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NOTE: To change images on this slide, select a picture and delete it. Then click the Insert Picture icon in the placeholder to insert your own image. THE SWEET SPOT. “Put a little sweet into your day.” . Vision Of Business.

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  1. NOTE: To change images on this slide, select a picture and delete it. Then click the Insert Picture icon in the placeholder to insert your own image. THE SWEET SPOT “Put a little sweet into your day.”

  2. Vision Of Business If I had the chance to have my ideal dream business it would be a modern-day bakery. I picture my bakery to have a warm, welcoming atmosphere where people can enjoy picking up a sweet treat. The name of my business would be The Sweet Spot. I would specialize in anything from a cookie, to big extravagant cakes. I would want my bakery to be spacious, with an entry way that really invites people in. Above the doorway I would have a vent fan to fill the store with baking aromas. In the front of my bakery, I want big bay windows to display my goods and draw in customers. I would focus my interior designs on wood resources, and warm colors. Since I would specialize in cakes, I would devote part of my bakery to where I would hang pictures on the wall of couples cutting into their wedding cakes. My bakery would also have glass showcases filled of different pastries and other sweet treats. I vision my business being somewhere in the city with people coming and going all day. I know it would take me awhile to get there, so starting out I would just open a small-town corner bakery to get me started. After getting on my feet I would then set out to peruse by big city bakery dreams

  3. Research Page I researched a local business called Uzi’s bakery. Uzi first started his bakery business in a little shop on Main Street in Brookville, Pa. His customer life wasn’t doing so well so he opened his new bakery shop here in Dubois. Since the move, Uzi says his business has been booming. People come in as regulars for a sweet treat on their way to work, or even for a beautiful cake for their wedding. Uzi did a really good job with choosing interior designs, and making the place feel welcoming. His shop is very simple, but yet unique. Uzi specializes in mostly cake decorating, but his bakery is home to many of his other delicious treats! The only thing that I could think I would do differently is finding somewhere a bit more spacious. Uzi’s bakery isn’t all that big, but big enough for the small town his business resides in. He really has a great opportunity for busy business being stationed right in the middle of town. People who shop along Brady Street always stop in to say hi, and pick up something good to eat Uzi said. As I walked throughout his shop I noticed what detail he must put in to make sure everything was perfect; his displays, the wall art, the cleanliness of the tables and counters. This made me really think of what work has to be put in to even a small business like a bakery.

  4. My Business Cost • San Marcos, CaliforniaBakery With Large Kitchen! • Asking price: $78,000Monthly payment: $3,148

  5. Real Estate Cost For my bakery business location is essential. It’s important to select a location that will bring you in a good number of customers. An ideal location for a bakery would be somewhere downtown, maybe next to business offices or across from a community college. For starting out my business the smart thing to do would be to rent or lease a building rather than trying to come up with the means of buying. To open a bakery business you need to be looking for certain qualities in a building. For example the building needs to have plenty of kitchen space. An approximate size for an ideal location would be somewhere between 1,500 square feet to 2,000 square feet. . Also in a bakery you want to look for counter space. In bakeries you see a lot of display cases and counter tops, in order to include these features the buyer would want to choose a location with a spacious front room. Another important factor to think about when choosing a location is the cost and prices when first starting out. Not a lot of people start a business on their own or without financing, so choosing a venue that has affordable rent prices is the way to go.

  6. Target Market My target market at my bakery is pretty varied. It mostly pertains to local residents of my location, and tourists. Customer Profile: • Individuals of all ages • Varied Occupations • Interested in high quality baked goods • Looks for low prices • Both men and women • Either resident or traveler.

  7. Opening Day List • Building – $78,000.00 • Tables (4) – $400.00 • Chairs (16) – $375.00 • Register – $120.00 • Oven (3) – $1,200.00 • Stove (3) – $900.00 • Counter – $600.00 • Island – $400.00 • Sink – $150.00 • Flour (100lb) – $130.00 • Yeast – $75.00.00 • Sugar (100lb) – $110.00 • Flavorings – $500.00 • Icing – $300.00 • Food Coloring – $40.00 • Display Cases (3) – $600.00 • Delivery Van – $20,000 • Total Expenses: $103,900.00

  8. My Business Cards

  9. Daily Specials Thursday: 10% of your whole order. The order must be more than $5. T H E S W E E T S P O T “Put a little sweet into your day” Daily Specials! Monday: Free scone with any purchase of a hot drink. Includes; Coffee, Espresso, Latte, Mocha, Cappuccino, and Tea. Friday: Free cookie with any purchase of an additional pastry. Includes; Croissants, Turnovers, and Scones. Tuesday: Soup and Salad lunch for only $6.00. Excludes the make your own salad Saturday: Order your wedding cake today and receive and additional layer for free! Wednesday: Dozen of doughnuts only $10.00. Your choice of 13 doughnuts, original price is $13.00.

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