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The Future. What Technology Has in Store. Rolanda E. Stinson. Future Technology. “Nothing is wasted, and nothing goes wrong” – Steve Connor What Technology Has in Store News Article The use of solar power as source for heat and light Recycled water

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The Future

What Technology Has in Store

Rolanda E. Stinson

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Future Technology

  • “Nothing is wasted, and nothing goes wrong” – Steve Connor

    • What Technology Has in Store News Article

  • The use of solar power as source for heat and light

  • Recycled water

  • Using brain waves to customize your everyday life

    • Brain Waves Make Robot Move – Wired Article

      • 2005, Honda, “In a video demonstration in Tokyo, patterns of the changes in the brain taken by an MRI machine, like those used in hospitals, were relayed to a robotic hand.”

      • “…hoping to someday link a person's thoughts with machines in everyday life.”

  • Areas of future technologies l.jpg
    Areas of Future Technologies

    • Home

    • Reproduction

    • Transport

    • Internet

    • War

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    • Solar powered windows and walls

    • Voice-activated appliances

    • Refrigerators that alert you when you’re low on food

    • Programmable flat panel TV’s that give you a greeting and weather update when powered up

    • “Granny-vision” – monitors elderly family members from up to 200 miles away

    • Robots that clean the house while you


    Reproduction l.jpg

    • Taking the uncertainty out of baby-making

    • “Test tube babies made men dispensable… women are not far behind” – Steve Connor

      • Artificial Wombs Article

      • 2003, H.C. Liu, a Director of Research at Cornell University headed up an experiment where “a mouse embryo grew almost to full term in one of Liu’s artificial wombs.”

  • Male pregnancy, from science fiction to scientific possibility

    • Involves transfer of embryo to male abdomen that has been primed by drugs to receive it

      • 2007, Mr. Lee, The First Male Pregnancy

  • Transport l.jpg

    • Age of fossil fuel quickly coming to an end

      • Electric cars and hybrids

    • Satellite navigation and radar

      will help cars drive themselves

      • Germany, the 2008 Opel Vectra

        from GM

        • The car that really drives itself

    • Less transportation as a result of more people working at home with tools such as the internet, email, video conferencing, home networks, Wi-Fi, and broadband

    Internet l.jpg

    • Death of newspapers, television, and radio

      • News stories broken online and on blogs

      • Internet will become the center through which we get all of our visual and audio entertainment

  • Virtual classrooms and virtual offices

    • No one will ever have to leave their home

      • Virtual Office is What You Make It – Boston Globe

  • Slide8 l.jpg

    • Fighting battles using robots instead of soldiers

      • US sending robot troop to Iraq

        • 2005

        • 2007

    • Space the next battlefield???

      • Bush administration creating NFIRE satellite to gather data but also with the capability to disable or destroy missiles from overhead – picture

    • Body armor with more protective capabilities

    Discussion l.jpg

    • Is all of this practical?

    • Many of these have already come to pass, will people adopt these technologies as the new way of life?

    • Will future technologies make people lazier?

    • Will future technologies screw up the natural order of things?