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Public Library Services and Collection 公共图书馆服务及藏书 PowerPoint Presentation
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Public Library Services and Collection 公共图书馆服务及藏书

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Public Library Services and Collection 公共图书馆服务及藏书 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Public Library Services and Collection 公共图书馆服务及藏书. Maria Fung 馮婉紅 World Language Materials Specialist. July 2010. A Brooklyn Story 布鲁克林公共图书馆 个例. 紐 約 市 五 大 區. 5 NYC Boroughs. Greenpoint. Leonard. Williamsburgh. Bushwick. Washington Irving. Brooklyn Heights. Walt Whitman. DeKalb.

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Public LibraryServices and Collection公共图书馆服务及藏书

Maria Fung 馮婉紅

World Language Materials Specialist

July 2010








Brooklyn Heights





Clinton Hill







Red Hook

Brower Park

Cypress Hills




Park Slope

New Lots

Stone Avenue


East Flatbush

Spring Creek




Sunset Park





Bay Ridge

Jamaica Bay



McKinley Park



Mill Basin

Fort Hamilton




Kings Highway




Kings Bay


Ulmer Park





Brooklyn/Queens Border

Existing Branches and ½-mile Radii

about brooklyn
About Brooklyn 关于布魯克林人口
  • Population: 2.5 million (2000 census)
  • 150 nations, more than 160 languages
  • 40% foreign-born residents
  • Larger population than all but 3 U.S. cities
  • 600,000 residents under 18 years old
  • 72% of residents do not have a college degree

人口: 2百50万 (2000 人口统计)

来自150 国家, 使用160多种语言





library bill of rights 1
Library Bill of Rights (1)

The American Library Association affirms that all libraries are forums for information and ideas, and that the following basic policies should guide their services.

I. Books and other library resources should be provided for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves. Materials should not be excluded because of origin, background or views of those contributing to their creation.

II. Libraries should provide materials and information presenting all points of view on current and historical issues. Materials should not be proscribed or removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval.

III. Libraries should challenge censorship in the fulfillment of their responsibility to provide information and enlightenment.

library bill of rights 2
Library Bill of Rights (2)

IV. Libraries should cooperate with all persons and groups concerned with resisting abridgment of free expression and free access to ideas.

V. A person’s right to use a library should not be denied or abridged because of origin, age, background, or views.

VI. Libraries which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.

Adopted June 18, 1948. Amended February 2, 1961, and January 23, 1980, inclusion of "age" reaffirmed January 23, 1996, by the ALA Council.



  • 图书馆中所有的书籍及非书籍资料皆为满足当地社区的阅读兴趣,资讯求取,才智启蒙而设。不应将不同的种族,背景,或持有不同观点的著作排除在外。

  • 图书馆收藏应涵盖对当今或历史事件的全面观点。不应因党派或教条禁制而消灭藏书。
  • 图书馆应挑战检审制度,以负起提供资讯启迪民智的责任。 。
  • 图书馆应与各方人士合作以抗拒对言论自由及理念自由的限制。
  • 人们使用图书馆的权利不应因种族,年纪,背景或观点而被剥夺。
  • 图书馆的展览空间及会议场所应对公众开放。不论申请使用者的信仰,身份,或其所属的单位组织,皆应一视同仁公平对待。

1948年6月18日采行。 1961年2月2日补充。 1980年1月23日增添“年纪”词条 。 1996年1月23日美国图书馆协会再度确认。


usa patriot act section 215
USA Patriot ActSection 215
  • Information such as library circulation, Internet use and registration records can be the subject of the warrant.
  • FISA courts do not require the demonstration of “probable cause.” Instead law enforcement need only claim a belief that desired records may be related to an ongoing investigation of international terrorism or foreign intelligence activities.
  • Law enforcement agents may obtain from a FISA court a search warrant for “any tangible thing,” including books, records, papers, data tapes and computers with hard drives.
  • 执法人员可从外国情报侦搜法案法庭取得搜索票以获取任何实质物品如:书籍,记录,论文,数据磁带电脑硬碟。
  • 图书馆借书纪录,网络使用纪录,申请登记记录皆 可为搜索票侦搜之对象。
  • 执法人员不须向法庭出示“可靠的证据”,只须表明其相信所需调查的记录与正在进行中的国际恐怖主义或外国间谍活动有关联。



About BPL


  • Fifth largest public library system in the United States


  • 58 neighborhood libraries, plus Central Library, Business Library, Digital Collection, Kidsmobile, 3 Bookmobiles

