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Kids smile

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Kids smile

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  2. What are your ideas on shantytown? Have you experienced sleeping in a box outside in the cold with little to eat?

  3. Programs/websites that are successful addressing homelessness I have done research on 3 different homeless websites called (Such

  4. Solutions for America have provide me with great information about statistics that show in 1996 and 1920 30% percent of homeless families surveyed they had gone without food for months. Single men about 60 % of the homeless population. Families consist of about 1/3 of all homeless. Preventing homelessness in America, should involve governments, hire staff, experienced at coordinating various funding streams. During the 1920s and 1990s Lack of school due to constant misplacement, no stability, low self esteem for children .

  5. have provided me with homelessness facts: the US has 840,000 or 24 %; of the homeless are children. 42% of children who are under 5 years of age. Families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. Families with children (as opposed to single homeless families people) make up about 30% of the homeless population nationally. ½ a million children in the united states are in foster care 300,000 young adults ages 18-25 have spent at least a year in foster care The average incoming age for a foster child is 10.

  6. (Such as (Such as Downtown Cincinnati is a safer than it was 10 years ago for the home-less. violent crimes like murder, rape, and assault occurred more often in some of the regions suburbs than downtown over the last five years which is not place the best are for the homeless.

  7. Collaboration “In terms of standards for our program, if you are talking about standards for admission (or criteria) – we require that a person be homeless as defined by the US department of Housing and Urban Development and that they have a diagnosis of a severe mental illness.” -Russell Winters T ender Mercies

  8. Kids smile A program which a group of children from over the Rhine to the Washington park area. between the ages of 7-17. Shelter, food, clothing, and a healthy life style instead of on the streets. 50 kids will be able to live in the housing of kids smile.

  9. Kids smile would need approximately 65,000 for all the expensive that come with the program. I want to keep it affordable as possible. How many people are need to employ and in what positions? I will need over 10 people a cook, sectary, business partner, coordinator volunteers and around the clock employees. What other resources are need? (Buildings, land, supplies, security, etc.) I need a nice area and building, which I can make kid friendly and safe and somewhere I can fit comfortably 50 children of all ages. Security and interior designers are needed. Where does this funding come from? Donations and Grants

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