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Resource 2014 Flexgen Purchasing PowerPoint Presentation
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Resource 2014 Flexgen Purchasing

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Resource 2014 Flexgen Purchasing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Resource 2014 Flexgen Purchasing. The Basics. Purchasing Overview . Vender Menu Vendor Maintenance - Change, Delete and add a Vendor Inquiry Options Invoice Menu Add – How to add invoices for invoice payment processing Change – How to change an invoice Delete – How to delete an invoice

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Resource 2014 Flexgen Purchasing

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purchasing overview
Purchasing Overview
  • Vender Menu
    • Vendor Maintenance - Change, Delete and add a Vendor
    • Inquiry Options
  • Invoice Menu
    • Add – How to add invoices for invoice payment processing
    • Change – How to change an invoice
    • Delete – How to delete an invoice
    • Invoice Payment Process- Steps to process invoices
    • Invoice Reports- Overview
  • Void Vendor Checks
  • Manual Checks
flexgen menu
Flexgen Menu
  • Flexgen Menu Screens move across the Menu Bar and down the sub menu bar
  • Key buttons to remember throughout Flexgen
  • F1- Shows what that field contains
  • F2- Lookup
  • F4- Update
vendor menu
Vendor Menu

Select Vendor<Vendor

add a vendor
Add a Vendor
  • Vendor No.- System Generated

Status- Permanent Or Temporary- the default is set to permanent

Established Date: Date the Vendor is Added into the system

Name - screen pop up to key desired name of Vendor Up to 30 Characters


NOTE TO REMEMBER: Many Vendors may have different addresses for Purchase orders and Mailing Remittances


Contact, Customer No., Phone No., Fax no., Email – Only needs to be entered if you keep up with that information within the software.

  • 1099 Flag – Is this Vendor a 1099 Vendor? If it is not, this field will default to <2 - No
  • 1099 Type- Type of Income to be reported to the IRS
1099 tax id number
1099 –Tax Id Number

Tax Id Number – a W9 should be filled out from each vendor.

W9- Forms can be found at the following link .

1099 QUESTIONS: Please refer to IRS.GOV

change vendor information
Change Vendor Information
  • To Change Vendor Name:
  • With Cursor in Name Field<Options(F5)
  • Name box will pop up, make changes <F4> to update which will take you back to main vendor screen. You may make any additional changes here
  • F4 to update main vendor screen to update
delete vendor
Delete Vendor




vendor archive
Vendor Archive

The system will only allow you to delete vendors with no current fiscal year activity.

Select ‘Vendor’, Maintenance ‘Vendor Archive’, ‘Archive’ and then ‘Inactivate Vendor’

payment verification
Payment Verification

This tool is helpful when a Vendor’s AR department calls wanting a payment status.

Select Vendor<Payment Verification

payment verification1
Payment Verification

If Invoice Number is unknown F2 look up will bring up any paid invoices in history

payment verification2
Payment Verification

Basic information about an invoice

vendor history
Vendor History



Pop Up Box to Select Activity


Vendor Activity

Provides Purchase YTD Totals, Purchase Order Totals, and Activity

  • Reporting Options
    • Inquiring History by Vendor
    • Inquiring by Invoice Date
    • Invoice by Account Number
    • Other Reports to Inquire By
      • Accounts Payable Number, Check Number, Check Number and Date, and GASB 54 Reportable accounts
history reports
History Reports
  • Sample Report 1

History by Invoice Date- all invoices in history by that invoice date

  • Select <Invoice from Menu>,<Invoice Reports/Journals>,<Invoice Date>, Enter Criteria, <Enter>
history reports1
History Reports
  • Sample Report 2

History by Check Date- all invoices in history by that check date

  • Select <Invoice from Menu>,<Invoice Reports/Journals>,<Check Date>, Enter Criteria, <Enter>
invoice listing by acct number
Invoice Listing By Acct Number
  • Select <Invoice>, <Invoice Reports/Journals>, <Account Number>
  • Key in Beginning Account number and Ending Account Number. (Beginning Account Number can be entered through if unsure of Account)
  • F2 to select specific Vendor or enter through and system will pull all vendors
  • Select Beginning Invoice Date and Ending or enter through to get all.
  • Hit <SELECT> button tosee report
  • This report can be quite lengthy unless broken down by specific vendor, account number and date range
add invoice
Add Invoice


Select <Invoice>, <Add Invoices>

change invoices delete invoices
Change Invoices/Delete Invoices
  • To do:
  • Select <Invoice>, <Change Invoices or Delete Invoices>, Once Change or Delete is selected
  • Screen pops up with current invoices that have not been processed for payment.
  • Select desired invoice and proceed.

Delete Invoices

Select <Invoice>, <Delete Invoice>, <F2 Lookup>,Select Invoice to Delete -<F4>, <Delete>

invoice payment process
Invoice Payment Process

<Select Invoice>,<Invoice Payment Process>>



Pre-Check Register

Print Disbursement Checks

Check Register

Process Payment to GL



  • User can F2 in each field to select specific user, fund, cash account , and/or vendor number to choose specific invoices to be processed.
  • Most of our customers simply enter through this screen which will select all invoices
  • System will ask if correct Y or N

Pre-Check Register

  • Next step is to print your Pre-Check Register
    • Pre Check Register w/Acct. Number is used often because it lists the General Ledger numbers that were keyed.
    • IMPORTANT step to verify that what has been keyed into the system is correct before checks are printed

Select<PRE-Check Register OR PRE-Check Register W/Account No.

***Very Important to Verify this report for Errors before we go further***

printing checks
Printing Checks

Enter date desired for checks

Beginning Check Number

Is this correct Y or N

Select Printer <F4

When complete Print Check Register if needed

Select Process Payments to GL

Answer Yes or No

final check printing process
Final Check Printing Process
  • 1. Did checks print properly
  • 2. If not <Select Restart Check Printing>

1. Select <Check Register> print if required

If Correct then Next

common errors when printing
Common Errors when Printing
  • Printing without Check Stock in Printer
  • Check Stock upside down in printer
  • Selected Invoices are not correct
  • User entered the next check number incorrectly

Restart Printing

deselect invoices
Deselect Invoices

To Correct Invoices within the Payment Process: <Invoice Payment Process>, <Select Invoices>

Deselect invoices

Make changes

Go back to Invoice payment process

Select Invoices to begin over

process payments to gl
Process Payments To GL

Screen Pops Up -Checkpoint for User to answer Y or N to Continue if all is complete.

void vendor check
Void Vendor Check

To Void:

<Checks>, <Void Vendor Checks>

<Fill in Criteria>Enter through to Complete

manual checks
Manual Checks
  • <Invoice>
  • < Invoice Payment Process>
  • <Manual Check>
  • <Add Manual Check information just as entering any invoice>
  • <F4 to update>
  • Run Manual Check Register
  • Print Manual Check Register if needed.
  • Update Manual checks to G/L (detail)

Manual checks are used to record a handwritten check. The appropriate General Ledger account numbers will need to be entered through this manual check for the handwritten check to be recorded to the general ledger

updating manual checks to general ledger
Updating Manual Checks to General Ledger
  • Before posting to the general ledger, be sure that all the information is correct.  After manual checks have been updated to the general ledger, you cannot go back and repeat a step.  If you find that one of the checks were in error, the check must be voided.