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What the birds see

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What the birds see. By; Sonya Hartnett. Australia Facts.

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what the birds see
What the birds see

By; Sonya Hartnett

australia facts

Australia Facts.

Alright well you have to understand that my book had absolutely no Australian culture. Because of this fact I have to do a random power point on the facts of the largest inhabited island on Earth. I do hope you enjoy, though I’m sure many people will have done the same thing as me. ~Sammy.

zoological facts
Zoological facts.

- Certain female species of spiders such as the Australian crab spider, allow themselves to be used as a food source for their offspring.

- Kangaroos and Emus are the animals portrayed on the Australian coat of arms.

- The deadliest Australian animal: The European Honey Bee.

- 7 of the 10 most poisonous snakes live in Australia.

- The Australian Dingo descended from domestic dogs that originated in South-East Asia.

- The Komodo Dragon isn’t actually a dragon, (no really?!) but it is from the monitor family.

famous australians

Rev John Flynn – Founder of the Royal Flying Doctor’s Service

Dr. Victor Chang – A heart surgeon

Lord Howard Florey – co-discoverer of penicillin

Sir John Eccles – Nobel prize physiologist


David Gulpilli – Dancer/Actor

Scott Hicks – Filmmaker (Shine; Snow Falling on Cedars)

Yahoo Serious – Comedian/Filmmaker

Geoffery Rush – won 1977 best actor award for his role in “Shine”.

Famous Australians
australian slang
Australian Slang

Chrissie: Christmas

Lift: Elevator

Jumper: Sweater

Sacked: Fired

Panel Beater: Car repair shop

Nong: Idiot

Mackers: McDonald’s

Yobo: Redneck

Rellies: Relatives

Swag: Canvas bag

Sticky beak: Nosy person

Shonky: questionable deal

Grog: Alcohol

Fairy Floss: Cotton Candy

Arvo: Afternoon

Snag: Sausage


australian places
Australian Places:

Places to see:

-Sydney; Sydney is one of the best known Australian cities. It is home to the very famous Opera House.

-Canberra; As Australia’s capital it is a very well populated city. You can visit the Australian War memorial and the Nation Museum of Australia

-Alice Springs; This place is in around the middle of the country and has an amazing place called the Alice Springs Reptile Center.