Five reasons to digitalize documents
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Five Reasons to Digitalize Documents - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital storage of records can help you take your company to the next level. Going digital helps you to better organize, save time and money, and go green.Visit us at:

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Five Reasons to Digitalize Documents

1 organization l.jpg
#1: Organization

  • Digitalizing documents allows you to sort years worth of files and gain easy access to all of these files.

  • Cloud based solutions allow you to store these files and access them wherever you are, even on your mobile device.

  • Being able to access these files anywhere and having the files organized easily saves valuable time to increase productivity and reduce hassle.

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2 it saves money l.jpg
#2: It saves money

  • Using document scanning services to store records dramatically reduces costs associated with data entry.

  • Money and space is saved on filing cabinets and old files can be disposed of without worry.

  • Increased efficiency and productivity associated with with digitalizing documents allows you to focus on the important aspects of business and increase profits.

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3 it saves time l.jpg
#3: It saves time

  • With new OCR (optical-character recognition) hardware and services, you can automate data entry, saving all of the tedious time and effort of manual entry.

  • Searching for papers, no matter how organized your file cabinets are, takes much longer than bringing up all of the files and information indexed when your documents are stored digitally.

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4 it is secure and permanent l.jpg
#4: It is secure and permanent

  • Digital documents can be stored securely and safely, protecting you in the event of robbery or corporate espionage.

  • You no longer need to worry about the disaster caused by lost or stolen documents and possible secrets leaking out if they are all stored on computers or in the cloud.

  • There is no need to worry about wear and tear associated with physical documents and digital documents can be stored permanently or deleted easily if necessary.

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5 it is environmentally friendly l.jpg
#5: It is environmentally friendly

  • Whether or not you consider yourself a tree-hugger, massive stacks of paper harm the environment and take up space.

  • Consumers love environmentally-conscious businesses, and moving to digitalization of documents will allow you to leverage your company’s reduced carbon footprint to attract new costumers.

  • Existing and potential customers will see your firm as a higher quality and more consumer-friendly business to deal with if they see that you are concerned with the environment.

Electronic business records management can help you be green