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Important Aboriginal Unit Vocabulary

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Important Aboriginal Unit Vocabulary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Important Aboriginal Unit Vocabulary. Be sure to understand what they mean!. Animism: the attribution of a living soul to plants, animals, inanimate objects and natural phenomena.

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important aboriginal unit vocabulary

Important Aboriginal Unit Vocabulary

Be sure to understand what they mean!


Animism: the attribution of a living soul to plants, animals, inanimate objects and natural phenomena


Ancestors: Supernatural beings who emerged and roamed the earth during the time of the DREAMING (*creation), giving shape to the landscape and creating various forms of life.


Elder: A person, male or female, venerated (respected/honoured) for their age and wisdom.


First Nations: An Aboriginal Band, or a community functioning as a band, but not having band status: the term First Nations does not include Inuit or Metis.


Indigenous: Origination naturally in a region, belonging naturally to an environment (of people) born in a region.


Potlatch Ceremony: A gift-giving ceremony that West Coast Aboriginal peoples celebrate to mark significant events. Banned in 1884.


Pow Wow: A gathering of Aboriginal people with ritual dances, drumming, chanting, costumes etc.


Smudging Ceremony: A purification ritual that includes the burning of sweet grass and drawing smoke ritually over the body


Totem: A natural entity that symbolically represents an individual or group and that has special significance for the religious life of that individual or group.


Vision Quest: The process of purifying and fasting in order to be sensitive to a vision or voices that might guide a person; sacred ceremony.