58个分馆,加上中央图书馆,商务图书馆,数字馆藏,一个小孩流动图书馆 ,三个普通流动图书馆

  • One of three separate library systems in New York City


  • Major employer in Brooklyn, with 1600 staff in library service and administrative positions

布鲁克林区的主要雇主 ,有1600 在图书馆服务和行政职务的工作人员,

  • Highest program attendance of any library in the United States


  • 4.2 million books, 31,000 music volumes, 123,000 DVDs, 49,000 videos 420万的书 籍,音乐31000册,123,000的DVD,视频49,000
  • Over a million historical documents in Brooklyn Collection

超过1万布鲁克 林历史文献

  • 1,111 public computers

1,111公用 电脑

  • Largest WiFi network in Brooklyn


  • 46,091 programs sessions – 868,616 program attendance

46091活动 - 868616出席人次

brooklyn public library mission
Brooklyn Public Library Mission

It is the mission of Brooklyn Public Library to ensure the preservation and transmission of society’s knowledge, history and culture, and to provide the people of Brooklyn with free and open access to information for education, recreation and reference.



our vision
Our Vision

Brooklyn Public Library will be a vital center of knowledge for all, accessible 24 hours a day, and will be a leader in traditional innovative library services which reflect the diverse and dynamic spirit of the people of Brooklyn.



core values
Core Values核心价值
  • Excellent Customer Service


  • Innovation and Creativity


  • Preserving Intellectual Freedom


  • Professionalism


  • Diversity


  • Teamwork



Central Library中央图书馆

  • 开业 February 1941
  • 地标 May 1997
  • Dweck 礼堂 2007
  • 350,000 平方英尺
  • 每年超过1万人次
  • 140 公众电脑
  • 每月3,000 无线用户
  • 服务内容包括 :
    • STEP (也在分馆 )
    • 会话组
    • 24 / 7chat参考
    • “问一问馆员”
  • 馆藏 : 100万+ 已编目材料
  • FY09 流通 : 2,458,011
  • 特别馆藏: Brooklyn Daily Eagle archives, Hunt Collection of Rare Children’s Books, Civil War Collection
central library divisions
Central Library Divisions中央馆部门
  • Subject Divisions 科目分部
    • Art and Music 艺术,媒体,音乐,及体育部
    • History, Biography and Religion 史传与宗教部
    • Language and Literature 语言文学与小说
    • Society, Sciences and Technology


  • Service Divisions 服务部门
    • Brooklyn Collection 布鲁克林区资料库
    • Education & Job Information Center


    • Multilingual Center 多语言中心
    • Telephone / Email / Chat Reference

电话/电子邮件 /聊天参考

  • Youth Wing 青少年 部门

Brooklyn Collection布鲁克林区资料库

  • BPL’s Local History Division
  • 布鲁克林地方史科
  • Collections and services include:
    • Brooklyn Eagle Archives 布鲁克林鹰報档案
    • Brooklyn Eagle Online 1841-1902
    • 布鲁克林鹰報在线
      • 40,000 web visits / month
    • Digitization Initiatives 数字化
    • Maps / Mss. / Ephemera 地图及其他
      • Brooklyn Dodgers memorabilia
    • Brooklyn Connections布鲁克林连接
    • “Brooklynology” Blog 有關布鲁克林博客
business library
Business Library商业馆
  • Serves the information needs of the business community, with a particular emphasis on small businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as support for students and individuals.
  • 满足商业界,特别是小企业和企业家的信息需求, 同时对学生和个人也提供信息支持。

Business Library商業館

  • Opened in 1943 to support business owners, entrepreneurs and investors
  • 在1943年开 业,为支持新的企业,企业家和投资者
  • Housed at Brooklyn Heights Library
  • 在布鲁克林高地图书分馆一楼
  • First public library of its kind to open in United States
  • 在美国首个此类公共图 书馆
  • Business and workforce development initiatives include:
  • 商业和劳动力发 展包括
    • Power Up! Business Plan Competition
    • 创业计划大赛
    • SCORE counseling 辅导服务
    • FINRA: Smart Investing @ Your Library 聪明的投资@您 的图书馆
yearly circulation
Yearly Circulation全年流通量
  • FY 2010 Visits

