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GCSE Music

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GCSE Music. Performing – 30%. Composing – 30%. Appraising – 40%. Break Down. Areas of Study. This unit covers 30% of the GCSE course T wo submissions – a  solo performance and an  ensemble (group) performance .

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break down

Performing – 30%

  • Composing – 30%
  • Appraising – 40%
Break Down

This unit covers 30% of the GCSE course

Twosubmissions – a solo performance and an ensemble (group) performance.

The standard you are expected to perform at is around the Grade 3 level (or have been playing for about three years) on one instrument.

It is also expected that students taking G.C.S.E music will regularly attend at least one extra curricular musical activity.


This unit covers 30% of the GCSE course.

Students compose two compositions which are then submitted to the Exam Board.

Each composition is composed to a different Area of Study.

appraising listening

This unit covers 40% of the GCSE course.

1-hour 30-minute written examination set and marked by the Exam Board at the end of Year 11.

This exam is based upon the set works:

Appraising (listening)
area of study 1 western classical music

G F Handel: Chorus: And The Glory of The Lord from Messiah

W A Mozart: 1st Movement from Symphony No. 40 in G minor

F Chopin: Prelude No 15 in D flat major

Area of Study 1 – western classical music
area of study 2 music in the 20th century

A Schoenberg: Peripetie from Five Orchestral Pieces

L Bernstein: Something’s Coming from West Side Story

S Reich: 3rd Movement (fast) from Electric Counterpoint

Area of Study 2 – music in the 20th century
area of study 3 popular music in context

M Davis: All Blues from the album Kind of Blue

J Buckley: Grace from the album Grace

Moby: Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? From the album Play

Area of Study 3 – popular music in context

Don’t forget:


All the set works are detailed there, plus this slide show will go up soon.