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Institute Cultural GBM PowerPoint Presentation
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Institute Cultural GBM

Institute Cultural GBM

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Institute Cultural GBM

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  1. Institute Cultural GBM 16th February, 2011

  2. Literary Arts

  3. Lit Blogs • Continued regular update of the 3 Lit blogs during the vacation period. • Encouraged participation through various ideas like chocolate challenge • • •

  4. Open Events • Conducted various open events like Potpourri Open, Rebus Open, Open General Quiz, etc. • Conducted the Literati Orientation for freshers • Conducted various workshops for the various genres of lit (elaborated later) • Conducted various quizzes as part of the Institute Quiz League (elaborated later) (contd….)

  5. Open Events(contd.) • Conducted Gandhi Jayanti essay competition with sponsorship from alumni (Rs.8k) • Conducted social/crossover events like Spy Games and BollywoodNite • Conducted various sessions of the IITB language-enthusiasts group • Conducted various informal cryptic-crossword solving sessions, taboo sessions, potpourri sessions etc.

  6. Freshiezza • Conducted 5 events under the literary arts banner in Freshiezza1. Rebus Open2. Cartoons Quiz3. Entertainment Quiz4. Potpourri5. Treasure Hunt • Ensured coaching of freshies by hostel lit secies for stated events • Conducted freshie open creative writing separately in respective hostel messes with the help of hostel lit secies • Each event saw participation of more than 150 people

  7. PG Cult • Conducted 4 events under the banner of literary arts in PG Cult1. Scavenger Hunt2. Logic Quiz3. Potpourri4. Breakup letter writing

  8. Workshops • Conducted Freshie Workshops for Lit in general, for Potpourri and for Word Games • Conducted a PG workshop for Lit before Freshizza • Before each GC event, material for workshop AND intra was made available to all hostel secies and cult cos by the Institute Literary Arts Secretary • In addition, one central workshop was conducted by a club senior for anyone to attend • Made available various quizzing resources online to help people improve their quizzing

  9. GCs – Continuation of old events • Successfully conducted the General Quiz GC which saw participation of over 100 teams (incl. open freshie teams). • Successfully completed the Pot Pourri GC and the Word Games GC which saw participation of 50-60 teams.

  10. GCs – Improvements to old events • Conducted the creative writing GC over two days – English and Hindi • Participation went up from 150 to 130+80=210 as a consequence • Introduced refreshments (tea) for participants in Hindi Creative Writing GC • Ensured that both results were out within 1 month of the competition • Obtained detailed feedback from the judges about the entries • Put up English Creative Writing entries on the lit blog to ensure transparency. Hindi Creative Writing entries will be put up soon as well

  11. GCs – new initiatives • Introduced the Wolf Pack Quiz GC, in a new format designed to promote both individual quizzing and hostel enthu – a first in a quizzing event. • The event was highly successful with 130-200 people taking part in each of the three small quizzes

  12. New Initiatives - IQL • Introduced the Institute Quizzing League, with sponsorship from senior students, alumni and independent bodies to incentivize high level quizzing in the institute • Maintained a leaderboard throughout the year to increase the spirit of competition among people • Paired up freshie and senior teams in the finals of each of the quizzes to increase freshie-senior interaction • Involved club seniors in the setting of the quizzes

  13. New Initiatives – Writers Bloc • Founded the Writers Bloc, a society for writing and reading enthusiasts • Conducted two sessions to discuss Flash Fiction and Sci-fi/Fantasy stories • On the spot topics were given and an impromptu writing session was held • Interesting stories from both these genres were compiled and handed out to attendees • A blog will soon be made to display the entries that people submitted

  14. New Initiatives – Pre-festival preparation • Introduced practice quizzes and events for major festivals like Malhar, Umang, Mood Indigo, Nihilanth, Techfest and Chaos • As a result, we won the literary arts trophy(or highest number of lit competitions) in all of these festivals (wherever applicable) except Nihilanth.

  15. New Initiatives – The IITB-BQC Quizzing Open • Inaugural edition of the IITB-BQC Quizzing Open will be conducted in the first week of March • Quizzes will be set by top quizmasters in the country and attractive prizes are on offer • This will be the first ‘big’ event for Literati

  16. New Initiatives – Battle of the Batches • Conducted a unique event which saw each batch fight it out for quizzing supremacy in an all new format • Plan to include batch of alumni for the next version

  17. New Initiatives – Book Club Renovation • Initiated renovation of the SAC Book Club Library • Work is expected to be completed by mid-March • Bought 100 new books for only Rs.10000. • Introduced a system of library cards • A permanent librarian was hired for opening the library during evening hours • Discarded old books and journals which were occupying precious cupboard space in the library

  18. Performance at the inter-collegiate level • Literary Arts Trophy at Malhar • Literary Arts Trophy at Umang • Literary Arts Trophy at Mood Indigo • Sci-Tech Quiz top 3 positions in Techfest • Nihilanth Sports Quiz 2nd position • 6 positions in 4 competitions at Chaos(highest for any college) • Wins in over 20 other quizzes and literary arts competitions

  19. Dance

  20. Club Events • InSync Orientation and Salsa Worskhop (27th Aug) • Had past performances from Malhar • Had a Salsa demo performance followed by a salsa workshop

  21. Club Events 2. Bollywood Night and InSync's Birthday Celebration (1st Oct) • A bollywood night happened for the first time. • Had around 30 freshies performing • Was followed by a filmi couple workshop and DJ night

