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The Mississippi river

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The Mississippi river
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The Mississippi river

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  1. The Mississippi river Cody Snyder Pd. C-D 12/19/12

  2. The Mississippi river is one of the longest rivers in the world. The Mississippi river is the longest in the united states. Third in the world. Photo from history now

  3. The Mississippi River Runs Through Central USA Photo from history now

  4. The River Was Named From Indians • They called it the "Mee-zee-see-bee“ Photo from 4Rivers

  5. Mississippi River Conditions • The Mississippi river is a very strong river. • The Mississippi moves as much as 1.6 million gallons of water ever second.

  6. Economy • The Mississippi river is a big economic resource for many states. • This river is a cheap trade and transportation way that has been used as such from the 1600’s. • It is also a big source of food and fishing for many towns as well.

  7. Vacation • The Mississippi river also makes river towns a highly attractive vacation option. • The river gives people to opportunity to ride jet skies, swim in the nice cool water, and have a goodfishing trip. • It is many towns main source of incomegives these towns another source of income.

  8. Cruises • The Mississippi river is a big cruise river. • Its calm flow in many spots make it a nice ride for ferry tours and weekend trips. • Its calm areas also make it a safe swimming spot for cruises to let its people off to swim.

  9. Trade • The Mississippi river is also a big trade way. • Loggers would use this river to trade logs for instance. • Merchants also used the river to sell there items without paying for transportation in the 18 and 19 hundreds.

  10. Fishing Towns • There is about 15 pure fishing towns on the Mississippi river in each state that has contact with the river. • These towns solely rely on fishing as there main source of income, and the river is the only reason these towns where founded.

  11. Hannibal, Missouri • The town of Hannibal sits on the Mississippi river. • This town probably wouldn’t of been founded if it wasn’t for the Mississippi river. Photo from

  12. Transportation • Transportation was a key reason why the Mississippi was so important to life then and now. • Traveling by this river would cut a 3 month trip down to a couple of weeks in the 1800’s • There was many types of transportation for them too in the 1800’s.

  13. Material Transportation • They used flat boats as the main way to move their material around in the 1800’s Photo from

  14. Passenger Transportation • In the middle 1800’s they used steam boats to move passengers up and down the river. • This was the first way of travel people had up the united states that was quick. Photo from

  15. Rafts • Rafts were the cheapest way to travel in the 1800’s • They could only travel down stream because they couldn’t fight the river’s down stream currants. • Could hold anywhere from 1 to 10 people

  16. Modern Transportation • Today ferrysare typically used to travel up and down the Mississippi river. Photo from

  17. Barge • Barges are the most economical way to move resources in the modern day. • They can carry enough wheat to bake 2 million loaves of bread. • Every day hundreds of barges go up and down the Mississippi river.

  18. Ecosystem • This river is a home to many different types of animals in the US. • It is home to bears, fish, birds, small animals, and also plant life in that area. • The Mississippi river has the fifthlargest vegetation diversity in the world.

  19. Bird Life On The Mississippi • The Mississippi river controls about 40% of the migratory fleet. • It is home to about 20% of the nations duck population. Photo from

  20. Fish Life In The Mississippi • The Mississippi river is considered a fishing hot spot of the world. • It holds 241 species of fish. • In the book The adventures of huckleberry Finn. The main character Huckleberry uses the river as a main food source to survive on.

  21. Plant Life On The Mississippi • The upper Mississippi river area is home to many kinds of plant life. • It is famous for the growth of tall grasses, prairies, and the hard woods that grow there. • The plants that grow here help support all other life in this region.

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