the educational system
    • Held a general election
    • Nationalized foreign-owned industries
    • Established a multiparty political system
What did other countries do to show their support against apartheid?
    • Bought more goods from South Africa
    • Stopped trading with South Africa
    • Passed laws for apartheid
    • Ignored the situation
other items to know
Other Items to Know!
  • Make sure to study the review questions at the end of each section
  • Know the following locations of the African countries:
    • Kenya
    • South Africa
    • Egypt
    • Libya
    • Ethiopia