polyatomic ions n.
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Polyatomic Ions

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Polyatomic Ions.

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Polyatomic Ions

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Many ionic compounds are not binary because one or both ions contain atoms of more than one element. These polyatomic ions consist of two or more different non-metal atoms, which are joined by covalent bonds. There is only one common polyatomic cation: the ammonium ion, NH4+. There are many polyatomic anions. Except for the hydroxide ion, the names of the
anions end in


instead of “ide”. Writing formulas is also the same, except that you have to add parentheses when the formula requires more than one polyatomic ion.

Common polyatomic ions.

binary molecular compounds
Binary Molecular Compounds

Binary molecular compounds consist of covalent bonds between atoms of two different non-metals.

  • The name of a binary molecular compound ends in “ide”, just like the came of a binary ionic compound.
  • The name and the formula usually
begin with the element that is more to the left on the periodic table.

3. In the name, use a prefix to specify the number of atoms of each element that are present in a molecule. Some prefixes, and the numbers they represent, are in the table below.