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Fire Alarm Or Announcement PowerPoint Presentation
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Fire Alarm Or Announcement

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Fire Alarm Or Announcement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Emergency Action Plan. Tornado Alarm or Warning. Fire Alarm Or Announcement. Chemical Spill. Violent Incident. Medical Emergency. ISOLATE AREA AND COLLECT INFORMATION. EVACUATE FROM BUILDING. CONTACT EMERGENCY SERVICES. MOVE TO DESIGNATED SHELTER AREA. A.L.I.C.E.

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Fire Alarm Or Announcement

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    1. Emergency Action Plan Tornado Alarm or Warning Fire Alarm Or Announcement Chemical Spill Violent Incident Medical Emergency ISOLATE AREA AND COLLECT INFORMATION EVACUATE FROM BUILDING CONTACT EMERGENCY SERVICES MOVE TO DESIGNATED SHELTER AREA A.L.I.C.E. • Notify all people in immediate area and pull alarm if needed • Alternating alarm tone • Identify safest and closest exit route • Stay upwind of smoke at hot zones • Report to primary assembly area – EAST PARKING LOT for head count • Assist where needed • Stay in assembly area until released by Incident Commander • Notify all people in immediate area and pull alarm if needed • Continuous alarm tone • Report to closest STORM SHELTER location indicated by signs above doors at interior rooms/hallways • Remain in shelter area until released by Incident Commander • All clear will be given by local authorities • Assist where needed • Call 911 – first, dial 9 for outside line • Communicate the status of the victim(s) and their location – stay on the line until help arrives • Utilize Blood Borne Pathogen Kit for protection • Send a helper to the nearest entrance to guide rescuers • Optional – Summon Ryko medical volunteers via intercom • Optional – obtain AED from first aid room ALERT • Listen for activity; call 911 when it is safe to do so • LOCKDOWN • Silence phones, shut off lights, lock/block doors, close blinds INFORM • Inform via text, voice, email, etc. • Information = better decisions COUNTER • Distract attacker by throwing objects, yelling • Attack and swarm • Subdue attacker; secure/isolate weapons EVACUATE • Exit building when safe—run in erratic pattern using trees, bushes, and landscaping for cover • Determine size, substance, location/source of release • Notify all affected employees; identify secure exit route • If necessary, evacuate to EAST PARKING LOT for head count; remain at assembly area until released • Contact EHS Manager; 911 if a life threatening emergency exists • Consult SDS’s, ERG, and Spill Management Programs for further information • Do not proceed with clean up until full assessment has been completed by management • If release is outside building, take defensive measures such as earthen dikes and closing storm water drain valves if necessary Emergency Contacts Life Threatening Emergencies 911 Chemical Spills EHS Manager 515-230-6533 Or VP Operations515-661-9334 Poison Center 800-222-1222 SDS/MSDS: Chemtrec800-424-9300 Electric: Mid American Energy 800-329-6261 Gas: Mid American Energy 800-329-6261 Water: City of Grimes 515-986-3176