acrobat x and accessibility
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Acrobat X and Accessibility

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Acrobat X and Accessibility. Matt May | @ mattmay | Accessibility Evangelist. Agenda. What is Accessibility? Acrobat X and PDF Accessibility Overview The Relationship Between Accessibility and Standards Acrobat X Accessibility: What’s New Acrobat X Accessibility Techniques.

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acrobat x and accessibility

Acrobat X and Accessibility

Matt May | @mattmay | Accessibility Evangelist

  • What is Accessibility?
  • Acrobat X and PDF Accessibility Overview
  • The Relationship Between Accessibility and Standards
  • Acrobat X Accessibility: What’s New
  • Acrobat X Accessibility Techniques
what is accessibility
What is Accessibility?
  • Accessibility involves two key issues:
    • How users with disabilities access electronic information
    • How content designers, developers, and authors produce content that functions with assistive devices used by individuals with disabilities.
    • Accessibility is not a feature, it’s about procedures, processes, and techniques
adobe acrobat x accessibility overview
Adobe Acrobat X Accessibility Overview
  • All products in the Acrobat X family: Adobe Reader, Acrobat Standard, Acrobat Professional and Suite support accessibility :
    • Have built in accessibility accommodations,
    • Work with conventional assistive technology
    • Provide users of assistive technology the ability to configure their copy of the software to work with their AT
    • Pro versions provide authors the ability to validate and create accessible PDF documents and forms from a variety of original sources including scanned paper documents and portfolios
accessibility overview providing accommodation for a variety of disabilities
Accessibility Overview: Providing Accommodation for a Variety of Disabilities
  • Accommodation Achieved With or Without 3rd Party Assistive Technology
    • Blindness
      • (Text to Speech functionality: Read Out Loud and Screen Reader Compatibility also support for Braille output – refreshable keyboards, Braille embossers)
    • Low Vision
      • (Text to Speech functionality, Support for Magnification and Large Type Display: Reflow, High Contrast Viewing, Read Out Loud, Screen Magnifier Compatibility)
    • Limited Mobility
      • (Autoscroll, numerous keyboard equivalents, compatibility with alternate input devices, Support for Voice Recognition - Dragon, ViaVoice)
    • Cognitive
      • (Read Out Loud, Compatibility with TextHelp’sPDFAloud which highlights content as it is being spoken)
accessibility overview adobe acrobat adobe reader built in features
Accessibility Overview: Adobe Acrobat / Adobe Reader Built In Features
  • High Contrast
  • Reflow
  • Autoscroll
  • Read Out Loud
accessibility overview working with conventional assistive technology
Accessibility Overview: Working with Conventional Assistive Technology
  • Works in Conjunction with Conventional Assistive Technology
    • Accessibility APIs
      • MSAA, IAccessible2
    • Screen Readers:
    • Windows: IBM Home Page Reader, JAWS for Windows, NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access), Window-Eyes
    • Linux: Orca
    • Mac OS: VoiceOver
  • Voice Recognition: Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Windows)
  • Screen Magnifiers: Lunar, ZoomText (Windows)
accessibility overview optimize adobe acrobat adobe reader for best results
Accessibility Overview: Optimize Adobe Acrobat / Adobe Reader for Best Results
  • Accessibility Setup Assistant Configures the User Agent for Optimal Performance with Assistive Technology
  • Adobe Acrobat
    • Tools Pane > Accessibility > Setup Assistant
    • View > Tools > Accessibility
    • Alt + V + T + A
  • Adobe Reader
    • Edit > Accessibility > Setup Assistant
    • Alt + E + Y + S
accessibility overview optical character recognition ocr
Accessibility Overview: Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Useful for Scanned Content
    • Converts images of alphanumeric characters to actual text
    • Called Recognize Text
    • Correct the Results
accessibility overview authoring assistance form field detection
Accessibility Overview: Authoring Assistance Form Field Detection
  • Time saving mechanism for interactive forms creation
    • Detects text fields
    • Detects check boxes
    • Adds field labels
  • Users still need to verify the results
accessibility overview authoring assistance add tags to document
Accessibility Overview: Authoring Assistance Add Tags to Document
  • Adds Structure to unstructured PDF documents
    • Semantic hierarchy



      , ….

