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How To Be a Rock Star PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Be a Rock Star

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How To Be a Rock Star - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How To Be a Rock Star. By: Eric Jameson. How To Be a Rock Star. Click one. How to Practice. How to Find a Place to Play Perform. How to Dress. Have Excellent Equipment. You have to maintain your gear or you will not sound your best!. Find a Place to Rehearse.

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How To Be a Rock Star

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    1. How To Be a Rock Star By: Eric Jameson

    2. How To Be a Rock Star Click one How to Practice How toFind a Place to Play Perform How to Dress

    3. Have Excellent Equipment • You have to maintain your gear or you will not sound your best!

    4. Find a Place to Rehearse • Pick something big enough for all your members and within your price range.

    5. Pick Your Dates to Rehearse • Discuss what days each week will work with each member and stick to the dates. No cancelations if possible.

    6. Practice Makes Perfect • No one will become a great rock star without practice. You need to practice your talent even outside of rehearsal. Not only do you get to create new music in rehearsal, but you become a tight unit, which creates a great live show.

    7. Find a Place to Play • You will need to find a club to play. This will take hard work and a ton of networking if you want to play the good venues and clubs. Bug them to death. You will also need a good press kit which includes, a demo recording, photo, and bio.

    8. Network! • You must network like crazy to get into the good venues on the good nights and also to make friends with other bands and make fans. Socializing is a perfect way to get people to come to your shows and in return brings you better gigs.

    9. NEVER Cancel a Show • The worst thing you can do is cancel a gig. It puts the club in a pickle and gives your band a bad name.

    10. Intense Performance • Remember you are there to entertain the crowd. Play every show like it’s the last one you will ever play. Entertain the folks, that is what they are paying to see you for.

    11. Discuss Image • The image of the band is almost as important as the networking and actually making good music. Discuss which direction you want to go with this.

    12. Uniformed Image a Must • Everyone in the band must have the same general image. I don’t mean identical, but need to look like a solid unit. One person glammed out and the rest dressed like goth musicians wont appeal to the crowd.

    13. Always Dress the Part • No matter if you are on show night or just going downtown for a night out with the guys, you should always dress the part of rock star. If you are normally a goth artist and you are seen out wearing khakis and a polo shirt..might take away from the show image.

    14. Attitude is a Must • To be a rock star you have to act like a rock star. This does not mean to be mean to people, but what this does mean is to have a sense of arrogance, confidence, and no nonsense (an I don’t care attitude) feel about yourself. People expect it and want it.

    15. Enjoy! • Have fun and enjoy being the rock star you have always wanted to be. Make the band a priority and always stick by your band mates no matter what. Live the dream! Rock on!