Africa mini lessons by luann jenna brooke
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Map of Ghana. Slabs of Salt. Africa Mini Lessons BY Luann, Jenna, Brooke. Gold Jewelry in Ghana. The Niger River. Summary (Jenna).

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Africa mini lessons by luann jenna brooke

Map of Ghana

Slabs of Salt

Africa Mini LessonsBY Luann, Jenna, Brooke

Gold Jewelry in Ghana

The Niger River

Summary jenna
Summary (Jenna)

Ghana is an empire in the West. They soon became powerful and took control of trade routes. The early stage of Ghana’s transformation most people were farmers. These farmers about 300 people banded together to fight against nomadic herders. They were called the Soninke, and they were the start of Ghana’s empire. After doing that they learned how to use iron tools. They used these to farm better on the riverbank of Niger. Sometimes the trade of gold and salt was traded in a process of silent barter. Because of this Ghana’s rulers became more powerful. They even had more sources of trade goods. Things like wheat, sheep, cattle, honey, leather, and cloth helped Ghana grow powerful.


(Brooke)Ghana Controls Trade- The great Ghana Empire lies between the two rivers called the Niger and Senegal. Ghana’s ancient empire now is modern day Ghana. Trade was run by the Berbers from the north. But long after Ghana finally took control of trade routes.

(Luann)Ghana’s Beginnings- We don’t know much of the earlier history but archeology has provided us with some answers. The first people were thought to be farmers. They banded together to be called the Soninke when nomadic herders threatened them. They had many products of every day life. They even had iron tools and weapons to use and strengthen their army. Towns grew because of products that were plenty.


(Jenna)Trade and Valuable Goods- Their location was why they were rich. They lived in the forest and Sahara. They had plenty of gold and salt. Gold was valued for its beauty and salt was valued for the preserving of food and making food tasty. Silent barter were when people traded things without actually meeting each other. They would trade at a riverbank. Salt traders would leave their salt slabs there and slam drums to communicate with each other . It assured the safety of trading and locations.

(Luann)Growth of Trade- Trade has been very successful of salt and gold. Because of this the Ghana Empire and the army grew as well. Even the trade routes were taken over by the soldiers. So they began trading in Ghana which made Ghana wealthy. Many other products made Ghana wealthy. These products were honey (from the south), leather, cloth, and tassels that were made from golden thread. The capital of Ghana is KoumbiSaleh . It was the capita but also the great trading center.