10 th anniversary 1999 2009 n.
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10 th Anniversary 1999 - 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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10 th Anniversary 1999 - 2009

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10 th Anniversary 1999 - 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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10 th Anniversary 1999 - 2009
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  1. 10th Anniversary 1999 - 2009 Who’s Here and Who’s Not? Tom Hale & Joanna Hadley-Evans Messiah College

  2. General Announcements • Please turn off all cell phones/pagers • If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible • Please avoid side conversations during the session • Feel free to ask questions throughout the presentation as well as at the end Thank you for your cooperation

  3. Class Roster Reconciliations • Identification of Problem • Process of Creating the Application • Demo of Self-Serve Application & Registrar’s Process to Reconcile • Opportunity for Questions & Answers

  4. Identification of Problem • Online registration may result in some discrepancies, which need the collective intervention of faculty & the Registrar’s Office to solve • Incorrect student registration can cause complications for students in financial aid & billing, as well as end-of-term grading • Class roster review provides an opportunity to confirm the students enrolled in each class

  5. Identification of Problem • Previous method included prompting instructors to submit emails with individual changes to rosters • e.g. “Tommy’s been in attendance of my ACCT 141 class since the start of the semester, please add him to list.” OR “I don’t know who Susie is – she’s never been in my class, please remove her from my THEA 120 list.”

  6. Process of Creating the Application • Registrar’s Office needs three things from the classroom: • Students who are in the class but not on the roster • Students who are on the roster but not in the class • Free form information to build communication between the office and the classroom

  7. Process of Creating the Application • Getting Buy-in from Faculty: • Ease of use – roster check off, name look-up, technology with which they’re familiar • Formatted information – free form emails sometimes generated more questions than answers • A process that can be followed up – all instructors, all classes

  8. Process of Creating the Application • Limitations of the System: • Not an attendance tracking system (chapel, service learning, college honors) • Registrar’s Office maintains control • Students’ responsibility • Registrar’s Office proactivity • Limited window of opportunity • Setting expectations – not interactive like grade processing

  9. Process of Creating the Application • Application Consists of Local Code: • 1 script • Email information to Registrar’s Office and instructor • 3 screens • Class Roster Reconciliation • Class Roster Reconciliation Review • Confirmation Page • Based on the Class Roster Summary • bwlkfcwl.P_FacClaListSum

  10. Demo of Self-Serve Application • Faculty members are prompted with an instructional email to complete their class roster reconciliations to coincide with the final two weeks of our drop period (end of first third of our semester) • They have two full weeks in which to complete these reconciliations, after which point we turn the application off in our web control edits

  11. Demo of Self-Serve Application • Submission of reconciliations is tracked through a spreadsheet of all instructors & their classes • As submissions arrive in Registrar’s Office email, names & CRNs are checked off the spreadsheet • Several days before application is turned off, the Registrar sends a reminder email to those instructors who have not yet responded

  12. Demo of Self-Serve Application • From the Faculty & Advisors Tab in Self-Service Banner, faculty members are instructed to click on “Class Roster Reconciliation”

  13. Demo of Self-Serve Application • Faculty members select the appropriate term, followed by CRN of their course

  14. Demo of Self-Serve Application • In Section 1, instructors have the opportunity to review their roster & remove anyone who has not been in attendance of their class by unchecking the box under “Attends Class” • In our example, Huey A. & Louie A. Nephew have not been in attendance so the boxes associated with their names have been unchecked

  15. Demo of Self-Serve Application • In Section 2, instructors have the opportunity to add anyone who has been in attendance of their class by double-clicking on their name • In our example, Minnie Mouse & Goofy A. Dog have been added • In Section 3, there is free form space for instructors to further comment before clicking on the “Next” button to arrive at the confirmation screen

  16. Demo of Self-Serve Application • On the confirmation screen, instructors have the opportunity to return to the previous screen to make edits or to submit final changes to the Registrar’s Office • This screen also reminds them that the changes are not automatically processed through this submission, but rather that the Registrar’s Office will manually reconcile the rosters as requested

  17. Demo of Self-Serve Application • The instructor & Registrar’s Office receive confirmation emails

  18. Registrar’s Process to Reconcile • Changes are made to student record in SFAREGS & applicable fees assessed in SFAEFEE • Email is sent to student, instructor, and student’s advisor indicating that a change was made to their registration, including any fee assessments & a reminder of their responsibility for their own schedules 

  19. Opportunity for Q & A • Questions ? • Comments ?