    • Object placement
      • , form objects
    • Establishes content order
accessibility overview authoring assistance touchup read order tool
Accessibility Overview: Authoring Assistance TouchUpRead Order Tool
  • TouchUp Reading Order Tool in Acrobat X Pro for PDF Accessibility Repair
    • Review and correct reading order
    • Review and correct basic tagging issues
    • Add Alternate Text to Figures
    • Add Short Descriptions to Form Fields
    • Tag simple tables quickly and easily
  • Benefits
    • Quick and easy to detect tagging errors
    • Easy to fix most common errors
accessibility overview authoring assistance accessibility checker
Accessibility Overview: Authoring Assistance Accessibility Checker
  • Feature assists with the identification of accessibility errors
    • Adobe PDF accessibility
    • WCAG guidelines
    • Section 508
    • Locates the problem
    • Provides advice on how to fix
the pdf file format accessibility requirements
The PDF File Format: Accessibility Requirements
  • Logical Reading Order –Does it make sense when you listen to it?
  • Alternate Text Descriptions for Non-Text Elements –Have alternate text descriptions been added to graphics for those with visual disabilities?
  • Logical Tab Order (Forms) – Can you navigate the form in a way that makes sense?
  • Short Descriptions (Forms) – Are audible short descriptions added to form fields for those with visual disabilities?
the pdf file format pdf standards and accessibility standards are related
The PDF File Format: PDF Standards and Accessibility Standards are related
  • PDF Standards
    • Adobe PDF 1993
    • PDF/A – ISO 19005 October 2005
      • PDF/A-1a - archival
      • PDF/A-1b – archival with tags
    • PDF - ISO 32000 July 2008
    • PDF/UA - ISO DIS 14289
  • Accessibility Standards
    • Section 508 –June 2001
    • WCAG 2.0 – December 2008
adobe acrobat x accessibility what s new
Adobe Acrobat X Accessibility What’s New
  • New User Interface
  • Action Wizard
  • Accessible Portfolios
  • Improved scanning to PDF
  • Enhancements to save as a non-PDF format
adobe acrobat x accessibility what s new user interface
Adobe Acrobat X Accessibility What’s New: User Interface
  • Task Pane Improves Efficiency Keeping Functions “Up Front”
adobe acrobat x accessibility what s new the action wizard
Adobe Acrobat X Accessibility What’s New: The Action Wizard
  • Allows authors to automate routine, multistep tasks into a guided Action for making content accessible. Adobe Acrobat X includes an action for Making PDF Accessible
  • New guided Actions allow scripts to be saved
  • Sample Accessibility Actions
    • Create Accessible PDF
    • Make an Accessible Form
adobe acrobat x accessibility what s new accessible portfolios
Adobe Acrobat X Accessibility What’s New: Accessible Portfolios
  • Accessible Portfolios. Combine a wide range of file types into a polished, organized PDF Portfolio that has accessible navigation.
    • MSAA support in the Details Navigator, or Files Mode view
    • All Windows MSAA clients, like screen readers and magnifiers, will benefit from the new MSAA support
    • Keyboard support in the Details Navigator- Tab and Arrow keys navigation.- Complex selection with Control key combinations.- Enter and Space key control activation.
    • Preference -> Accessibility option to show all portfolios in the accessible Files Mode view.
adobe acrobat x accessibility what s new enhanced scan to pdf
Adobe Acrobat X Accessibility What’s New: Enhanced Scan to PDF
  • Improved scanning to PDF.
    • Scan and convert paper documents and forms to PDF.
    • Make scanned text searchable automatically with OCR, then check and fix suspected errors.
    • Text can be exported for reuse in other applications
