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A Walking Tour …. Bus Driver Authorization. Page 1. There are many requirements to obtain and maintain an authorization. Bus Driver Requirements. Bus Driver Authorization. Page 2. Continuing Requirements Driver l icense Inservice training First aid t raining Annual disclosure

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Bus driver authorization
Bus Driver Authorization

Page 1

There are many requirements to obtain and maintain an authorization.

Bus Driver Requirements

Bus driver authorization1
Bus Driver Authorization

Page 2

Continuing Requirements

Driver license

Inservice training

First aid training

Annual disclosure

Physical ability

Medical card

Bus Driver Requirements

Refusing to submit
Refusing to Submit

Page 7

Drug & alcohol testing

Bus Driver Requirements

Refusing to submit1
Refusing to Submit

Page 7

Drug & alcohol testing

Positive Tests

Refusal to test

Walking out on test


Bus Driver Requirements

School district employee
School District Employee

Page 8


Follow the policies

Follow the procedures

Bus Driver Requirements

Pre post trip
Pre & Post Trip

Page 16


Items secured in driver compartment?

Check for students.

Bus Driving Requirements

Student seating
Student Seating

Page 17

Critical elements of


Bus Driving Requirements

Loose items
Loose Items

Page 19

These become projectiles during sudden stops.

Bus Driving Requirements

Strobe lights
Strobe Lights

Page 19

Know the



Bus Driving Requirements

Loading unloading
Loading & Unloading

Page 29

Danger Zones

How many feet

around the bus???

Bus Driving Requirements

Defensive driving
Defensive Driving

Page 37

Rail Grade Crossings

There are consequences for failure to stop.

Know the exceptions!

Bus Driving Requirements


Keep credentials current

Avoid positive drug & alcohol tests

Know policies and procedures

Post-trip check for students


Understand compartmentalization

Use strobes lights properly

Know your danger zones

Perform required rail grade stops


Identify the three (3) credentials a bus driver must keep current.

Current ,valid, and appropriate driver license

Current, valid first aid card

Current, valid medical examiner’s certificate


Describe the result of a refusal to submit to drug and alcohol testing.

Refusal to submit to testing is reported to DOL and is treated as a positive test.

The CDL is disqualified and the driver is subject to potential revocation of their bus driver authorization .


Explain the difference between board policy and department procedure.

Board policies are based on federal and state laws, statutes and regulations.

Department procedures describe the “way” or “manner” that school board policy is put into practice.


Describe the danger of not checking for students left on the bus.

Depending on district policy, leaving a student on a school bus could lead to termination.


Name three (3) critical elements of bus seat compartmentalization.

Critical elements to compartmentalization include:

padding on the back of the seats

construction standards for the seats

height of the seat backs


Describe two ways loose items in the driver compartment can be a distraction to a bus driver

Loose items can

fall and distract the the driver.

become projectiles in the event of a sudden stop/collision.

roll down and get under foot controls.


Explain the proper use of strobe lights.

Use only when students are onboard and inclement/sight obscuring conditions exist.

The WAC prohibits the use of the strobe solely because of darkness.


Name the two primary danger zones. How many feet from the bus is considered the danger zone?

Danger Zones:

front of the bus

right side of the bus

12 foot area around all sides


Explain consequences for failure to stop at a rail grade crossing.

Aticket will result in CDL suspension for 60 days.

A CDL suspension is a disqualifying condition and will result in the revocation of the school bus driver authorization.