Unit 9 automobile suspension system
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Unit 9 AUTOMOBILE SUSPENSION SYSTEM. 蒋 芳 吴喜骊. Basic Content. Aims and Requirements New Words Phrases and Expressions Notes to the Text Specialized Knowledge Exercises. Aims and Requirements. Describe the functions of suspension system List the components of suspension system

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Basic content
Basic Content

Aims and Requirements

New Words

Phrases and Expressions

Notes to the Text

Specialized Knowledge


Aims and requirements
Aims and Requirements

Describe the functions of suspension system

List the components of suspension system

List the types of suspension system

List the types of springs

Describe the parameters of wheel alignment

New words
New Words

suspension[sEs5penFEn] n. 悬吊,悬浮,悬挂

roll [rEul] n. 摇晃,摆动

lean [li:n] vi. 倾斜,偏向

strike [straik] vt. 撞击,冲击

bump [bQmp] n. 撞击,肿块

squat [skwCt] v. 蹲坐;n. 蹲坐

tilt [tilt] v.使倾斜,使翘起

dive [daiv] vi. 下潜,俯冲

alignment [E5lainmEnt] n. 队列,调正

knuckle [5nQkl] n. 关节,转向节

New words1
New Words

visualize [5vizjuElaiz] vt. 形象,想象

swivel [5swivl] v. 旋转

flex [fleks] vi. 折曲,弯曲

bounce [bauns] v.(使)反跳,弹起

sleeve [sli:v] n. 袖子,套筒,衬套

jounce [dVauns] v. 颠簸

rebound [ri5baund] v. 回弹

spiral [5spaiErEl] n. 螺旋

oscillation [7Csi5leiFEn] n. 摆动,振动

hump [hQmp] n. 小圆丘,峰丘

New words2
New Words

dampen [5dAmpEn] v. 使潮湿,使沮丧

restrain [ris5trein] vt. 抑制,制止

Phrases and expressions
Phrases and Expressions

control arm 控制臂

ball joint 球节

shock absorber 减震器

independent suspension 独立悬架

nonindependent suspension 非独立悬架

coil spring 螺旋弹簧

leaf spring 钢板弹簧

torsion bar 扭力弹簧

Notes to the text
Notes to the Text

[1] The suspension system works with the tires, frame or unit body, wheels, wheel bearings, brake system, and steering system.


Notes to the text1
Notes to the Text

[2] Before discussing each component in detail, you should be able to visualize each major part and how it functions in relation to the other parts.


Notes to the text2
Notes to the Text

[3] Since each wheel is attached to its own suspension unit, movement of one wheel does not cause direct movement of the wheel on the other side of the car.


Notes to the text3
Notes to the Text

[4] Coil springs may be used on either the front or rear of the car.


[5] A leaf spring is commonly made of flat plates or strips of spring steel bolted together.


Specialized knowledge
Specialized Knowledge

Fig.9-1 Elementary parts of suspension system

Specialized knowledge1
Specialized Knowledge

Fig.9-2 Independent suspension

Specialized knowledge2
Specialized Knowledge

Fig.9-3 Nonindependent suspension

Specialized knowledge3
Specialized Knowledge

Fig.9-4 Shock absorber

Specialized knowledge4
Specialized Knowledge

Fig.9-1 Caster

Fig.9-2 Camber


(1) What are the functions of a suspension system?

(2) What are the components of a suspension system?

(3) How does the independent suspension work?

(4) How does the nonindependent suspension work?

(5) How many types do the suspension system springs have? What are they?


(6) Why does the suspension system need shock absorbers?

(7) How do the shock absorbers work?

(8) How is the coil spring made of?

(9) How does the torsion bar work?

(10) Can you describe the construction of the coil-spring suspension system?