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Five Reasons to Try Winter Camping PowerPoint Presentation
Five Reasons to Try Winter Camping

Five Reasons to Try Winter Camping

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  1. Five Reasons to Try Winter Camping As soon as the weather turns warm, most avid campers get their gear ready and look forward to summer camping. The weather is ideal, kids are on school break, and it's a perfect excuse to unplug and hit the open road. But what about winter camping? Have you ever explored what this would be like? Although certainly a different type of experience, there are some advantages to camping in the winter. Grab yourwarm wool blanketand read up on our reasons why winter camping should not be discounted. For more information click here.Sheep WoolBlankets&merino blanket,Cream Plaid Wool Blanket Fewer Flies Simply put, flies can't survive in the cold temperatures. Cold temperatures mean not as many flies. This is a win-win in our book. For more information click here.WholesaleWool Blankets&Navy Blue Wool Blanket Excuse to Stock Up on Gear Although it's important to have layers for summer hikes and camping, you will need layers for winter camping. A base layer, mid layer, and outer layer are the fundamentals for winter camping. We always suggest packing additional layers, in the event temperatures drop or articles of clothing become wet. Asa wool blanket company, we favor a good quality pair of wool socks. Throughout the year, we sometimes havewool blankets for sale. Planning a group excursion? Check outour wholesale wool blankets. They also make a wonderful gift idea for the avid camper in your life. Agood camping blanketcan be treasured for years to come. For more information click here.Black And White Wool Blanket&Heavy Wool Blanket On Sale Campfires There's something magical about a glistening campfire within the backdrop of a snow-white campsite. Be sure to practice your campfire building skills ahead of time and make sure you bring enough gear. A portable heater is a good idea to consider, too. For more information click here.Black And White Plaid Wool Blanket&Red Plaid Wool Blanket Sleeping The stillness of wintertime and the cool fresh air is an experience like no other. Investing in quality gear is important if you are going to consider winter camping. Packing a durable wool blanketwill help provide an additional layer of insulation. For more information click.100% Merino Wool Blankets&Camp Blanket,Yellow Wool Blanket