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A Framework for Arthritis PowerPoint Presentation
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A Framework for Arthritis

A Framework for Arthritis

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A Framework for Arthritis

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  1. A Framework for Arthritis

  2. What is the Arthritis Alliance of Canada? • The Arthritis Alliance of Canada was formed in 2002 with a commitment to improve the lives of Canadians with arthritis. • With 35 member organizations, the Alliance brings together: • Arthritis health care professionals • Researchers • Funding agencies • Governments • Voluntary sector agencies • Industry • Arthritis consumer organizations • Alliance provides a central focus for national arthritis-related initiatives 2

  3. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chair Ms. Janet Yale CEO, The Arthritis Society Research Representative Dr. Claire Bombardier Co-Scientific Director, Canadian Arthritis Network Rheumatology Division Director, University of Toronto Canadian Orthopaedic Representative Dr. Eric Bohm Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba Patient Representative Ms. Cheryl Koehn President, Arthritis Consumer Experts Membership Representative Ms. Terri Lupton Nurse Clinician, Rheumatology, Calgary Heath Region Corporate Representative Mr. Sean Webster Vice-President of Public Affairs, Shoppers Drug Mart Canadian Rheumatology Association Representative Dr. Michel Zummer Head of Rheumatology, CH Maisonneuve Rosemont Associate Professor, Université de Montréal Advisor Dr. Dianne Mosher 
Chief, Division of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine, University of Calgary 3

  4. Arthritis Alliance Membership Canadian Spondylitis Association Cochrane Collaboration Consumer Advisory Council of the Canadian Arthritis Network Consumer Advisory Board of the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada Institute for Work and Health McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health Patient Partners The Arthritis Society Government Affiliates CIHRs Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis Public Health Agency of Canada Member Companies Abbott Laboratories Limited Amgen Canada Inc. Hoffmann-La Roche Limited Janssen Inc. Pfizer Canada Inc. UCB Canada Inc. Member Organizations Arthritis & Autoimmunity Research Centre Alberta Bone & Joint Health Institute Arthritis Community Research & Evaluation Unit Arthritis Consumer Experts Arthritis Health Professions Association Arthritis Research Centre of Canada Arthritis Research Foundation Bone and Joint Canada Canadian Arthritis Network Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance Canadian Academy of Sports & Exercise Medicine Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists Canadian Chiropractic Association Canadian Obesity Network Canadian Orthopaedic Association Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation Canadian Physiotherapy Association Canadian Rheumatology Association *13 new members at launch of National Framework 4

  5. History

  6. Current Burden of Arthritis in Canada CA = Canada GDP = Gross Domestic Product

  7. A National Framework for Arthritis OA and RA cost Canadians $33 B per year …and will affect >10 mil Canadians by 2040

  8. Joint Action on ArthritisThree Pillars to Reach the Vision VISION Improved knowledge, awareness, prevention and care of arthritis through collaborative action STRATEGIC PILLARS • Advancing Knowledge and Awareness • Objective 1: Raise awareness • Objective 2: Align and strengthen research • Objective 3: Enhance professional education • Improving Prevention and Care • Objective 4: Improve prevention • Objective 5: Improve access to and delivery of care • Supporting Ongoing Stakeholder Collaboration • Objective 6: Broaden stakeholder participation in the Alliance 8

  9. Three Framework Pillars 1. Advancing Knowledge & Awareness Objective 1: Raise Awareness of Arthritis Objective 2: Align and Strengthen Research Objective 3: Enhance Professional Education

  10. Making A Difference For Canadians -Offering Hope To Millions • Working with government and corporate partners to ensure the development and adoption of Models of Care • Continue to raise awareness and understanding of the impact and consequences of arthritis. Shift focus to prevention, early diagnosis, early intervention to prevent the need for acute care. 10

  11. Government Outreach • Targeted Discussions with Health Ministers/Senior Minister Staff in Provinces • Addressing gaps in model development, implementation and evaluation • Nature of support required to ensure model is fully operational • Identifying specific issues and opportunities in provinces

  12. Regional Advocacy Teams Composition: • AAC spokespeople • MoC spokespeople • Patient spokespeople • Coordinate/monitor government meetings

  13. Hot Topics • Evaluation Score Card • Position papers • First issue: Private Payers • Next issue: Pediatric rheumatology

  14. 2013 Inaugural Conference & Research Symposium • Ottawa -November 21-24 • Bringing together close to 200 of Canada’s leading researchers, healthcare practitioners and patients, with a single commitment to advancing innovation and patient care for Canadians with arthritis. • Conference Objectives • Report on progress of the Framework: o Awareness and advocacy o Models of care o Research • Showcase discoveries and new knowledge that are ready for implementation into the care and prevention of arthritis • Raise the profile of the Alliance among governments and key stakeholders 14

  15. Conference & Research Symposium Program 15 Thursday, November 21 530pm‐7:00 pm Opening Reception – Welcoming address Friday, November 22 8:30‐9:00 am Opening Session – Celebrating our Success 9:00-11:15 am Improving the Quality of Care through Innovative Models of Care Delivery 11:30‐1:00 pm Economic Club of Canada Luncheon: Health Care Reform Expert Panel 1:00 -2:30 pm Session #1: Thinking Big in Arthritis Research: Building on success 3:30-4:00 pm Overview of the CIHR SPOR initiative 4:00‐6:00 pm Session #2: Understanding the Opportunities in Osteoarthritis for Patient Oriented Research 6:15‐9:00 pm Reception and Gala Awards Dinner-Honorary Chair, Laureen Harper Saturday, November 23 8:30‐10:15 am Session #3: Understanding the Opportunities in Inflammatory Arthritis for Patient Oriented Research 10:45‐12:30 pm Session #4: Preparing for an Arthritis SPOR Network

  16. Three Framework Pillars 2. Improving Prevention and Care Objective 4: Improve Prevention of Arthritis Objective 5: Improve Access to and Delivery of Care

  17. Improving Access to and Delivery of CareModels of Care Inter-Disciplinary Models of Care Enhanced Integration with Primary Care Reform Early Access to Effective Therapeutics Evidence-Based Care, Continuous Quality Measurement and Evaluation

  18. Models Of Care -Driving Change Goals & Objectives: To Improve MSK outcomes through setting national strategy and standards for MSK Models of Care In a way that is collaborative, viable, scalable, helpful and dynamic • The Plan • Collaborating with key stakeholders to develop a model of care and tool kit for inflammatory arthritis. • Determine strategy to implement models within the provincial health systems across the country. • Ongoing evaluation to ensure model is achieving its expected goals.

  19. Considerations-IA MOC 19 Health care is about people and relationships Addresses patient need from a system approach Promotes access and quality care Evidence based throughout care Terminology is important Self management Re entry Evaluation

  20. IA Model of Care Document & Tool Kit 20 Pan Canadian MOC for patients with IJD Care Map Took kit- available on the web Evaluation of the model

  21. Three Framework Pillars 3. Supporting Ongoing Stakeholder Collaboration Objective 6: Broaden Stakeholder Participation in the Alliance

  22. Thank you.Arthritis Alliance of Canadac/o 700 University Avenue, 8th Floor, Room 400-06-01, Toronto, ON M5G 1Z5T: 416-586-4770 • E: • F: 416-586-8395 •