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The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot

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The Sweet Spot

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  1. * * * The Sweet Spot The perfect place to savor the moment Downtown Tulsa – Brady District

  2. The coolest place to relax and savor the moment A place for trendy teens and adults to hang out in the Brady District, other than a bar.

  3. A Modern Twist on a Vintage Vibe Bringing in modern technology and a trendy set-up into the rustic, brick walled warehouse building. Modern fountains, appliances, counters, fixtures Original high vaulted ceilings, beams, brick walls Indoor seating opens up to an attached outdoor patio

  4. Information Layout Slide with Bar Graph A Taste of Tulsa Homemade ice cream with a Tulsa twist. By incorporating names of some of Tulsa’s favorite or treasured areas it serves as a tie in and could lead the way to many potential partnering opportunities for promotions, events, etc. We specialize in premium ingredient, fresh, homemade ice cream. All flavors are low-fat in an effort to combat obesity (Oklahoma is ranked 7th) and to adapt to the healthy trending demands of the customers. We also offer add-ins or create your own mixes. There is an assortment to choose from such as fat-free gummy bears, almonds, fruit

  5. Information Layout Slide with Pie Chart Signage Ideas & Examples

  6. Mixing in Fresh Local Coolness

  7. Establishing the Sweet Spot Downtown Tulsa is booming and the Brady District specifically is the place to be. A unique, modern, trendy ice cream parlor will be the perfect addition to the bustling area. After long events, runs, street parties and more it will offer the perfect escape from the hot sun or just a place to sit and relax. The Brady District

  8. Market & Statistics Currently, children drive the industry but the U.S. census bureau is predicting that the youth populations in the next seven years will be declining. That means ice cream producers are going to have to develop items that are appealing and attractive to adults. Current vs. Future Drivers

  9. Thank you Bailey Martindale