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Initiatives for Raising Agriculture Production in Uttar Pradesh. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. Initiative under RKVY and NFSM. Katri Project Mechanization Line Sowing in Eastern UP. Katri Area -. Land Reclamation in Katri area of River Ramganga under RKVY (a case study).

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Initiatives for Raising

Agriculture Production


Uttar Pradesh



Initiative under RKVY and NFSM

  • Katri Project
  • Mechanization
  • Line Sowing in Eastern UP
land reclamation in katri area of river ramganga under rkvy a case study

Katri Area -

Land Reclamation in Katri area of River Ramganga under RKVY (a case study)

Ramganga River originates from Pauri Garhwal and enters UP in Moradabad and flows through Rampur, Bareilly, Badaun, Shahjahanpur, Farrukhabad and falls in Ganga river in Hardoi.

River keeps on changing its course very frequently, causing heavy erosion and mass sand deposition on fertile lands along its banks.

Very often flash floods occur in the catchments of its older paths and water stagnates for 10-15 days causing heavy damage to standing crops.


In due course of time…..

- affected areas covered with dense shrubs like Moonj, Narkul, Sarpat , Sarkanda etc.

- No or less cultivation with very low productivity.

- about 56800 ha. land of 355 villages has become barren .

- shelter for anti-social elements.

- locally known as Katri.


A Pilot project to reclaim 750 ha. of problem area was implemented during 2008-09 & 2009-10 in Shahjahanpur & Bareilly.

  • Major activities :
  • - Mechanical removal of perennial shrubs & Land leveling,
  • - Cons. of CB, PB, MB & CD & Spur / retaining wall,
  • - Embankment / chak road,
  • - Irrigation facilities &
  • - Demonstrations of Crops / Horticulture / Agro-forestry.

In pilot phase 806 ha. land reclaimed with project cost of Rs 2.00 crore.

  • Crop production activities started in Kharif & Rabi 2009-10.
  • Following production activities ensured:-
    • - Kharif Crops - Maize, Jowar, Bajra, Urd and Til.
    • - Rabi Crops - Wheat, Barley and Mustard.
    • - Horticulture Crops – Guava, Lemon, Karonda and Cucurbits.
    • - Agro - Forestry Plants - Popular and Eucaliptus

IMPACT of Pilot Phase-

  • Additional 2071 M.T. foodgrain and 61.5 M.T. Oilseed produced.
  • Cropping intensity enhanced from 30% to 180%.
  • Additional income of Rs. 290 lakh generated.
  • Cost of Land after reclamation gone up 5 times (from 0.35 lakh to 1.55 lakh per ha.).
  • Addl. employment generation.
  • Improvement in local environment.
  • Reduced anti-social activities.

In subsequent years (2009-10 & 2010-11) about 10705 ha problem land reclaimed with budgetary provision of Rs 24.00 crore.

  • Reclaimed Land shall be brought under cultivation in coming Rabi seasons.
  • Around 9000 ha. new area is to come under cropping from Rabi 2010-11.

Farm Mechanization

  • With induction of tractors at large scale need for matching farm implements has been felt.
  • Opportunity provided through centrally funded schemes like NFSM & RKVY.
  • Through both the schemes strategic popularization of farm Machinery initiated.
  • Farm machinery training centre established to enhance skills of farmers and mechanics at SAMETI, Rehamankhera.
  • Demonstrations of Rotavator, Lazer Leveller and other Farm Machineries organized on Government Agriculture Farms and also on farmers field.
  • After overcoming initial hurdles distribution of Rotavator has gradually picked up.

Rotavator Distribution




  • 1329 farmers were provided training on still improvement for using Rotavator.
  • Awareness created and also organized demonstration of Rotavators.
  • Each stakeholder has not only recovered the money spent on purchase of Rotavator but also earned huge profit on its customized use.

Some of the leading Farmers

Sri S.J. Tripathi, Chitrakot

Sri Ajay Yadav, Kushinagar

Sri Jabar Pal Singh, Rampur


Enhancement of Wheat Production in

Eastern UP Through Line Sowing

  • In 27 districts of eastern U.P. broadcasting of wheat is in practice in about 34 lakh ha area.
  • Sowing of wheat through broadcasting results into consumption of more seed, low fertilizer use efficiency and low productivity.
  • Scheme launched under RKVY and NFSM to popularize line sowing in 1.46 lakh ha area in 27 districts on Pilot phase.
  • 1047 Seed drill/ Zero-Till seeddrill to be distributed by organizing camp from 25-30th Sept. 2010. 915 Seed drill are already available in the selected areas.
  • Skill up-gradation training already given to 733 farmers on the use of seed drill/ zero till seed drill. Plan to train all the seed drill owners.
  • Incentive to be provided to the seed drill owners for Line Sowing on other farmers field on custom service approach.

Expected Outcome

  • Increase in Productivity - 03 qtl/ha.
  • Additional Production - 4.38 lac qtl
  • Saving in costs
  • of Cultivation - Rs. 2000/ha.
  • Benefit cost Ratio - 5 : 1
  • Project Cost - Rs. 859.0 lac
  • Increase in Fertilizer use efficiency.
  • Enable the farmer for Timely Sowing.