Circulation 19,542,812

  • FY 2009 Visits 13,225,122

Circulation 17,272,770

fy2010 operating budget 1 018
FY2010 Operating Budget支出 1.018亿美元








library programs for children
Library Programs for Children 兒童組活動節目
  • For children from newborn to grade 6 新生儿到六年级儿童
  • Programs include:
    • Preschool programs from newborn to 5 学龄前活动
    • Class visits 学童班级造访
    • Reading is Fundamental (RIF) “阅读是根本”活动
    • Homework help


    • After school programs for different occasions and holidays 节假日课外活动
library programs for teens
Library Programs for Teens青少年组活动节目
  • For teenagers from grade 7 to grade 12 七到十二年级Programs include:
    • Class visits 学童班级造访
    • Reading is Fundamental (RIF) 阅读是根本
    • Homework help (24/7 and/or one on one)家庭作业帮助
    • After school programs e.g. movies, music, gaming, anime, computer, internship and job opportunities, college application…课外活动节目(电影,音乐,电子游戏,卡通,电脑,实习和职业资询,大学指南等)
library programs for adults
Library Programs for Adults成人组活动节目
  • Opened to all adult patrons
  • Programs include:
    • Education and job information 教育与就业信息
    • Language learning – English and other languages 语言学习 (英语和其他)
    • Parenting 育儿知识
    • Book club 读书会
    • Computer learning 电脑班
    • Arts and Crafts e.g. knitting 手工班 (针织等)
    • Movies, music, chess 电影,音乐,棋艺等
    • Ask a Librarian or Book a Librarian “问一问馆员”
library programs for seniors
Library Programs for Seniors老年组活动节目

“Service to the Aging” Department serving seniors 62 and older 六十二岁或以上

  • Books To Go, Books by Mail 书籍上门服务(服务173中心和211残疾居家老人)
  • Book Club 读书会
  • Down Memory Lane 那些美好记忆
  • Volunteering and Job Information 义工(志愿者)和就业信息
  • Pairing children/teens with seniors in homework tutoring or social interactions 与青少年搭配,给予课后补习或社交互动
  • Others e.g. Exercise, health, arts & crafts, creative writing, computer, performance… 其他(运动,保健,手工,写作,电脑,才艺表演等)

Summer Reading暑期阅读

  • Reading initiative for children, teens and adults
  • 儿童,青少年和成年人
  • Yearlong planning and delivery process for BPL
  • 长达一年的规划
  • Collaborative effort between BPL, Queens Public Library and New York Public Library
  • 三大圖書館的协同努力
  • 2010 theme “Make a Splash @ Your Library”
  • 2010主题 “一个惊喜@您的图书馆”
  • Registered over 100,000 youth and adult readers in 2008, yielding the highest registration in New York State
  • 2008年注册超过10万青少年和的成人读者,為纽约州注册最高率

Programs & Exhibitions节目及展览

  • Author talks, lectures, films and concerts at Dweck Center and on the Central Library Plaza, attracting over 25,000 attendees per year 在Dweck中心及中央图书馆广场的作家讲座,演讲,电影和音乐会,参加者每年超过25,000人
  • Nine to twelve exhibitions per year at Central featuring leading Brooklyn artists, photographers and illustrators中央館每年9至12个展览,展出布鲁克林的艺术家,摄影师和插画家作品
  • 1000+ branch children’s programs, workshops, and other events reaching 32,000 library users per year 1000 +儿童节目,工作坊,以及每年其他活动服务32,000个图书馆用户

Programs & Exhibitions节目及展览

  • Regular exhibitions at Brooklyn Heights, Kings Highway and other neighborhood libraries 在其他分馆定期展览
  • Collaborates with other BPL departments on systemwide initiatives such as Summer Reading and the Harry Potter Book Launch 夏哈利波特新书发布会和夏季读书会
  • Serves Brooklyn schools with twice-weekly Meet-the-Author talks at Dweck Center, and with outreach program to schools throughout the borough 服务布鲁克林学校,在Dweck中心每周两次会见作者活動


