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Professional Experts for Removing Asbestos PowerPoint Presentation
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Professional Experts for Removing Asbestos

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Professional Experts for Removing Asbestos - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Most of the commercial buildings and residential complex contain a product known as asbestos. It is widely used in roofing material, ceiling tiles, insulation, floor tiles and in a range of other building materials. Overall, asbestos has a number of uses in building construction. The material nestles some major qualities like high heat resistance, insulation, long lasting, etc. Though it serves a great purpose, the material is discovered as potentially life-threatening materials.\n\nWhen the products made up of asbestos deteriorate and begin to release hazardous microscopic fibers into the air, the particles are inhaled by the people very easily. It results in various lung conditions like asbestosis, lung cancer, mesothelioma, etc. And it becomes necessary to have an immediate Asbestos Removal. Well, removing asbestos is not at all an easy task. Improper methods followed for removing asbestos can turn extremely dangerous, and thus needs to be done by only trained professionals.\n

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scancross environmental services ltd

SCANCROSS Environmental Services Ltd.

Complete Asbestos Solution

about us
About us
  • We are fully licensed and well experienced in asbestos removalfrom domestic and commercial places.
  • We offer you convenient services for survey and provide you best and efficient solution to remove asbestos.
  • You can choose for efficient, safe and managed services for asbestos testing Surrey by dealing with us.
  • We are enveloped with latest techniques for Asbestos Testing.
  • Our staff is friendlier with clients and provides sufficient feedback in their favor.
  • We use latest and super quality products and tools to remove asbestos.
  • We offer you convenient services for asbestos removal from roofs, ceilings and walls.
asbestos services
Asbestos Services:
  • Asbestos samplings and analysis
  • Asbestos surveys
  • Asbestos removal (commercial/industrial sites & public buildings)
  • Asbestos removal (domestic properties)
  • Asbestos decontamination, encapsulation and protection services
  • Asbestos collection services
  • Asbestos management
  • Risk assessments, advice and consultancy
  • Soft-strip and demolition
  • Re-instatement and re-insulation works
contact us
Contact Us

SCANCROSS Environmental Services Ltd7b Lupton Road,Thame, OxfordshireOX9 3SE

Email: enquiries@scancross.comPhone: 0800 521 468