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http www franktschoepe com n.
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Wildlife Photography | Frank Tschöpe PowerPoint Presentation
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Wildlife Photography | Frank Tschöpe

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Wildlife Photography | Frank Tschöpe
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Wildlife Photography | Frank Tschöpe

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  1. http://www.franktschoepe.com/ Frank Tschöpe | PhotographyLandscape, Nature and Wildlife

  2. Frank Tschöpe • Here you find some information on my main hobbies, which are photography, hiking, traveling and sports! The main focus of this website is photography and music, but you will find also some information on other topics like sports, traveling and hiking. • I have been a dedicated landscape and wildlife photographer since 2003. Usually I combine my worldwide hikes with photography, though it implies carrying a heavy 45kg backpack! My favorite hiking regions in the world are New Zealand, Scandinavia, Alaska, Patagonia and Nepal. You will usually find me on places with beautiful scenery and spectacular mountains or with interesting wildlife. • Over the years I improved my equipment and currently I use high-quality cameras and lenses from Canon, Zeiss and Sony. I prefer fixed lenses in the wide-angle segment and zoom lenses in the tele segment. • I hope you enjoy my website and find some inspiration for your own photography projects!

  3. Squirrel with nut Please select some music and enjoy these beautiful wildlife pictures. Squirrel with nut was taken in Skansen/Stockholm; Relaxing Racoon in TierparkGoldau. You find also pictures of penguins, tag gecko, wolves, storck, moose and paradise ducks. One of my favorite pictures: "Squirrel with nut"

  4. Mountains of Switzerland These pictures were taken during my numerous hikes in Switzerland. Prominently covered are famous mountains like the Matterhorn,PizPalü and Eiger. But also shots from Glarner Land and Central Switzerland could be found. For more pictures on Swiss Mountains please visit my gallery Mountains of Switzerland.

  5. Patagonian Icefield In December 2013/ January 2014 I experienced one of my best solo hikes ever when surrounding beautiful Cerro Torre via the Southern Patagonian Icefield. A detailed, interesting description of that adventure and the preparations you will find on Spanish Highs supporting solo Patagonia Icefield Trek. It was very fascinating walking on the endless ice field and experiencing the lenticular cloud formations that develop very often on the ice field!  For more pictures please visit my gallery Patagonian Icefield.

  6. Cerro Torre If I had to select one favorite mountain on earth than I would go for Cerro Torre! That mountain distinguishes itself through its beauty from all sides and is more or less not climbable for the "man of the street". Sometimes a lot of patience is needed to actually see that mountain, which is usually hidden more than 250 days a year by clouds coming from the Patagonian Icefield! Circo de los Altares was one of my best camp sites in my life with stunning views to impressive mountains and additionally having the feeling of the endless Patagonian Icefield. Fore more pictures please visit my gallery Cerro Torre.

  7. Thank you