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Information Technology Student Guide

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SCUHS is a reputed university of health sciences, It is an ideal place for students to make a successful career. SCUHS always ready to guiding there students. To know the Information Technology Student Guide you can visit or read this PDF.

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information technology student guide about your

                         Information Technology Student Guide                          Information Technology Student Guide 


About your SCU User Account 



a.Your username will be provided in a letter from the Admission office.  Typically this will be your 

registered first name and last name, with no spaces.  If you are not sure what your username is contact 

the IT Department. 

Example: FirstLast 


b.Your password will initially be comprised of your first initial, capitalized, followed by your last initial and 

your ID number, ending with an exclamation point (!).  For example, if your name is Bob Hill and your ID 

number is 123321, your password will be: Bh123321! 


c.To change your password from MySCU: 

1.Log in to MySCU 

2.Click on Personal Info in the upper right corner 

3.On the right side of the page, use the “Change Password Now” button to initiate a password 



d.To change your password while using a campus computer (LRC, Chesney, “G”): 

1.Log in as you normally would 

2.Press and hold the CTRL, ALT, and DELETE keys simultaneously 

3.Click change password 


4.Follow the on‐screen instructions 


e.Your password must be at least 8 characters, contain both upper case and lower case letters, at least 1 

number, and cannot be one of the last 3 passwords you have used.  


f.Part of our network security policy requires that your password expire every 90 days.  You may reset 

your password if it has expired using MySCU.  See Section II‐e (MySCU). 


MySCU – Campus Portal and Learning Management System 



a.To access MySCU from a campus computer, double click on the Google Chrome icon on the desktop.   


b.To access MySCU off campus or from a personal computer: 

1.Visit the 


1.You can visit the web page 

2.Scroll to the bottom, click on MySCU in the lower left corner under Information. 


c.Use your SCU username to log in to MySCU.  


Document last updated 8/29/2017

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d if your password expires or you are otherwise

d.If your password expires or you are otherwise unable to access your account, you may reset the d.If your password expires or you are otherwise unable to access your account, you may reset the 

password online.  Use the ‘Reset Password’ link on MySCU (after trying to log on), or visit:   


Note: your password can only be reset online if your personal (non‐SCU) email address is current in our 

system.  See the Personal Info page on MySCU to update your personal email address. 


e.Lecture notes and other course materials are available on MySCU’s learning management system.  To 

access course materials:  

1.Log in to MySCU. 

2.Click on My Courses on the left side under Quick Links. 

3.You may need to scroll down to see the current trimester. 

4.Click on the Course Code (left column) to view each course you are registered for. 




Accessing your SCU Email Account 

a.Your SCU email address is your username followed by 

Example: Bob Hill’s email address is: 


b.Setup your SCU email account on your iPad or other mobile devices using the following settings: 


Server type: 

Mail server: 




Exchange/Corporate/IMAP (SSL) 

c.To access your SCU email account from the web: 

1.Log in to MySCU. 

2.Click on E‐Mail on the left side under Quick Links. 


1.Go to  



How to Access One Stop’s Online Services via MySCU 



a.To access online services for Financial Aid, Registrar, or Student Accounts: 

1.Log in to MySCU. 

2.Click on One Stop Enrollment Services from the top menu. 

3.Click on Registrar, Financial Aid, or Student Accounts from the left menu to access services for 

those areas. 



Campus Computer Locations 


a.Campus computers are available to students in the following locations:  

1.LRC Computer Lab 

2.Chesney Student Center 

3.“G” Lounge (“G” Bldg.) 

4.One Stop 


b.Use your SCU username and password when logging in to campus computers. 



Document last updated 8/29/2017

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Saving Documents on Campus Computers 


a.All documents saved or created on campus computers are saved to your personal file share.  This file 

share may also be referred to as the “H” drive. 


b.Files stored in your desktop and the “my documents” folder are retained as long as you are enrolled at 



c.The capacity is 5 GB.  If you exceed this limit you will no longer have the ability to save documents!  You 

will receive an email notification if this occurs. 


Printing, Copying, and Scanning

a.Printing and copying is available in the LRC (Library), Chesney Student Center, and G Lounge (printing only).

b.Newly enrolled degree-seeking students* receive a one-time credit for printing, copying, and scanning as listed in

table below.











Massage Therapy






*transfer students amounts will be pro-rated based on their entering term

c.Each page (sheet of paper) costs $0.08 to print Black/White and $0.30 to print color

d.To add more money to your account use the SCU Card page located on MySCU (One Stop, Student Accounts, SCU


Please note: only credit cards may be used to add money to your account. Cash is not accepted.

e.A copy machine is available in the LRC Computer Lab and in the Chesney Student Center. Swipe your ID card

using the reader above the copy machine to activate it. The cost is $0.08 per page.

VIII.iPad Requirement (Masters or Doctorate Programs Only)

a.Masters and Doctorate programs require students to have an iPad. See the following page for more information:

b.To setup your iPad for use on the SCU network:

1.Connect to the WiFi network “New Students”

2.Go to Safari, open

3.The link will take you to the “Meraki MDM” app in the App Store. Install this app.

4.Select “Enroll with a QR Code”, scan the code below.

5.Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup

Document last updated 8/29/2017

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how to access the campus wi fi network

How to Access the Campus Wi-Fi Network


a.The campus Wi-Fi network is available in classrooms and student areas to any enrolled student. For Graduate

Program iPads, see Section VIII above for device setup.

b.To connect to the Campus Wi-Fi Network:

1.Browse Wi-Fi network on your device, select ”SCU Wifi”

2.Your device should prompt you to log on. Use your SCU username and password to authenticate. (see

Section I)

3.You may be prompted to log on again if your SCU account password changes.

4.If you are unable to connect to the campus Wi-Fi network, please bring your device to the IT department.

How to Contact the Information Technology Department


a.Normal business hours are:

Monday through Friday



b.Phone support is available by calling 562-902-3380 during business hours.

c.Phones are located in various areas of the campus for support purposes:

The LRC Computer Lab, the phone is located on the south wall next to the copier.

7 am to 6 pm

7 am to 5 pm

7:30am to 4:30pm

The Chesney, the phone is located on the left side of the Chesney’s main entrance.

The G Lounge.

The Classrooms, the phone is located next to the computers.

d.You may send email to: The IT Department responds to email during normal business


e.Visit the IT department in Building “C” (Administration & Finance).


Microsoft Office

a.As an SCU student you are entitled to use Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel ) on up to 5 devices free, as long as

you are actively enrolled at SCU.

b.To take advantage of this benefit please use this link from the device you wish to install the software on:

c.Log in using your SCU username and password, then follow the instructions. If you need any assistance with

installation please contact the IT Department.

Document last updated 8/29/2017

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