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Department of Agriculture PowerPoint Presentation
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Department of Agriculture

Department of Agriculture

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Department of Agriculture

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  1. Department of Agriculture Government of Sikkim Presentation on National Conference on Agriculture for Kharif Campaign -2006 By S.K. GurungPrincipal Director / Agri

  2. Agriculture in Sikkim Out of the total geographical area of 7,09,600 hectares, operational holding is about 1,10,000 hectares and net cultivated area is nearly 80,000 hectares of total geographical area, which are 15.5% and 11.28% respectively.


  4. STRATEGY FOR INCREASING CROP PRODUTION AND PRODUCITIVITY • Land Development in scientific basis A. Agronomic measures for soil and water management • Counter farming • Mulching • Strip cropping • Contour Strip Cropping • Mixed Cropping • B. Land Development Programme • Bench Terracing • Biological Conservation • Water Harvesting

  5. LAND DEVELOPMENT land development structure Water Harvest structure

  6. 2. Varietal Replacement for increasing Food Production • The improved & HYV seed developed by ICAR for Hill zones of the country will be introduced and tested through adaptive trials. • After identification of location specific varieties the seed will be multiplied and distributed to the farmers for the production of • field crop. • Necessary care will be taken to converge the location specific varieties for their best utilisation in future breeding program.

  7. Varietal Replacement CROP: barley VAR: improved local CROP: Paddy VAR: Sugandha

  8. Varietal Replacement Crop: Wheat VAR: Sonali

  9. 3.Seed production and Certification. Seed production & certification program are proposed to give prior importance. Foundation Seed production program will be given emphasis for smooth functioning of extensive production of certified seed in the state. Organic farming will be encouraged for the production of seed with the aim of producing organic brand food and eventually to make Sikkim an Organic State. 4. Use of Bio-fertilizers and Organic Manure in the perspective of Organic Farming. 5. Increase area under multiple cropping, double cropping and mixed cropping.

  10. 6. Construction of Water Harvesting structures for providing life saving irrigation to the Rabi Crops. 7. Implementation of water shed development program in the rain fed areas. 8. Organising Mass Training Programmes & exposure visit of the field functionaries and farmers. 9. Popularisation of Farm Implements and Machineries giving more emphasis on zero tillage implements.

  11. Timely Availability of Quality Inputs and adoption of modern farming facilities • Seed Plan • Department is promoting farmers for producing certified seeds of cereals, pulses and oil seeds under seed production programme which is scientifically processed and stored at seed processing units. • To meet the actual requirement of the seed the Department is procuring seeds from outside sources such as NSC, SFCI, Pro Agro, etc . With the prior arrangement made during the Zonal Conference.

  12. CERTIFIED SEED PRODUCTION CROP: Paddy VAR: PD-10 CROP: Maize VAR: Suwan Composite Local Varieties of Maize

  13. B. Nutrient After announcement of Sikkim as Organic State use of chemical fertilizers are being discouraged by reducing the subsidy. In order to substitute the nutrient requirement of the plant the Department is promoting the use of Organic Sources of nutrients.

  14. COMPOST MAKING THROUGH EM TECHNOLOGY Rural Compost cum urine pit

  15. Bokashi EM Compost

  16. Statement of Target & Achievement of Chemical Fertilizer under INM for 2005-2006 During the year 2005-2006, the consumption of various fertilizers in the state recorded as:

  17. C. PLANT PROTECTION Farmers’ Field School:- The Farmers training, IPM Kits distribution, Bio pesticides utilization and other IPM paraphernalia which are being carried out under Farmer field School are essentials component of IPM.

  18. FARM MECHANISATION • Fabrication of improved tools is being done in the Engineering Workshop of the Department. For farm mechanization various tools, implements and equipments required from sowing to post-harvest machineries have been distributed which are gender-friendly. The total number of such implements being distributed is 145 nos. • The zero tillage practices are being popularized for the moisture and plant nutrient conservation during the reported year. • Some innovative machinery like soy-paneer plants are also being introduced during this year. • Irrigation through HDPE piped-water irrigation system is being given to the farmers of the areas where water harvesting structures were developed or having perennial source of water in the close vicinity.

  19. FARM MECHANISATION Paddy Thresher Animal Drawn Seed Drill & Multipurpose Grinder Dhall Mill


  21. Initiative for increasing investment in Agriculture • Department is initiating the certified seed production program in large scale in order to meet the entire requirement of seed in the state. • Large scale demonstration on improved technologies of organic farming and research is being done in order to develop package of practices in organic faming system. • Production of quality Basmati Rice . • Distribution and installation of oil expeller in the areas dominated by oil seed crops. • To reduce the loss of grains and to improve the quality of grain the post harvest tools and machineries such as maize sheller , multi-thresher are being provided at subsidized rate. ON GOING IRRIGATION PROJECT Department is not doing any irrigation project which is being implemented by the Irrigation Department of the State.

  22. Crop Diversification from Cereals to Non-Cereals. • Area Expansion under Technology Mission (MM II) Passion Fruit 600 ha Orange 340 ha (mixed cropping) Turmeric 200 ha (mixed cropping) Off-season vegetables 87 ha Flowers and high value value low volume crops under Protected/ Covered condition 25 ha Total: 1252 ha

  23. Strengthening of Agriculture Extension Network. • Revised State Extension Work-plan has been submitted. • SREP preparation is under progress. • Notification has already been issued. • Delegation of Financial powers for ATMA has been done after the formation of SAMITY. • Indigenous Technology is being developed and practiced by the farmers through Participatory Technology Development.

  24. Marketing Reforms • State Govt. passed the Sikkim State Agricultural Produces Marketing Act, 2005 • Increasing the activities of the Contact Farming • Steps have been taken to encourage Private Entrepreneurs in the activities of the Regulated Market. • Development of infrastructure for value addition in Passion Fruit through establishment of Ancillary Units in producing areas. • Primary infrastructures have been developed for market linkages.

  25. Risk Management Wide Publicity is being done for encouraging the farmers to acquire Kisan Credit Card in order to insure crop invariably.This is being announced in every Gram Sabhas. Rabi crops are being affected by moisture stress Condition which will further affect sowing of maize. Contingency plan for crop production has been drawn. Seeds are being stored to meet for emergency.


  27. ( Rupees fourteen crore twenty two lakhs) only.

  28. ( Rupees fourteen crore twenty two lakhs) only.


  30. ( Rupeesfifteen crores four lakhs and seventy five thousand ) only.

  31. Achievement under other CSS program 1.Krishi Vigyan Kendra : Three Krishi Vigyan Kendras, which is being established in Mangan, Gyalshing and Namthang 2.Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Introduced during this year and is in initial stage of progress. 3. National Project on Organic Farming a. Training of Farmers :24 Nos b. Setting of of Organic Farm: 2 Government Farms have been converted to Center of Excellence for Organic Farming

  32. Thank You Field Day