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the viking age 793 a d 1066 a d n.
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The Viking Age (793 A.D. -1066 A.D.) PowerPoint Presentation
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The Viking Age (793 A.D. -1066 A.D.)

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The Viking Age (793 A.D. -1066 A.D.)
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The Viking Age (793 A.D. -1066 A.D.)

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  1. The Vikings The Viking Age (793 A.D. -1066 A.D.)

  2. Who Are The Vikings? • Other Names: Norsemen (Northmen), Danes, Varangians, Rus • Seafaring Warriors from Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) • Farmers at home but feared when away from home

  3. Where Did the Vikings Come From?

  4. Viking Longships • Vikings used quick, long ships to trade and raid!

  5. Viking Longships: The Drakkar (Dragon)

  6. Did Vikings Really Look Like This?

  7. Or This?

  8. A Viking Warrior • Look Ma! No Horns! • Vikings did not have horns on their helmets!

  9. More Viking Warriors

  10. I Want To Be a Viking!

  11. Viking Helmet and Sword

  12. The Viking Berserker • The word berserker comes from two Norse words bjorn meaning bearor bare(naked) and serkr meaning shirt. • Berserkers often wore bear skins and were crazed in battle.

  13. A Viking Woman would dress likethis.

  14. Viking Runic Alphabet The Vikings even left rune graffiti on rocks and buildings.

  15. The Viking Age Begins • Viking Age begins with the raid on a Monastery at Lindisfarne in 793

  16. Remains of Lindisfarne Monastery

  17. Lindisfarne Raid

  18. Where Did the Vikings Travel?

  19. Some Famous Vikings

  20. Founded the Russian Empire • Russia is named after the Rus • Rus is what the Slavs called the Vikings Rurik the Rus Rurik the Rus

  21. Rollo & Foot Kissing Story

  22. Rollo’s Baptism

  23. Statue of Rollo on his Tomb Recumbent statue on the tomb of Rollo in Rouen cathedral , 13th century

  24. King Harold (Dane who ruled England) • Viking Age is thought to end with the death of King Harold Godwinson of England during the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

  25. Egil Skallagrimsson Ugly Viking Warrior and Poet

  26. Sample of Egil’s Poetry I’ve been with sword and spear Slippery with bright blood Where kites wheeled. And how well We violent Vikings clashed! Redflames ate men’s roofs, Raging we killed and killed; And skewered bodies sprawled Sleepy in town gateways.

  27. Eric (or Erik) the Red • First to explore Greenland • Wife is Thodhilde Click for Erik the Red Viking Adventures of Eric the Red

  28. Leif Ericsson (aka. Leif the Lucky) • Discovered the New World (Vinland) about 500 Years before Columbus • His Brother Thorvald tried to establish a settlement • Trouble with Skraelings

  29. Norse Mythology

  30. Viking Creation Myth • First there was nothing..... • Then the North and South joined together and made a Frost-Giant and called it Ymir. • Ymir created many more giants who ruled over all the world. • Then a cow was created to feed these giants and the giants were happy. Ice covered the whole world. • After a long, long time Bur was born out of the ice. He had three sons who fought and killed Ymir. The blood of the Giant Ymir made the sea, and his body became the land . From his skull they made the entrance to the heavens. • Odin, who was one of the sons, created the dwarf race from the maggots within Ymir’s body. Odin and his brothers ruled over everything and soon created the first human beings.

  31. ODIN--Chief Norse God • Odin was the mightiest god. • He was married to Frigg and had a son called Thor. • He lived in Valhalla in Asgard. From his throne, he could see all over the world. • Living in Valhalla with Odin were all the slain warriors. • Odin had a horse called Sleipnir which had eight legs and could travel through the air and to the underworld. • Wednesday is named after Odin (Woden’s Day)

  32. Odin’s Valhalla Hall, Dwelling Place of Dead Heroes

  33. Thor, God of Thunder • Thor was the son of Odin. He fought for the world against Giants and other evil forces. • He was married to the beautiful Siv who had golden hair. • Thor was the god of thunder and lightning and so ruled the weather and everything that grew. • When Thor was fighting against the Giants, he used his hammer. • He wore iron gloves and a belt of strength. If he threw his hammer it always came back to his hand. Just like lightning.. • The Vikings believed that during a thunderstorm, Thor was riding around on his chariot pulled by two goats. • Some people think that the weekday Thursday is named after Thor. You can also find many place names beginning with 'Thor'.

  34. Loki, God of Mischief and Evil

  35. Ragnarok, the Final Battle According to Norse Mythology

  36. The Vikings left a legacy that is still remembered today