  • In FY09,1500 volunteers contributed more
  • than 72,000 hours of service
  • 在2009财政年度,1500志愿者贡献超过
  • 72,000小时的服务
  • Volunteer-supported programs include:
      • After School Homework Helpers家庭作业帮助
      • Adult Literacy Tutors 成人扫盲班的老师
      • Teen Book Buddies 青少年图书朋友
      • Community and Corporate Team Projects 社区和企业团队项目
      • Computer Coaches 电脑教练
      • English Conversation Group Leaders英语会话小组组长
      • First Five Years Volunteers 第一个五年 义工
      • Multicultural Internship Program 多元文化实习计划
      • Reading Troubadours 阅读帮助
      • Resume Writing 简历帮助
      • RIF and Program Assistants 阅读是根本
      • Shelf Organizers 書架组织
      • Today’s Teens, Tomorrow’s Techies 今天的青少年明 天的技术人
      • Central Library Welcome Ambassadors 中央图书馆欢迎 大使
outreach services
Outreach Services 外展服务
  • Prison Service 监狱服务
  • Bookmobile 流动图书馆
  • Nursing Home Visit 疗养院探访
  • School Visit 学校探访
  • Hospital Visit 医院探访
  • Local Community Meetings 社区会议
  • Street Fairs 街坊节
collection development
Collection Development馆藏发展
  • Office of Materials Selection 书籍杂志和其他数据采购
  • Cataloging 编目
  • Catalog We Can Trust Team “我们可以信任”書录
  • Technical Processing Services 技术处理服务
  • Interlibrary Loan 馆际互借
results to date 2010 3
Results To Date截至2010年 3月
  • 510,000 books ordered 订购510,000本书籍
  • 54,910 DVDs, CDs, Audiobooks ordered 订购54,910 DVD光盘,音樂光盘,有声读物
  • 55,400 World Language items ordered 订购55,400世界语言的书籍
  • 22,500 English-language items cataloged 22,500英语语言项目编目
  • 9,443 World Language items cataloged 9,443世界语言项目编目
  • 119,000 items processed in-house 119,000 内部处理119,000项目
  • 8,700 Interlibrary loans filled 满足 8,700馆际互借要求
criteria for materials selection 1
Criteria for Materials Selection (1) 图书选购准侧

1. Attention of critics, reviewers, media, and the public 媒体热点评论

2. Suitability of format for library use and content. 适宜图书馆使用的格式和内容

3. Suitability of subject and style for the intended audience. 切合读者需求的主题和风格

4. Importance as a document of the times. 时代的代表性

5. Relation to the Library’s existing collection and other material available on subject. 和图书馆现有的馆藏和主题材料有关

criteria for materials selection 2
Criteria for Materials Selection (2)

6. Authority, reputation, or qualifications of the author, artist, publisher, or producer. 权威专家作品

7. Organization and ease of use; clarity, accuracy, and logic of presentation. 文字组织和易用性

8. Cost and availability. 价格和可用性

9. Currency of information. 当下最新资料

10. Inclusion in standard bibliographies, webliographies, or indexes. 纳入标准书目,或索引

criteria for materials selection 3
Criteria for Materials Selection (3)

11. Enhancement of existing Library collection to reflect: 增进和提高錧藏内容

  • a. Importance of the title when compared with other works on the subject.
  • b. Importance of the subject matter or point of view to the collection.
  • c. Adequate retrospective and current subject coverage
  • d. Adequate coverage when there is a scarcity of material published on the subject.

12. Representation of an important movement, genre, trend, or national culture. 对重要运动,流派,趋势,或民族文化有代表性

criteria for materials selection 4
Criteria for Materials Selection (4)

13. Artistic presentation and experimentation 文字和图片质量的优美

14. Contemporary materials representing various points of view, which are of current interest and possible future significance, including materials that reflect current conditions, trends, and controversies. 从多方面反映当下热门题材

