m tis nationalism
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Métis Nationalism

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Métis Nationalism. By: Britanni Hofer. Métis National Flag. Battle of Seven Oaks. Occurred during late 1815, and early 1816 . Marked the birth of the Métis Nation.

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m tis nationalism


By: Britanni Hofer.

Métis National Flag

battle of seven oaks
Battle of Seven Oaks.
  • Occurred during late 1815, and early 1816.
  • Marked the birth of the Métis Nation.
  • This was a disagreement between Hudson Bay Company and the North West Company between fur-companies in Western Canada (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  • The commander for the North West Company was Cuthbert Grant. The commander for Hudson Bay Company was Robert Semple.
  • The two; The Northwest Company and Hudson Bay Company, had been at each other since the establishment of the Red River Colony.
  • The Red River Colony was a colonization project. It was granted by The Hudson Bay Company.
  • The Northwest Company believed the settlement was just a way for Hudson Bay’s Company to gain control of the fur trade in the area.
importance of battle of seven oak which led to nationalism
Importance of Battle of Seven Oak…Which led to nationalism.
  • Cuthbert Grant later became an important figure in the Hudson's Bay Company after its merger with the Northwest Company.
  • The Battle of seven oaks, made the Métis who they are today. Nationalism is the devotion and loyalty to ones’ own nation. And this is exactly what the Métis did.
  • They proved to all the devotion and how much dedication they had in protecting their settlement.
all about the event
All about the Event.
  • The Métis where worried that the farmers from Hudson Bay Company, would drive away the buffalo, which they needed to survive. The only way they knew how to.
  • Hudson Bay Company, had captured a Northwest Company fort, and burnt it up. The Métis looked upon this as a war.
  • Métis shot the first bullet.
  • The fought under a group of trees known as; Seven Oaks.
  • In a matter of minutes, all of Robert Semple and his men lay dead. Only one Métis was killed during the battle.
impact on people and society
Impact on People and Society
  • When it first started happening; many of the children and woman where running from place to place, in alarm of what was going on.
  • Innocent people died, and others where frightened of the fight.

A part of the Métis.

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