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CEN/TC304 N1008 Date of CDSG distribution: 2002-05-31 Source: Wolf Arfvidson CEN TC304 and related CEN workshops 2002-05-29 Wolf Arfvidson CEN TC304 wolf.arfvidson@statskontoret.se Tel +46-8-454 46 99. Table of contents. TC304 structure, scope History, development Standards CWAs

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Table of contents

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  1. CEN/TC304 N1008Date of CDSG distribution: 2002-05-31Source: Wolf ArfvidsonCEN TC304and related CEN workshops2002-05-29Wolf ArfvidsonCEN TC304wolf.arfvidson@statskontoret.seTel +46-8-454 46 99

  2. Table of contents • TC304 structure, scope • History, development • Standards • CWAs • Reports • Halted work • Ongoing work • Future activities • Continuous questions

  3. TC304 • Titel: ICT - European Localization Requirements • Scope: European linguistic and cultural localization in IT-standards • Technical Committee with project teams, ad hoc groups and workshops; working groups possible • Related CEN Workshops for same area • Related to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2 and SC35 and SC22/WG20 ...

  4. Scope • Standardization in the field of information technology as applied to character sets, to ensure that European requirements are satisfied. The work will be in the areas of the identification, manipulation and coded representation of character data and in its input, interchange and rendition by electronic means. • From 1999: Standardization in the field of Information and Communications Technologies, to ensure that European localization requirements can be satisfied. Localization in this context means the provision of software and hardware support adapted to local linguistic and cultural needs in Europe.

  5. History, development • 1986- CSC Character Sets and Coding • 1992- CEN TC304 Eur. Character Sets • 1994- Own TC WSs Lux, Bled, Dublin • 1996- WG >>> PT • 1996- CEC large financing package 2001 for more than 20 WIs • 1996-2000 Four Calls for experts • 1997- WIs + PTs CEN WSs • 1999- New titel, scope: Eur. Loc. Req.

  6. Standards • Former CEN ENV 4150x-standards: 8-bit (Latin 1) coding, Teletex, Videotex, Telex, Line coding, Eastern European coding ENV 1260 Cyrillic ENV 1973 16 bit MES and EES CWA/MES • Current EN 1922 Telex EN 1923 8-bit coding IS 15987  ENV 12005 European Cultural Registry ENV 13710European Ordering Rules-1

  7. CWAs (in WSs) • European generic locales (Eurolocale) Part 1: General Specifications CWA 14051-1:2000 Part 2: Narrative cultural specifications, POSIX locales and repertoire map CWA 14051-2:2000 26.6 • Multilingual European Subsets (MES) in IS 10646 CWA 13873:2000 26.8 • ESR-1 European Culturally Specific Requirements, phase 1 CWA 14094:2001 26.13

  8. CEN reports and other reports • General Model for Graphic Character Transformations 26.9.2 CR 13907:2000 • Guide for Users 26.7 CR 13928:2000 • European Keyboards 26.4 CR 14270:2001 • European Ordering Rules-226.16 CR 14400:2001 • Testing of euro sign + European letters for OCR-B (ENV/TS)(Report)26.20 • Report on the Euro in IT-standardization - a report to CEC 1999-04-23 26.15 • Matching-1 (Internal study report) 26.2 • Population of Cultural Registry-1, National Locales-1 (+Advisory report) 26.3

  9. Changed/halted/ cancelled • R&D output/experiences (TAP/LE-study) (changed to PWC study)26.23 • ESR-2 European culturally specific req, TR or CWA (halted for CDSG) 26.21 • Taxonomy/map activities (halted for CDSG) • Matching-2 (TR/TS) (halted for CDSG) 26.17 • ERR European regulatory requirements, phase 1 + 2 CR/CWA (cancelled) 26.14+22 • ALPHA Character Repertoires of Europe (cancelled in WS)26.5

  10. Ongoingwork • European Fallback Rules (ch. to TR) 26.10.2 • European extension to ISO repertoire of OCR-B (EN) (built on Test results) 26.15 • Revision work on EN 1923 (Inclusion of euro sign and missing European letters in new TS 1923) Proposed deleted if TC304 is made dormant: • CWA Eurolocale -1>>> TS • Populationof Cultural Registry-2 26.19 • Support for Sami languages (EN) Res 10/19th • EOR-1 and -2 merged into an EN Res 2/19th

  11. Future activities andCEN TCCult Div • CDSG Cultural Diversity Steering Gr.: Coordination + Workshops + Awareness • Initiate Work Itemsfor TC and CDSG • National and public requirements presented via TC - espec. small countries’ needs • Requirements due to EU-enlargement • Maintain adopted products + Cultural Registry • Transform CWA into EN/TS and EN/ENV/TS/CWA into ISO standard • Create virtual reference groups?

  12. Continuous questions • Market needs and customers? • European or international? • New work items? Move these to WSs? EN/TS or TR or CWA? • Open up for more expertise particip. R 1/00 • Relations/liaisons to other bodies CEN TCs, CEN WSs, ETSI, ISO/IEC 1/35, 1/22/20… Consortia and CEC and governments • Awareness incl availability of products • Resources

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