other materials management issues
Other Materials Management Issues其他圖書管理項目
  • Special Collections
  • Digital Services and Preservation
  • Gifts
  • Collection Maintenance
  • Patron Comments on Library Materials
  • 特别馆藏
  • 数字资源服务和保养
  • 赠书处理
  • 图书的保存与舍弃
  • 读者对图书馆收藏的批评建议
traditional ordering
Traditional Ordering 传统购书方法
  • Each branch got a budget 每分馆有自已的预算资金。
  • Lists were prepared centrally and mailed to each branch e.g. new titles, replacements according to subject areas 有关部门每期分发书单给分馆。
  • Staff at each branch looked for reviews, had meetings on each list, decided on titles, and did own calculation of amount spent 分馆馆员负责寻找评论,开会决定书目,统计开支。
  • Office collected lists and compiled numbers together. Orders then sent out to vendors 有关部门集中各分馆的书目,送订单给书商。
shortcoming of this method
Shortcoming of this Method
  • Very time consuming 非常耗时
    • Process repeated in all 60 locations
  • About 70% of titles were must for most branches 大概70%书目对每馆都重要
  • Lists never come back to office on time, resulting in order delays 书单不准时交回,以至延迟整体订书
  • BPL would rather have branch staff devote most of their time to public services 图书馆宁可分馆馆员大部分的时间投入到公共服务
centralized selection model
Centralized Selection Model集中选书
  • Selection is done centrally by 4 teams of materials specialists: 由4组的选购专员集中选书
  • A materials 成人组 (2 ½ 位馆员)
    • YA and J materials 青少年及少儿组 (3 位馆员)
    • World Language materials 外语组 (1 1/2 位馆员)
    • Electronic Resources 电子资源组 (1 位馆员)
  • Librarians at branches may send in requests for specific materials that are unique for certain branches 如有特别需要分馆可要求具体书目
our strategies
Our Strategies 方法
  • English 英文书
    • Millennium Acquisitions ILS 订购软体
    • Vendor Website 书商数据库
    • Outsource cataloging and processing to vendors (BPL still does cataloging of non fiction materials)馆外图书编目及图书上架处理
  • World Languages 世界语言
    • Modified ordering approach due to ordering environment依据订购环境而调整订购方法
    • World Language teams 15个不同语种组
    • All language materials are cataloged and processed in house. Processing for Russian and Spanish materials are outsourced. 除俄文和西语外,其他外语图书编目及图书上架处理工作均是馆内各相关部门处理
world languages materials in bpl
World Languages Materials in BPL 世界语言馆藏

15 languages: Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Haitian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu, and Yiddish.


Multilingual Center (MLC) at Central Library collects additional 21 languages.


Community Needs Assessment Project.


the world language selectors
The World Language Selectors外语选购专员
  • World Language Materials Specialist
    • Oversees selection, acquisition, and distribution of WL materials to the branches and Multilingual Center 负责外语选购及分配
    • Manages the world language budget 负责外语预算
    • Chairs the Advisory Committees领导各语种组
    • Liaison between BPL and world language vendors. 负责联络书商
selectors advisory committees
Selectors Advisory Committees外语选购组
  • For major languages, such as Russian and Chinese, there are at least 3 language librarians serving on the Advisory Committee. One of them is always from the Multilingual Center. 对主要语种,俄语和汉语组,每组由最少3个语种馆员组成。其中一人是多语言中心馆员。
  • 1 to 2 language librarians serving on some remaining advisory committees. 其他语种由1个到2个语种馆员组成。
  • In the absence of language librarians, profile and budget amount are sent to vendor periodically for them to do the selection for us. 如缺乏某语种馆员,图书馆会向书商提供题材形式要求和预算金额,让他们定期为我们选书。
acquisition bookbuy time frames
AcquisitionBookbuy Time Frames

Bookbuy time frames are arranged according to budget and needs: 购书频次根据预算安排和需要

  • Monthly 每月
  • Quarterly 每季
  • Semi-annual 每半年
  • Annual 每年
acquisition ordering modes
Acquisition Ordering Modes订购模式
  • Store visits 书店
  • Web – similar to Baker & Taylor 网络
  • Book Fairs – Guadalajara Book Fair 书展
  • Emails – lists 电邮书单
  • Phone/Fax – old time vendors who don’t have computers (usually these are genre orders e.g. romance and Spanish Fotonovela) 电话/传真
  • Profile 题材形式
distribution templates
Distribution Templates 分佩模版

World Language Circulation Table


chinese templates fy09 09
Chinese Templates FY0909 年中文书分佩模版

Template A

51,67,55,71,82,44,28,42,49,80,76,56,25,74,77,29,45,48,32,50,81,35 (22 branches)

Template B1

51,67,55,71,82,44,28,42,49,80,76,25,74,29,45,77 (16 branches)

Template B2

51,67,55,71,82,44,28,42,49,80,48,56,32,50,81,35 (16 branches)

Template C

51,67,55,71,82,44,28,42,49,80 (10 branches)

Template D


Template F

9 (MLC)

distribution floating
DistributionFloating 浮动馆藏
  • To reduce internal delivery load. 减少内部传递负荷
  • To place materials at locations where they are needed. 書籍浮動到有需要的地點
  • To alert BPL on demographic changes in different Brooklyn neighborhoods.人口结构的变化指标
  • One library, one collection 书籍是为整个系统的使用,而不只是为单一分馆
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