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Domestic Public Policy PowerPoint Presentation
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Domestic Public Policy

Domestic Public Policy

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Domestic Public Policy

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  1. Domestic Public Policy

  2. Unemployment: Issues • Outsourcing- people are going to other countries to find work • Not enough skilled workers- not enough people have the necessary qualifications to have significant jobs • Providing adequate pay- unequal pay and minimum wage

  3. Unemployment: Democratic Goals • Promote hiring in the country as opposed to outsourcing • Making college and a higher education more accessible and affordable • Raise the minimum wage to $9.00 an hour • Provide more jobs through energy production in America • Create stronger families by creating equal pay for equal work

  4. Unemployment: Republican Goals • All-of-the-Above energy approach to provide many jobs • Remove restrictions from small businesses • Get the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act passed • Tax code reforms to make it easier on small businesses • Reform the immigration system to keep highly skilled and educated workers in America

  5. Unemployment: Democratic Strategies • Invest in infrastructure to create new jobs • Increase government spending • End tax loopholes for large corporations • Provide tax cuts to small businesses

  6. Unemployment: Republican Strategies • Free market policies and deregulation will boost the economy and create jobs. • Help small businesses create more jobs • Extend tax cuts to encourage companies to hire more employees. • Encourage private sector investment in the housing market. • Reform the tax code to increase hiring • Government must invest in the nation's infrastructure to make business easier.

  7. Unemployment: Participants • The National Employment Law Project (NELP) • evaluates state laws • designs model policies • works to reform the unemployment insurance (UI) system • American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)

  8. Education: Issues • Competing in math and science with foreign countries • Controversy over undocumented immigrants being granted in state tuition

  9. Education: Democratic Goals • Raise the bar for early learning • Parent involvement • Make college more affordable • Strengthening community colleges • Improving accountability

  10. Education: Republican Goals • Empower parents • Attaining academic excellence for all • Lower college costs • Improving classrooms • Giving every child a chance at education • Advancing special-ed students

  11. Education: Democratic Strategies • Reforming and expanding the Head Start Program • Promoting parent Involvement through training and conferences • In-State tuition for undocumented immigrants • Grant $90 million for community college • Race to the Top requires teacher evaluations based on student improvement

  12. Education: Republican Strategies • Advocate advancement in STEM subjects • Proper implementation of technology, as a factor of providing equal access and opportunity to students • Expanding community colleges and technical institutions • Involving parents in education; supporting the English First approach • Encouraging legislation to correctly define a "Highly qualified teacher" • Using the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program as a model for schools; government funding for education

  13. Education: Participants • Joel Klein mixed corporate ideas into education. Universalized curriculum. Abolished social promotion. • Arun Alagappan transformed preparation towards college with Advantage Testing Tutoring • Randi Weingarten, president of the United Federation of Teachers. She has the power to swing close to half a million votes

  14. Energy: Issues • CO2 emissions from "unclean" energy • Not utilizing Green Energy • Too much reliance on foreign oil • Untapped potential oil, coal, and LNG

  15. Energy: Democratic Goals • Develop and assure America's energy resources • Produce domestic gas and oil • Produce more efficient buildings and means of transportation • Implement clean energy research and development • Invest in the use of clean energy in the country

  16. Energy: Republican Goals • Adopt an "all-of-the-above" diversified approach • Energy security to ensure an affordable, stable, and reliable energy supply • Private stewardship of the environment • Conserve the environment • Reduce pollution

  17. Energy: Democratic Strategies • Proposing legislation that enforces scrubbers for coal • Subsidize clean energy (solar, wind, and hydro) • Investing in green energy research

  18. Energy: Republican Strategies • Subsidize oil production • Encourage the use of multiple energy sources • Encourages companies that drill locally • Supports fracking

  19. Energy: Participants • PA Energy Alliance • "Nuclear power is clean, safe and reliable" • Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) • the policy organization for the nuclear technologies industry • Bill Gates • major investor behind Terra Power (next generation power plants) • Christine Todd Whitman • former New Jersey governor • head of Environmental Protection Agency • strongly believes that nuclear energy should be a part of the national policy

  20. Energy: Outside Influences • WEC's concerns with nuclear energy • UN Energy monitors countries' energy • EU-US energy Council

  21. Sources (factual) - House of Reps - Senate's website - Library of Congress - Department of Education - Department of Energy - Department of Labor - Buerau of Labour Statistics

  22. Sources (policy) - - Republican's website - Democrat's website -

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