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International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. IUPAP C11. Commission of Particles and Fields. Vera Lüth Chair of C11. As HEP Collaborations supporting major experiments grow, there is increasing concern about authorship of scientific publications

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Iupap c11

International Union of

Pure and Applied Physics


Commission of Particles and Fields

Vera Lüth

Chair of C11

New initiative authorship of publications

As HEP Collaborations supporting major experiments grow, there is increasing concern about authorship of scientific publications

Author lists cannot continue to grow, because

they do not appropriately credit those who have contributed

they do not allow others to identify those most knowledgeable about the results, thereby hampering scientific discourse

Lead to absurd publication and citation records

C11 proposes the formation of a Working Group

Representation of large collaborations, major HEP Laboratories, research universities, C11, a few wise individuals

Interacting with IUPAP WG on publications

Consultation with publishers

Outcome is uncertain, general solutions will be difficult to find. Consensus will be hard to achieve!

Can we formulate guidelines? Collaborations have their own way?

C11 prepared to formulate a charge and time line for the WG.

New Initiative: Authorship of Publications


Aps guidelines on authorship

Authorship should be limited to those who have made significant contributions to the concept, executions, or interpretations of the research study.

All those who have contributed in this way should be listed as authors.

Other individuals who have contributed and are not identified as authors should be acknowledged.

Sources of financial support should be disclosed.

All Collaborators share some degree of responsibility for any paper they co-author.

Some co-authors have responsibility for the entire paper as an accurate, verifiable report of research. They include those who are accountable for the integrity of the critical data, carry out the analysis, write the manuscript, present major findings at conferences, or provide scientific leadership for junior colleagues.

Coauthors who make specific, limited contributions to a paper are responsible for them, but may only have limited responsibility for other results.

APS Guidelines on Authorship


Aps guidelines on authorship cont

While not all coauthors may be familiar with all aspects of the research presented, collaborations should have in place an appropriate process for reviewing and ensuring the accuracy and validity of the reported results,.

Every coauthor should have the opportunity to review the manuscript before its submission.

Collaborations should have a process to archive and verify the research record; to facilitate communication and allow all authors to be fully aware of the entire work, critique it and pose questions concerning the work and be able to share the data prior to and after publication.

All members of a collaborations should be aware of and understand this process.

APS Guidelines on Authorship (cont.)


Proposed wg on hep authorship

Collaboration will be/have been invited to nominate representatives to join this WG

Charge and membership need to be finalized soon.

Proposed Time scale: 1 year to draft report!


Representatives of large Collaborations



BELLE, BABAR, Super-K,….

Representatives of large HEP Labs

C11 members

Representatives of universities, smaller labs, regional groups

Chairperson, Secretary to be nominated

How to arrange meetings? Phone Conferences?? Website?

Feedback from collaborations, labs, community?

Proposed WG on HEP Authorship


Proposed agenda for authorship discussions

Wednesday, Aug. 18, 20:00 – 22:00, Conference Room 7, 2 representatives to join this WGnd Floor of BICC

Representatives of the major collaborations have been invited to give a very brief overview of what their current practices are, or/and what they are planning for the future.

These presentation should be very brief, 5 min max.

Most of the time should be reserved for discussion

1) 10 min Introduction Vera Luth, C11

2) 50 min Reports on current practices/plans in large collaborations:

H1 Max Klein

D0 Dimitri Denisov

CDF Daniel Withson

BABAR David MacFarlane

Belle Steve Olsen

ATLAS Rüdiger Voss

CMS Chunhua Jiang

3) 50 min Open Discussion on how to proceed

4) 10 min Conclusions

Proposed Agenda for Authorship Discussions