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Let’s Reflect

Let’s Reflect . Computers for the Classroom Spring 2012: What I’ve learned! . How Technology I s Effectively Achieved Both In and Out of the Classroom. Prezi -Presentations . VoiceThread. Fosters both g rowth and personal achievement! . iMovie. An Example of a Prezi Presentation .

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Let’s Reflect

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  1. Let’s Reflect Computers for the Classroom Spring 2012: What I’ve learned!

  2. How Technology Is Effectively Achieved Both In and Out of the Classroom

  3. Prezi-Presentations VoiceThread Fosters both growth and personal achievement! iMovie

  4. An Example of a Prezi Presentation This snapshot is one example of many examples of a student presentation using Prezi. Essentially, Prezi is an online resource that students can utilize for free to create any sort of academic presentation. In the above example, this particular student chose to do his or her Prezi on the “Innovative and Influential Jazz Bassists!” He or she used a visual of a guitar that served as a timeline for the influential Bassists of our time. Essentially, this allows you to create an organized and fun presentation on any given topic using still shots/images that best reflect your topic. You can even upload a videos to your Prezi to make them even more effective. It’s truly hard for students to not get amped about this online resource.

  5. Technology Helps People Collaborate Effectively

  6. Collaboration: • Track Changes Track Changes in a Microsoft Word document that allow multiple users to make changes to the text in a way that can be easily identified. The advantages of using track changes in the editing process are that all the edits are marked in a color specific to each user, and can be accepted or denied by the document's originator. The changes do not permanently affect the document until they have been accepted, so the person ultimately responsible for the piece can clearly identify changes without comparing the piece to the original, and decide whether or not particular changes are appropriate. This awesome tool helps students to collaborate more effectively as more than one person can be making changes to your Word Doc. They can offer their individual perspectives and suggestions on what you did well or what you could do to improve. This of course results in classroom communication and personal growth!

  7. Don’t be Afraid to Use Technology • Okay, let’s admit, technology can be a little intimidating at times. For some, tech can even be feared. I feel that most people appreciate improving tech, but aren’t that excited to try these new advances. I am guilty of this very thing. It’s rather crazy just how rapid our tech world/industry has grown over the last 12 years. It never ceases to amaze me just how far we’ve technological advanced as a nation since the 90’s. Although new technology can be seen as something big and scary, many of us know that the best way to tackle it is simply to embrace it and get to know the latest developments. Seriously, how many of us know ultra-cool older people who have not only familiarized themselves with the internet but are already on Facebook, Hotmail and even Twitter? My grandmother, who is most definitely not tech-savvy, has both a facebook and twitter account! Crazy! Further, compared with people of similar ages who won't even go near a computer, it's clear that there are two very different ways of dealing with technology. When you're older, which camp would you like to be in? The tech-savvy grannies and granddads or the nay-sayers who can barely work their way around the keyboard? There isn't much of a contest, is there? • This bring me to my next topic: As a teacher, you should be doing your best to familiarize yourself with new technology as and when it appears. After all, you'll want to keep up with your class - especially given how quickly kids can adapt to and learn new technology in a matter of moments. What's more important about learning how to use new technology is the whole new world of opportunities it opens up for your teaching. Consider the evolution of the blackboard, from scratchy, hard to use surface to smooth, wipe clean white (laughs)- but even the whiteboard isn't ideal; it takes time to write things down and there's always the chance a student will get their hands on your pens and make the most of them while your back is turned. Still, there is a distinct improvement between the two - and further improvements have included the addition of technology. Now, interactive whiteboards, which utilize computers, projection and the internet to replace standard whiteboards with revolutionary classroom technology are cropping up in classrooms around the world. While interactive whiteboards might be daunting at first, by simply embracing them and exploring just what they can do in terms of creating lesson plans and interactive activities, you'll easily be able to keep up with the latest technology - and your class!

  8. Enjoy This Short Video On Embracing Technology • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QuJgMxtCvg&feature=BFa&list=HL1336076635

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