four systemic perspectives n.
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Four Systemic Perspectives

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Four Systemic Perspectives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Four Systemic Perspectives. Realism Statist Liberalism Non-Statist Liberalism Idealism. Realism. The historical context Morgenthau and the end of World War II The experience of Wilsonian idealism. Realism as an Analytic Theory.

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four systemic perspectives
Four Systemic Perspectives
  • Realism
  • Statist Liberalism
  • Non-Statist Liberalism
  • Idealism
  • The historical context
    • Morgenthau and the end of World War II
    • The experience of Wilsonian idealism
realism as an analytic theory
Realism as an Analytic Theory
  • Politics is about conflict, and conflict is governed by objective laws that have their roots in human nature.
  • The international system is anarchic.
  • States seek to enhance their security by accumulating power
realism as an analytic theory1
Realism as an Analytic Theory
  • States can be thought of as unitary actors.
  • States, as unitary actors, calculate their interests in a rational manner.
the key analytic insight
The key analytic insight:
  • State behavior is driven first and foremost by the external environment in which the state exists.
realism as a normative theory
Realism as a Normative Theory
  • Realpolitick
    • Prudent assessments, preservation and use of power in the service of national interest
    • Ignore ideology
    • Ignore absolutist ethics
  • But what is the national interest?
kissinger and the national interest
Kissinger and the National Interest
  • Deal with governments not societies
  • Deal with power not intentions
  • Deal with real behavior not rhetoric
  • Deal with real threats -- which means making peace with your enemies not with your friends.