adobe acrobat x accessibility what s new save as non pdf formats
Adobe Acrobat X Accessibility What’s New: Save as non-PDF formats
  • Enhancements to Save As non-PDF functionality
    • Significantly improved quality of Save As Word output
    • Significantly improved quality of converting a Scanned PDF to Word.
    • Ability to export a PDF to DOCX format
    • Added ability to export a PDF to Spreadsheet formats (.XLSX)
    • Added ability to select a part of a page and export it to editable formats like Word, Excel, HTML etc.
scenarios for accessible pdf
Scenarios for Accessible PDF
  • You Have a PDF File
    • Scanned PDF
    • PDF Forms
      • Acrobat Forms (Forms Panel in Acrobat X Professional)
    • Searchable PDF
  • You Intend to Create a PDF File
    • Applications that Create Tagged PDF
      • PDF Maker (for Microsoft Office)
      • Other Applications
    • PDF Form
      • LiveCycle Designer (Application Distributed with Acrobat X Professional)
scenarios for accessible pdf1
Scenarios for Accessible PDF
  • You want to evaluate and repair a PDF File
    • Scanned PDF
    • PDF Forms
      • Acrobat Forms (Forms Toolbar in Acrobat 8 Professional)
    • Searchable PDF
  • You Intend to Create a PDF File from another Application
    • Adobe FrameMaker
    • Adobe InDesign
    • Adobe LiveCycle Designer
    • Microsoft Word
  • You want to consolidate documents into a PDF portfolio
the pdf accessibility workflow
The PDF Accessibility Workflow....
  • Ask Yourself a Series of Questions in this Order
    • Is the PDF a Scanned Image?
    • Is the PDF Intended to be a Form?
    • Is the PDF Tagged?
    • Are the Items Properly Tagged?
      • Verifying read order
      • Verify proper tagging (i.e., figures, tables, etc.)
      • Add alternate text descriptions to graphics
      • Add short descriptions to form fields
    • Have I Missed Something?
      • Run the Accessibility Checker
        • Make recommended and appropriate repairs until no problems found
  • You Can Consolidate These Steps Using the Action Wizard
1 open the pdf file
1. Open the PDF File
  • From Acrobat
    • From the Menu
      • File > Open
    • Keyboard Shortcut
      • Ctrl + O
    • Accelerator Keys
      • Alt + F + O
  • From Outside of Acrobat
    • Tab to file and select (begin typing file name)
    • Click on a PDF file
    • Right Mouse Click (“Open With...”)
2 analyze the content give yourself an idea of what lies ahead
2. Analyze the Content – Give Yourself an Idea of What Lies Ahead
  • Determine the Complexity of the Document / Page
    • Short document (a few pages) or a long document (many pages)
    • Single Column / Multi Column?
    • Are there graphics present?
    • Tables?
    • Does it appear to have multiple headings?
    • Does it appear to have form fields
    • Is the layout easy or difficult to follow (side headings for example)?
3 determine if the pdf file is a scanned image
3. Determine if the PDF File is a Scanned Image
  • Verify the presence of searchable text
    • Zoom In, Look for “Jaggies”
    • Search for Text on the Page (Ctrl-F)
    • Run “Read Out Loud” on the Page
    • Run a Screen Reader
if it is a scanned image perform ocr
If it is a Scanned Image... Perform OCR
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Tools Pane > Recognize Text
  • Menu: View > Tools > Recognize TextAlt + V + T
4 locate urls and activate links
4. Locate URLs and Activate Links
  • Use Acrobat’s Create Links from URLs Command
  • Tools Panel > Document Processing > Create Links From URLs
  • Menu: View > Tools > Document Processing (Alt + V + T + U)
5 determine if the pdf file is meant to be a form
5. Determine if the PDF File is Meant to be a Form
  • Visual Inspection