  22. Club Events • 3. Auditions • Malhar (Had a turnout of 100, 15 freshies were selected) (9th Aug) • MI and AIDS auditions (10th Nov) 4. Annual InSync's Dance Show (18th Jan) • Managed a team of 80 dancers • Had new genres and styles like uncle pinto, charliechaplin, samba and innovative performances

  23. 1. Malhar For the first time had sent entries to 4 competitions, including a contingent of 40 Secured 3rd Prize in UV Qualified in Street Dance for the first time 2. Umang Sent entries in Folk and Street Dance Competitions 3. Mood Indigo 2nd in JaisaFilmomeinhotahai (had sent 2 entries) 4th in DholBaaje 5th in Pump it Up Secured a position in every major Dance event at MI 4. Chaos 2nd in Choreo event Fests and Competitions

  24. 1. B-Boying Dance Classes (introduced for the first time) 2. Contemporary Dance Classes 3. Salsa Dance Classes Dance Classes

  25. 1. Gyrations Hostels were given 1 hour practice slots on convo stage for the first time Apart from that half an hour light slot given to each hostel Workshops were conducted in hostels who requested them Sound Forge Workshop was conducted before Gyrations to cater to their sound forge needs GC

  26. Club Culture • Encouraged regular jamming sessions in the Dance Room • Printed the InSync Club T-shirt • Arranged a club picnic at Kashid Beach as part of AIDS treat tradition

  27. 1. Winners of UTV Bindass Street Dance Competition Fought over 80 teams nationwide to become the champions 2. Opened the Kalaghoda Festival Had a half an hour performance opening Kalaghoda Festival Other Achievements

  28. DRAMATICS Work Report

  29. General championship events(gcs)

  30. Main Dramatics GC • Changed format from 1 day to 2 days • Allowed increase in rehearsal time with lights from 15 mins to 45 mins • Professional judges invited • Reduced stress for judges from 7 hours in 1 day to 3.5 hours in 2 days • Reduced number in complaints regarding technical as compared to last year • Rules regarding time penalties were made transparent • Rules given 25 days in advance, slots given 10 days in advance

  31. Ad Making GC • Introduced a new GC for mass participation • Allowed 3 entries per hostel • Saw 29 entries with a total participation of 250+ • Alumni Judges

  32. infrastructure

  33. Yoga Room • Work was initiated this year to convert yoga room into a mini theatre room for practice and small performance purposes • Work of Rs. 315000 was sanctioned from Estate Office and completed a week ago

  34. Yoga Room • Platforms – 6 polished platforms 6ft X 5ft were made to give a movable stage • Truss – 1.5 inch parallel piped trusses were made to hang lights • Wings – 2 wings, 10ft X 5 ft were made for use during major performing arts functions and for regular use in yoga room • Cupboard – Place to store collected prod, books, scripts, costumes, lights • Mirror – Full length mirror for make up • Curtaining – All windows were curtained to prevent light during the day

  35. Pending Infrastrucutre • Lights – Lights to be used in yoga room. • Speakers + Computer – For sound during plays • Make Up Box – A box containing basic cosmetic requirements along with some essential items like wigs, beards, moustache etc.The quotations for the above are being arranged for • Script Bank – A collection of scripts and theatre books – to be procured from NCPA once cupboard in yoga room is finalized

  36. workshops

  37. Ad Making Workshop • Ad making workshop conducted before GC to give basic fundae regarding ad making • Conducted by Mrs. GitaSashidharan, in the profession of Ad making for 14 years and a teacher in Mass Media • Attended by 2 representatives from each hostel

  38. Technicals Workshop • Conducted before Main Dram GC to give basic fundae regarding the creative usage of lights and sound in a play • Conducted by SameerMishra, senior involved in dramatics and film making • Attended by 20 people fromm different hostels


  40. Malhar (St. Xaviers) • Entries sent in all dramatics events:Street Play, Mime, Shadow Theatre, Pentathlon • Results:Mime – 1stShadow Theatre – 1stPentathlon – 3rd Street Play – 4th

  41. Mood Indigo (IITB) • Entries sent in all dramatics events:2 in One Act Play, 2 in Street Play, Hum TumAur Who (Short Skit), Overacting • Results:One Act Play – 3rdShort Skit – 2ndOveracting – 2nd

  42. Chaos (IIMA) • Entries sent in all dramatics events:Broadway Theatre, Street Play, Movie Spoof • Results:Broadway – 1stStreet Play – 2nd

  43. O2 (Bhavans) • Entries sent in all dramatics events:Street Play • Results:Street Play – 1st

  44. Umang (NM) • Entries sent in all dramatics events:Street Play, Short skit • No winners


  46. Thespo • Coordinated 2 entries of Thespo main festival1. Witness for the Prosecution2. NaaliKeKutte • Both were joint efforts between alumni and students. Both were selected for Thespo Fringe to perform at Prithvi House • Coordinated 1 entry to Thespo platform festival:1. JaagoJaagoJaagoSelected to perform at Prithvi Platform

  47. Corporate Tie Up • Initiated corporate tie up with Mckinsey and Company • Used dramatics (street plays) to help the company spread greater awareness about their campaigns amongst their clients

  48. Alumni Reunion • Coordinated a performance to showcase in front of alumni during cultural show at the alumni reunion


  50. Freshizza Phase I • Conducted 2 events in Phase 1 • Monoacting:- Ensured workshops and fundae sessions were conducted in all freshie hostels for monoacting. - Last year’s monoacting winners were asked to present an example of monoacting to the freshers- Event saw participation of 43 freshers • Group Impromptu:- Ensured secies conducted intras for impromptu- Event saw participation of 28 teams