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Books that made a difference to Nickolas Fudge. PowerPoint Presentation
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Books that made a difference to Nickolas Fudge.

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Books that made a difference to Nickolas Fudge.

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Books that made a difference to Nickolas Fudge.

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  1. Books that made a difference to Nickolas Fudge. By: Nickolas Fudge 17/12/13

  2. My history with reading. • When I was younger – about six or seven – I didn’t really like reading books very often. I liked books, yes, but I didn’t always have one on hand to read, or really want to. As I got older I started reading more books more often, especially in fourth and fifth grade. I dipped back down to not reading much in Middle School because I was on the computer and didn’t think about reading. As High School came around I got back into reading and I read a lot of books that made a difference to me as a person. I have read books like Hamlet and War of the Worlds, to books like Twilight(Regretfully…) and Harry Potter. Shakespeare has made a huge difference to me as a person as I read more and more. I am glad that I got back into reading during High School because I know it will help me later on and has already helped me now.

  3. Hamlet– Shakespeare. • Hamlet is one of the books that made the biggest difference to me as a person. All of Shakespeare's books have made a huge difference to me but three of his books stand out to me the most. I enjoy Hamlet the most, I think, out of the three books I picked. I feel that all of Shakespeare’s books have to do with Trust. There always seems to be a point in the book where the main character has to trust at least one person entirely because someone’s life depends on it. Hamlet has to trust his fathers ghost when it appears and tells him that his death was not of natural causes, which leads to the rest of the story playing out as it does. All of these books deal with trust but this is also betrayal, honour, and more, and it effects me as a person and makes me relax to read Shakespeare books.

  4. Macbeth– Shakespeare. • Macbeth is the second book that made a difference to me. It, like Hamlet, deals with Trust and Betrayal. Where it is different is it also shows Macbeth being driven insane by his own guilt and the images of that guilt. The book made a difference to me because it shows that doing the wrong thing, even if it seems like a good thing at first, always becomes a bad thing in the end. It shows that if you make a deal with the devil you will have it come back to bite you later. Macbeth and his wife, Lady Macbeth, become King and Queen after this King dies but he is haunted by the images of the ones he has murdered and the witches prophecies until the very end. He misreads the prophecies and thinks himself invincible, but in the end, the evil King is killed and the order seems to be restoring itself.

  5. Romeo and Juliet– Shakespeare. • Romeo and Juliet is the third book I picked for the ‘Books that made a difference’ project. It, like the last two, deals with Trust. It doesn’t, however, deal with Betrayal. It deals with hidden love, family feuds, and the devotion the two lovers have for each other. Their families are enemies, but when Romeo and Juliet meet, they fall in love at first sight. They learn of the others and learn their families are against each other but are so in love with each other that they decide to get married and go to the ends of the earth to see each other. Romeo becomes banished when he accidently kills one of Romeos family members in a duel, but he comes back later to try to get Juliet and run away with her, but finds her to be “dead” and decides to kill himself. When she wakes up she finds him next to her dead and kills herself, thinking it better to be dead with him rather than alive without. It is a great story and it always makes me stop thinking about whatever is worrying me, allowing me to become a better person in the process.