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Walking In Mozart’s Footsteps

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Walking In Mozart’s Footsteps. Mozart’s Birth. Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria. Mozart’s Family. Wolfgang’s father was named Leopold. Leopold was a musician for the archbishop of Salzburg.

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mozart s birth
Mozart’s Birth

Joannes Chrysostomus

Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart

was born on January 27, 1756

in Salzburg, Austria.

mozart s family
Mozart’s Family

Wolfgang’s father was named Leopold.

Leopold was a musician

for the archbishop

of Salzburg.

Mozart’s sister was named

Maria Anna but was called Nannerl.

Nannerl was five years older than Wolfgang.

The Mozart family lived in Salzburg, Austria.

Austria is located in central Europe.

Austria is the

orange country in

the lower middle

of the map.

The Mozarts’ House was located on

Getreidegasse, a major shopping

street in Salzburg.

Wolfgang began showing signs of being a great musician at age four when he began to learn Nannerl’s harpsichord pieces.

Leopold began to teach

Wolfgang music. Both

Wolfgang and Nannerl

performed publicly.

traveling with the mozart family
Traveling with the Mozart Family

Because Nannerl and Wolfgang were such talented young musicians, the Mozart family traveled all over Europe to play for wealthy kings, queens, and other important people.

The Mozart family began to travel in 1762 when Mozart was only six years old.

They lived before there were cars, trains, and planes so they had to travel by carriage.


In 1764 the Mozart family first visited Paris. Wolfgang was 8 years old. The family stayed in Paris nearly two months.

Wolfgang and his mother returned

to Paris in 1778.

France is the greenish

brown country in the

lower center.

letters from france
Letters from France

May 1, 1778

Mon Tres cher Pere!

We received your letter of April 12th safely. I did not write to

you for such a long time, because I was waiting for a letter from you; please don’t take it amiss if I let you wait once in a while with my answer, because it’s quite expensive to send a letter from here and if there’s nothing urgent to report it doesn’t make sense to pay 24 sous and sometimes even more; therefore, I thought I should wait with my letters to you until I have something new to say about our situation here; but the moment I have to write to you anyway, although there’s not much to report and what there is, is not at all definite.

Wolfgang Amade Mozart

letters from france1
Letters from France

July 3, 1778

Monsieur mon tres cher Pere!

I have to bring you some very distressing and Sad news, which is also the reason why I couldn’t reply earlier to your most recent letter, the one dated on the 11th.

My dear mother is very ill—she was bled, just as she had it done always, and it was indeed necessary; afterward she felt somewhat better—but a few days later she complained of chills but at the same time she seemed to have a burning fever—then she came down with diarrhea, headaches—in the beginning we used only our home remedies, Antispasmodic Power, we would have like to use black powder as well, but we had none left, and we couldn’t get any; it is not known here, not even under the name Pulvis epilepticus. As her condition grew steadily worse, she could hardly speak anymore and lost her hearing, one had to shout to reach her—Barom Grim sent his physician. She is very weak, still feverish, and Delirious. They are giving me hope, but I don’t have much.

Wolfgang Amade Mozart

letters from france2
Letters from France

Wolfgang’s mother had actually died the day he wrote the letter to his father telling of her illness.

He could not bring himself to tell his father that his mother had died.

He wrote another letter 6 days later to give Leopold and Nannerl the bad news.


The Mozart family went to England after their first trip to Paris in 1764.

They stayed in England for 14 months.

England is the

small yellow

island on the

left center of the



Wolfgang and Leopold traveled to Italy three times starting in 1769 when Wolfgang

was just 13 years old.

They left Maria and Nannerl in

Salzburg during these journeys.

Italy is the yellow

country close to

the bottom of the

map in the center.

letters from italy
Letters From Italy

December 14, 1769

My dearest mama,

My heart is filled with a alott of joy because I feel so jolly on this trip, because it’s so cozy in our carriage, and because our coatchmann is such a fine fellow who drives as fast as he can when the road lets him. Papa has propably already given to mama the news of our trip, the reason I am writing is to show that I know my duty, so I remein in deepest Respekt her devoted son.

Wolfgang Mozart

letters from italy1
Letters from Italy

July 7, 1770

Cara sorella mia!

I was truly amazed that you can Compose so well, in one word, the song you wrote is beautiful; you should try this more often. You probably received the Menuetts by Haydn; send me the other 6 soon, please!

Farewell. Wolfgang Mozart

p.s. greetings to all good friends

Male and female

A handkis for mama

Mademoiselle. J’ai l’honneur d’etre votre tres humble serviteur, e frere.


In 1777 Wolfgang traveled to

Germany with his mother.

Wolfgang was 21 years old.

He was looking for a job during the trip,

but did not find one.

He returned to Germany in 1789 and 1790.

Germany is the


country in the

center of the map.

letters from germany
Letters From Germany

January 14, 1775

Praise the Lord! My opera was performed yesterday, the 13th, and it was received so well that I can’t possibly describe to Mama all the applause. First of all, the whole theater was so crammed full that many people had to be turned away. Then, after each Aria, there was a tumultuous storm of applause and shouts of “Viva Maestro.” Her highness, the Electress, and the one who is widowed, who were both sitting vis-à-vis from me, also called out bravo to me…..

….I kiss Mama’s hands 1000 times. My greeting to all good friends. Regards to Herr Andretter, and my apologies that I haven’t answered him yet, but I had no time whatsoever, I’ll write real soon. Adieu. 1000 smacks for Bimberl.

czech republic
Czech Republic

Wolfgang visited Prague three times as an adult. Wolfgang married Constanze Weber in 1782. For the next five years, Wolfgang did not travel on any long voyages.

Constanze joined Wolfgang in 1787 for the first of three trips he would take to Prague.

The Czech Republic

is the deep green

country in the

middle of the map.

letters from prague
Letters from Prague

April 10, 1789

Dearest and best little wife of mine!

We arrived safely today at noon, half past one. I trust you have received my brief note from Budwitz in the meantime. Let me give you a report from Prague: we’re staying at the in The Unicorn; after I had a shave, my hair done, and gotten dressed, I drove to Herr von Canal, thinking I would have lunch with him; but as my way led by the Duscheks’ house, I stopped there to call on them—and I learned that Madame left for Dresden yesterday!!

Dearest little wife! I am so longing to hear from you—maybe I’ll find a letter from you in Dresden! Oh, dear God! Make my wish come true! After receiving this letter, you will have to write to Leipzig, poste restante, of course; adieu dearest, I must close now, otherwise I’ll miss the mail. Kiss our Karl a thousand times for me; I am, kissing you with all my heart, your ever faithful Mozart.


Vienna is the city Wolfgang and Constanze chose as their home.

Vienna was much larger than Salzburg, and there was much more opportunity for Wolfgang to work there.

Austria is the

orange country in

the lower middle

of the map.

mozart in vienna
Mozart in Vienna

Mozart lived the last ten years

of his life in Vienna.

He died on December 5, 1791.

He was buried in St. Marx Cemetery.