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The Rules of Angleball PowerPoint Presentation
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The Rules of Angleball

The Rules of Angleball

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The Rules of Angleball

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  1. The Rules of Angleball All the rules to the lead up game to basketball, Angleball.

  2. Objective of Angleball • The objective of this game is to score a point by dislodging the goal ball from its cup atop a 10 ft pole while trying to prevent your opponents from scoring. Every goal is worth one point.

  3. Playing Area • Angleball is played on a regular full court basketball court. The pole is placed in the center of the restraining circle(15ft radius). Each team uses the base line as its clearing point or its goal line.

  4. Rules • Initial possession is determined by the jump ball • Players may run with the ball, pass it, or block it with their hand(s). No kicking or dribbling of any kind is allowed. • Players may carry the ball in any direction

  5. Rules (extended) • If a player is tagged, he/she must pass the ball before 3 steps are taken or 3 seconds expire. Violation results in loss of ball. Tagged players aren't able to score. • Pass interference may be called if receiving players are fouled.

  6. Rules (extended) • Once a team gains possession of the ball, they must bring it back to their own goal line before attempting to score. If you forget to do this and attempt to score anyways the point will go towards the other team if a score is made. • Each time possession changes ^^^ the above step must be completed or followed.

  7. Rules (extended) • Unnecessary roughness is penalized by a two minute penalty timeout. Continued roughness will result in ejection from the game. • Each time the goal ball is dislodged, 1 point is awarded. The team that was scored upon then receives the ball at their own goal line.

  8. Rules (extended) • Players may not shoot the ball from inside the restraining circle. No points will be awarded and possession will be given to the opposing team. • Dislodging the goal ball by hitting the pole or cup is not allowed and no points will be awarded. Possession will be given to the opposing team.

  9. Time • Each game is 10 minutes long with a 5 minute half mark.

  10. Team • Teams are made up of six people (players) on the court per side at a time. Substitutions are allowed during the game.

  11. History of the game • This is a variation of the game first developed by the former Penn State football coach, Rip Engle. He developed the game as a conditioning exercise to keep his players in shape during the off-season.