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Of Plymouth Plantation

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Of Plymouth Plantation. By: Tiara Taylor and Rolanda Farrish Thursday, February 10 th , 2011 English 3 - period 4 Multi-media Project #1. About the Author: William Bradford. Born: 1590 in Yorkshire, England. Death: 1657

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of plymouth plantation

Of Plymouth Plantation

By: Tiara Taylor and RolandaFarrish

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

English 3 - period 4

Multi-media Project #1

about the author william bradford
About the Author:William Bradford
  • Born: 1590 in Yorkshire, England.
  • Death: 1657
  • He had all three talents: matter of endurance, intelligence, and courage.
  • He helped lead the Pilgrims from Jamestown, Virginia to what is now Massachusetts.
  • He was joined with a group of Puritans, but they wanted to separate from the church, they thought it was corrupt. So if you are wondering if this story was actually true and accurate, It was.
  • After the death of the first leader, he was elected next to be governor. He was re-elected thirty times! In his time in office, he organized all money, and math, and established goods. They wouldn’t have survived without it. He also developed town meetings with a democratic process that takes place today.
  • In 1630, he began to write his story, which was a firsthand account of the Pilgrims’ struggle to endure, sustained only by courage and unbending faith. It was not published until 1856.
brief story summary
Brief Story Summary

The Pilgrims were traveling to make new life in America (escaping), on aboard a ship called the Mayflower. They packed enough equipment and food for two months for there journey across the seas. Although, their journey was far past their expectations and lasted 3 months longer then anticipated. Making a total of 5 months. They went through some tough times on the ship fighting rough storms and bad weather trying to fight through it. Not enough food, the ship was falling apart in some places, suffering from scurvy (lack of vitamin C), the bad weather, few deaths, etc.

Hoping to find some relief when they hit land, it only became worse. First of all they landed way off of their destination (because of the bad weather). Secondly, they arrived just in the middle of Winter.

They were out of food, in a new land/territory with no shelter or knowledge of where to go to find, practically, anything they were in need of, they were stranded.

They decided to stay on there ship and wait until things got better. Many Pilgrims died through this harsh Winter. Trying to fight for their lives for survival. Not many made it..

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story continued
Story continued..

When things were looking clearer, they started to finally explore. With how ever many few they had left, they ventured out to a new future.

As they were exploring the land and finding new things, they came across to Indians named Samoset and Squanto. These fine people showed the Pilgrims of the land and how to plant and harvest to make food for them to live and survive. They all became good friends. They also strengthened in their weaknesses and learned from their mistakes to improve in their living situations.

Then on one afternoon/night they all had a gathering (to celebrate as we would say) of all they had discovered in the beginning of their new life here in America.

a super short version of the story
A Super Short Version of the Story

The pilgrims escaped on a boat named the Mayflower. They traveled across the sea for a longer time then they expected. They went through many harsh and tough times, but when it was all over they began to explore. They found two Indians (Squanto and Samoset) that helped them make a new life on their land. They all gathered together one night to celebrate their findings and discoveries that is known as Thanksgiving today.

video please click on it below
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  • From our Prentice Hall Literature Book of English 3
  • Our teachings from Ms. Smerker
  • http://www1.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?title=The_Pilgrims&video_id=186305