    • Does the Document Appear to be Soliciting Information – Name, Address, Social Security Number?
    • Read Out Loud / Screen Reader Also Offer Clues for the Visually Impaired
if the pdf file is intended to be an interactive form add form fields
If the PDF File is Intended to be an Interactive Form...Add Form Fields
  • Automatically detect Form Fields
  • Add form fields using the Acrobat Forms Tools
6 determine if the pdf file is a searchable pdf
6. Determine if the PDF File is a “Searchable PDF”
  • If you have performed the previous steps on the other PDF file types, your PDF will be a “searchable” PDF at this point
      • You Have Ruled Out or Corrected for the Scanned Document
      • You Have Ruled Out or Corrected for the Form
      • Now It Behaves as if it Came from a Word Processing or Desktop Publishing Application
7 determine if the pdf file is tagged
7. Determine if the PDF File is Tagged
  • Verify the presence of tags
  • Add tags if necessary
if the pdf file is not tagged then add tags to the file
If the PDF File is Not Tagged...then add Tags to the File
  • Add Tags to Document
  • Tools Panel > Accessibility
8 determine if the items are properly tagged
8. Determine if the Items are Properly Tagged
  • Use the Touchup Reading Order Tool
  • Tools Panel > Accessibility > TouchUp Reading Order
9 make sure you have not missed anything
9. Make Sure You Have Not Missed Anything
  • Run the Accessibility Full Check
  • Tools Pane: Accessibility > Full Check
create an action for your accessibility workflows
Create an Action for Your Accessibility Workflows
  • No Need to Commit All These Steps to Memory – Create an Action
  • Two are Provided
    • Create Accessible PDFs
    • Make an Accessible Form
  • Tailored Actions for Specific Documents
microsoft word to accessible pdf use the adobe pdfmaker
Microsoft Word to Accessible PDF – Use the Adobe PDFMaker
  • Add Alternative Text to Graphics in the Word File
  • Do NOT Use Spaces, Tabs to create tables, use the Table Editor
  • Do NOT Use Character formatting for Headings, Use Styles
  • Set Your Preferences from the Microsoft Word Menu: Make sure “Enable Accessibility and Reflow with Tagged PDF” option is selected
  • Convert with Adobe PDFMaker
  • Check the Results in Adobe Acrobat X
  • Follow the Suggestions for Repair, Repeat Until No Errors Detected
loose ends some common errors that crop up
Loose Ends (Some Common Errors That Crop Up)
  • Check the Language Attribute in Acrobat
  • Use Tags Panel to Provide Table Headers in First Table Row
  • Fix Tab Order Does Not Correspond with Read Order Error
a caution regarding automated checking
A Caution Regarding Automated Checking
  • There is NO Accessibility Button – Accessible Content Creation is a Process NOT a Feature
  • Achieving Accessibility Requires Human Testing in addition to Automated Checking
  • Checking Can Only Detect for the Presence or Lack of Required Items
  • Cannot Check if an Item is Correct or Appropriate
  • Accessibility is a New Item for the Production Workflow – Like Authoring, Layout, Proofreading, etc.
  • Note Also, Publishers Will Need to Employ a Variety of Techniques and Methods
adobe acrobat pro review of accessibility
Adobe Acrobat Pro Review of Accessibility
  • Compatible with Conventional Assistive Technology – Screen Readers, etc.
  • Provides Built in Accessibility Accommodations
  • Facilitates Accessible Authoring
  • Create Accessible PDF Documents and Forms
  • Produces Standards Compliant Content
  • Creates Accessible PDF Documents from Other Sources
for more information
For More Information
  • Adobe’s Accessibility Website
  • Acrobat Accessibility Home Page
  • Acrobat Accessibility Training Resources
  • Adobe’s Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs)
  • Adobe TV Accessibility Channel