let s use a dictionary n.
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Let’s Use a Dictionary! PowerPoint Presentation
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Let’s Use a Dictionary!

Let’s Use a Dictionary!

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Let’s Use a Dictionary!

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  1. Let’s Use a Dictionary! What do we do first?

  2. What is a dictionary? A dictionary is a book containing an alphabetical listing of words, their pronunciations, parts of speech, meanings, and other information. • Discuss with your neighbor: • What does alphabetical mean? • What is a synonym for “pronunciation”? • What are the different parts of speech?

  3. What is a dictionary? • Alphabetical order means that the words in the dictionary follow the alphabet. Words that start with the letter “a” are in the front of the dictionary and words that start with the letter “z” are in the back of the dictionary. • Pronunciation can also mean the way a word sounds or how we say the word. • Parts of speech include nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, etc…

  4. How to use a dictionary Open the dictionary on your desk to any page (share with a neighbor). At the top of the page, you will see two words. These are called guide words. Discuss with a partner: What are guide words used for?

  5. How to use a dictionary Guide words are the first and last entry words that are found on that page. What do you notice about all of the words between the guide words on that page? The entry word is the word that will be defined. It is usually printed in bold (or darker) print.

  6. How to use a dictionary What is the definition of “ambitious”? Remember that the definition tells us what the word means. Some definitions include example sentences or phrases. If a word has more than one definition as a particular part of speech, each definition is numbered.

  7. How to use a dictionary Look at the pronunciation for the word “ambitious”. Do you see an accent mark (`)? An accent mark tells you which syllable to stress. The other symbols stand for sounds and are explained in the pronunciation key.

  8. How to use a dictionary

  9. How to use a dictionary Cir-cus (sur`kuhs) n. Middle English, from Latin, circular region of the sky, oval space for games; from Greek kirkos: ring, circle • a.)A large public show featuring animals, clowns, and feats of skill and daring; b.) the place where the show is held; c.) the physical equipment and people of such a show • a large, usually U-shaped or oval roofless enclosure surrounded by tiers of seats on three or all sides, for public games • an open circle or plaza where several streets meet