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Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

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Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide. Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide. 1. Introduction. The admin tool allows you to create and publish blog posts easily and efficiently along with managing the settings and site content.

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Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

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nickelodeon blogs user guide
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

1. Introduction

The admin tool allows you to create and publish blog posts easily and efficiently along with managing the settings and site content.

This guide will show you the process of doing this and how to use other features of the admin tool.

Login to the admin tool with the info below – but these may have changed once hosted with Nick sp please check with the hosting team:

Username: admin

Password: admin123

nickelodeon blogs user guide1
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

2.0 Settings

This settings section section allows you to manage many elements of the main site and pages configuration.

nickelodeon blogs user guide2
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

2.1 Settings – Drop down

This page lets you select and order shows that appear in the drop down menu that appears at the top of each page.

Add new shows to the menu by clicking 'Add' here.

After choosing how to order your shows in the drop down menu click 'Save' to save your preference.

These options let you move the order of shows around and give you the option to remove them from the drop down menu.

nickelodeon blogs user guide3
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

2.2.1 Settings – Featured posts

This page lets you manage show posts that you mark as featured to appear in the slider on the homepage.

Move posts up and down in order of how they appear in the panel.

Add new featured posts by clicking 'Add' here.

nickelodeon blogs user guide4
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

2.2.2 Settings – Featured posts

When you click 'edit' next to a post you will be taken to this page which lets you add more information to display next to its post such as a headline and the copy that will appear next to it.

nickelodeon blogs user guide5
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

2.3.1 Settings – More blogs

You can manage the blogs that appear in the 'More blogs' section on the homepage which is positioned below the main slider images. Simply click the drop down menus and select which show you'd like to appear in each position, then click 'Save'.

The copy on the right of the blog image is managed in the ‘shows’ section of the admin tool.

Homepage Title:

Homepage Description:

nickelodeon blogs user guide6
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

2.4.1 Settings – Popular, Trending, Hot Posts

Here you can manage how long a time period to calculate the popular and trending posts over.

If Popular posts is set to 10 days – then the posts are ordered by the posts with most up-votes/loves over the past 10 days – with the most being shown first.

  • If Trending posts is set to 10 days – then the posts are ordered by the posts with most comments over the past 10 days – with the most being shown first
  • If Hot posts is set to 10 days – then the Hot Posts in the right side panel are ordered by the posts with most loves over the past 10 days – with the most being shown first
  • For al the above - IF the number of days is set to zero 0 – then the the order is base on all days not the last x
  • With hot posts – you can set the max number to appear in a panel using the ‘Hot post Number’ field.
nickelodeon blogs user guide7
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

2.5.1 Settings – Right panel

Here you can manage what shows up on each part of the blog page beneath the MPU ad unit. Click 'Manage' to edit any of these for a particular page

nickelodeon blogs user guide8
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

2.5.2 Settings – Right panel

Here you can manage what shows up each part of the blog page. Move things up and down, make something ‘active’ or ‘inactive’ and delete ones you don't need.

Each page type can have either

0-2 promo spots – these can be:

  • A banner – an image you need to upload to the dimensions 300x122px. It is optional associate a url wit this to be clickable to open a page in the same window – or open a new window. You need to add the image for your banner in the ‘settings- manage site banners’ section of the site
  • A show_promo – this is a promo box formed from show related assets in the ‘skins’ folder for a show so it has an image and rollover effect. You can have to add text for this and add a url specifying to open in the same or a new window.
  • Note – If you cannot change the promo you need to delete one then add a new one, you may need to delete the unwanted one first
  • All pages have an Activity panel – these are ‘hot posts’ or ‘comments’ panels and are fixed to the page type – you can only order these on their associated pages
nickelodeon blogs user guide9
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

2.6 Settings – Banners

To set a ‘Right Side Panel’ to have a ‘banner’ you need to add the image for the banner in this section. The image size required is 300x122px in dimensions here so it can be shared with the different site sections as a banner.

Upload new banners here

nickelodeon blogs user guide10
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

3.0 Shows

The 'Shows' page allows you to add new shows, or manage existing ones.

nickelodeon blogs user guide11
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

3.1 Shows

When adding or editing a show you have some information to enter that is used on the site in different positions and for SEO. Take note of the ‘Skin Directory’.

Skin directory relates to the assets skin folder for this show – see over

SEO information is required to optimise search engine results.

nickelodeon blogs user guide12
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

3.2 Shows – creating a show skin

When adding a show you need follow these steps to add a Skin Directory and it’s contents:

1. In the delivery folder there is.../static/css/skins/shownameThe ‘showname’ relates to the ‘Skin Directory:’ directory you give a show in the admin tool. This folder contains the particular show css file and associated images – Below is a link to the illustrator file of the assets we made so you can use this as a guide to skin, and the css files is pretty straight forward in terms of changing colours etc. –

  • In addition to this is:     /static/css/global_skins.cssThere are styles for each show that have the same showname as the ‘Skin Directory:’ there are blocks of code in here that you can see include sets of css for each show – you just need to add a new line or set for a new show skin, i.e.Where you have:.overview_header .slideshow ul li.marvinmarvin a .bk .image        { background-image: url(skins/marvinmarvin/slideshow_img.jpg); }You would add this new line underneath for a new show called ‘newshow’.overview_header .slideshow ul li.newshow a .bk .image        { background-image: url(skins/newshow/slideshow_img.jpg); }So – you need to get the assets created first for a new show, then add all the lines for this show
nickelodeon blogs user guide13
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

4.0 Posts

On the posts page you can edit, manage and add posts.

This is also the page where you can add assets to each post to appear at the top of a post.

PLEASE NOTE – only once you create and saved a post can you add assets and/or tags

Assets to appear at the top of post page include images OR 1 video.

Images need to be 620*393px in dimensions.

To add a video you need to add the Nickelodeon video ID.

nickelodeon blogs user guide14
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

4.1 Posts

When you edit a post you will be presented with a page like this. Make sure all fields are filled out with the relevant information and save afterwards.

The post thumbnail is the image that appears on the show overview page.

nickelodeon blogs user guide15
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

5.0 Tags

Add new tags here. Tags group together posts and make searching for posts a bit easier.

Type your tag in to the 'Create New Tag' field and click 'Create'.

You need to have created a Tag here before you can tag a post

nickelodeon blogs user guide16
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide


Here you can approve and reject comments as well as ban users by IP address. You can also 'star' comments so that they are highlighted in the 'Star Comments' module – you can only have 1 star comment per show.

You can use a variety of information to search for a specific comment and also edit the comment.

  • In addition to comment approval you need to approve each username before it appears on the site.
nickelodeon blogs user guide17
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

7. PAM (Pre-Approved Messages)

Before a user's comment is approved and published they are given the choice of using pre-approved messages such as a selection of comments like 'LOL!', 'No way!', etc... and a selection of stickers!

Here is where you can manage them. Click 'Add' to add new ones and use 'Move up' and 'Move down' to correct the order they are presented in.

You are able to set comments and stickers to be available when user comment on ALL shows posts – or specific shows posts.

nickelodeon blogs user guide18
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

8. Avatars

Here is where you can manage the assets used to create an avatar. You can add new backgrounds, textures, heads, ears, eyes, mouths and hats by clicking the 'edit' button.

nickelodeon blogs user guide19
Nickelodeon – Blogs User Guide

8. Avatars

Each Avatar category page looks like this. You can add new assets with the ‘Add’ button, control the order by clicking 'Move up' and 'Move down' and you can choose whether to make each asset active or inactive. The assets you need to upload are 118*118px transparent .png images