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LGC FlexGen Trustee. Trustee Efficiency Options In this session we will discuss reconciling ACV’s , importing mortgage company files, mortgage company batches, and Ad Valorem updates. Reconcile ACVs by File from the State.

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Lgc flexgen trustee

LGCFlexGen Trustee

Trustee Efficiency Options

In this session we will discuss reconciling ACV’s, importing mortgage company files, mortgage company batches, and Ad Valorem updates.

Reconcile acvs by file from the state
Reconcile ACVs by File from the State

You can request a file from the state for ACV payments. The state will e-mail these files to you along with the ACV Payment Register. This file can then be used to reconcile the ACVs in your software.

The electronic payment file attachment from e-mail will need to be saved to a folder that you can access from the server.

You can usually save this file by right-clicking and choosing “save as” or you may have the option to choose “save attachments”. Be sure to browse to the proper location to save the file.

Reconcile acvs by file from the state1
Reconcile ACVs by File from the State

After you have saved your ACV payment file, load it in the software to mark the paid ACV records as reconciled.

Trustee, Other, Reconcile ACVs

Select Reconciliation Method “Batch Import File”. The “Single Record Maint” will take you to the screen where you can still manually reconcile individual ACV records.

Browse to the location of your reconciliation files, click on the filename you wish to load to highlight it and click OK.

Reconcile acvs by file from the state2
Reconcile ACVs by File from the State

You will have the option to print the ACV Batch Report or to Import the Batch. The ACV Batch Report will list the ACV Records in the file to be reconciled along with any errors.

If you choose to Import the Batch without running the batch Report, you will still be prompted to view or print the report after the file is loaded if there are any errors.

Sample ACV Batch Reconciliation List

You will need to investigate any errors and manually mark any ACVs as reconciled that are not processed due to errors. (Note: Those paid to applicant are not showing applied in the software and can’t be marked as reconciled)

Reconcile acvs by file from the state3
Reconcile ACVs by File from the State

To confirm reconciled totals, run the ACV listing for the reconciled date of the file you processed.

Trustee,Menus, Reports, Other A-L, ACV

TRQ190 2012/03/05 08:32:54 TOWN OF SAMPLE VILLE FlexGen4(7.0U) Page: 1

ACV Listing By Receipt No

Receipt No Parcel ID/Property Address Name Total Taxes ACV Amount Applied Reconciled

2013-0001878 01-139- -139- - -013.00- -000 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 1,050.00 1,050.00 YES 01/24/2014


Applied Date: 10/21/2011 COLUMBIA, TN 38401

2013-0025800 05-111-O -111-O -A -044.00- -000 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 512.00 175.00 YES 01/24/2014


Applied Date: 10/21/2011 COLUMBIA, TN 38401

----------------- -----------------

Tax Year: 2013 8,389.00 4,651.00

Beginning Receipt Number: 0000000

Ending Receipt Number: 9999999

Beginning Paid Date:

Ending Paid Date: 01/24/2014

Beginning Reconciled Date: 01/24/2014

Ending Reconciled Date: 01/24/2014

The totals at the end of the “ACV Paid to Jurisdiction” section of the Pay Register Report from the state should match the total of the reconciled ACV report from your trustee software.




Columbia, TN 38401


456 Maple Lane

Columbia, TN 38401


Mortgage company payment file import
Mortgage Company Payment File Import

Trustee – Other – Mortgage Co. Pymt File Import

This option allows you to load your mortgage company payment file from diskette, CD, flash drive or from an e-mail attachment saved to a folder you can access from your workstation and server.

Mortgage company payment file import1
Mortgage Company Payment File Import

Make sure you have your media inserted in the appropriate drive at the server or you have saved your e-mail attachment to a folder you have access to from the server.

When you select Mortgage Co. Payment File Import from the menu, a “Select Files” box will open.

Click on the drop-down arrow to select the drive your file is located on. You may have to double-click on the drive letter once it is selected to view the folder list.

When you have browsed to the correct file location, click on your payment file name to highlight it and click OK. This will import the payment file for processing.

Note: The payment file name can be anything as log as it does not contain spaces or symbols (such as: &[email protected]!, etc.) and it is not more than 24 characters in length.

Mortgage company batches
Mortgage Company Batches

After importing your mortgage company file, go to Mortgage Co Batch Extract to create your batch(s).

You will be prompted to print the “Prior Payment Batch Error List”

In this Example, a receipt for 803.00 has already been paid in full.

Mortgage company batches1
Mortgage Company Batches

After you have printed the Prior Payment Batch Error List you will get a message saying the query has completed and asking if you want to execute again. If you don’t need to reprint the report you can answer NO.

Next, you will be prompted to print the “Master Record Batch Error List”. Click OK to run the report.

CAUTION: Often users will select Cancel on this message thinking it is still asking to print the first report again

If you fail to print both of the error reports, the only way to recreate them is to delete any batches created from the extract and do the extract again.

Mortgage company batches2
Mortgage Company Batches

To process mortgage company payment batches, go to Daily – Batch Property Tax Receipting.

You can do a LookUp to Find and Select a batch for processing

The Payment Date and Penalty Date default in. Make sure these dates are correct.

Mortgage company batches3
Mortgage Company Batches

Correct dates if necessary and press Enter for the Options menu.

Select Receipts will bring up the receipt search options where you can find and tag additional receipts to add to the batch if necessary

Batch Options brings up the Batch Options menu:

You can Print/Display the batch prior to processing the receipts, but the Print Receipts and Batch Report with Payment Info can not be done until after the receipts are processed.

Choose Process Receipts to bring up the Batch Process Receipts screen

Mortgage company batches4
Mortgage Company Batches

It is very important that you key in the correct amount tendered for the batch and flag the overpayment field appropriately.

If you fail to put this information in correctly, you will be out of balance.

In this example, we have an overpayment of 803.00

When finished entering the batch payment information, press Enter and select Yes to continue.

The system returns to the Batch Options menu where you can print the receipts or a batch report

Mortgage company batches5
Mortgage Company Batches

Batch Report with Payment Information

This report contains the Payment Information as well as each receipt with the amounts for those receipts. You may find this to be a good alternative to printing individual receipts.

Ad valorem taxes
Ad Valorem Taxes

The state will usually have your Ad Valorem (Public Utility) tax files ready in January each year.

Many of you may enter those into your software manually, but it is a quick and fairly painless process to automatically load them in using the State Public Utility Extract option in your LGC software.

The Public Utility Tax Load option is found under Trustee , Menus , System Admin , Property Tax

The Public Utility file (TRPU.FLE) is copied to the files directory on your server.

After this is done, you can run the State Public Utility Report. This report will list the Public Utility records that will be loaded into the software with totals at the end of the report.

Always verify totals before doing the step to extract and load the Public Utility taxes.

Ad valorem taxes1
Ad Valorem Taxes

To load the Public Utility Taxes, select “State Public Utility Extract” from the menu.

You will be prompted to continue - Select OK

You may see and “Extract/Update in Progress” box, but often the records are loaded so quickly that you won’t see this.

When the screen goes back to the menu, the Public Utility taxes have been loaded.