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ProjectWise V8 i. Using Windows 7 Operating System and MicroStation V8 i Edition. What’s New ?. Workspace Profile. Workspace profile is no longer located under the “General” tab. It is now located under the “Workspace” tab. Navigation Toolbar.

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projectwise v8 i

ProjectWise V8i

Using Windows 7 Operating System and MicroStation V8i Edition

workspace profile
Workspace Profile
  • Workspace profile is no longer located under the “General” tab. It is now located under the “Workspace” tab.
navigation toolbar
Navigation Toolbar
  • Navigation toolbar has been added to allow you to navigate forwards and backwards through directories you have recently been in.
cut copy paste options
Cut, Copy, Paste Options
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste options have been added to the Document menu.
photo preview
Photo Preview
  • The Preview Panel now has a Photo Preview tab included.
  • It is still advised to keep large raster images outside of ProjectWise. Storing small images, like photos from field check or bridge checks, can and probably should be stored in ProjectWise with the job.
opening microstation files through projectwise
Opening MicroStation Files through ProjectWise
  • Opening MicroStation files through ProjectWise that have different workspace profiles assigned to them, the file being opened will stay in the same session you are currently in.
  • In the previous version of ProjectWise, it would open another MicroStation session if the workspace profiles were different.
microstation file path
MicroStation File Path
  • The MicroStation banner now shows the location of the file in ProjectWise, not the copied out location on your D: drive!!!!
save as and new dialog boxes
Save As and New Dialog Boxes
  • The order of Name, Description, and File Name are now in the same order for the Save Document As and New dialog boxes.
scan references and link sets
Scan References and Link Sets
  • The Scan References application in ProjectWise V8I for reattaching broken reference files now works, since we have upgraded MicroStation to the newest version.
exporting jobs out of projectwise
Exporting Jobs Out of ProjectWise
  • You can now export jobs out of ProjectWise, without the worry of reference files being broken!!
  • This operation was being done by Cadd Support due to the incapability between the old operating system and the current version of ProjectWise we are using.
save as and reference files detaching from the file
Save As and Reference Files Detaching from the File
  • In the previous version, doing a Save As to a MicroStation file with reference files attached to it but not being displayed, the new file would have the reference files path being broken (in red).
  • Guess what?? This has also corrected in the new ProjectWise V8i!!!
file open in microstation
File – Open in MicroStation
  • Using the MicroStation “File – Open”, it still looks at the last file opened through MicroStation, not the actual last file opened.
name and file name
Name and File Name
  • When creating a file, you will still need to input the Name and File Name for the new file. There is still no option to combine this process so you still have to type it in twice.
reference file paths
Reference File Paths
  • The path of the reference files still shows the copied out path of the file, not the location of the referenced files in ProjectWise.
questions or comments
Questions or Comments??

The ProjectWise V8i PowerPoint Presentation is available on the Cadd Support Wiki page.

ProjectWise Support Contacts

Chad Green 573-526-8173

Chris Ritoch 573-522-9326

Chris Schwandtner 573-526-5264