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Welcome to FY15 Beginning Budget Applications Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to FY15 Beginning Budget Applications Training. FY15 Beginning Budget. We will cover: Timeline & Deadlines Budgeting Parameters for FY15 BRP Website Tour Available Tools & Reports Very Short Break Personnel Budgeting Application Demo Beginning Budget Application Demo.

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Welcome to

FY15 Beginning Budget

Applications Training

Fy15 beginning budget
FY15 BeginningBudget

  • We will cover:

    • Timeline & Deadlines

    • Budgeting Parameters for FY15

    • BRP Website Tour

    • Available Tools & Reports

      Very Short Break

    • Personnel Budgeting Application Demo

    • Beginning Budget Application Demo

Timeline and deadlines
Timeline and Deadlines

  • April 28th– All Beginning Budget materials, instructions & applications on BRP website

  • June 2nd – Budgets are due to BRP

    • RU may set internal deadlines for departments

  • June 3 to July 1– BRP Reviews Budgets

    • Units may be asked to make adjustments

    • RU Signed Budget Reports Due

  • FY15 Period 1 – Budgets Uploaded to Banner

    • VPs Sign Budgets after Upload

What s new1
What’s New?

  • Updated Non-Academic Budget Process

  • Provost’s announcement for Unclassified COLA and Merit increases 7/1/2014

  • Medical Insurance Increase = 5% (12/1/14)

  • Standard Rate of Inflation (SRI) – 2.67%

  • OPE Budgets must be by Account Code: Health Insurance, Retirement, Other OPE

  • Unclassified Salaries must be split into Faculty and Non-Faculty

What s not new
What’s Not New?

  • Most of the processes for Beginning Budget have not changed

  • Our tools – the Personnel Budgeting Application and the Beginning Budget Application – have not changed

  • Unfortunately, the server on which these tools reside is not new either!

    • This makes updates somewhat risky

    • This makes glitches tough to fix

    • Fixing one thing sometimes breaks another

Budgeting revenue funds
Budgeting Revenue Funds

  • All funds except allocated funds (General Fund, ICC, State Match)

  • Revenue and expense budgets must net to zero by fund

  • Move excess expense budgets to other funds

  • Use 9Bxxx accounts when appropriate

Budgeting labor
Budgeting Labor

  • Unclassified Personnel budgets

    • Provost’s Office announced salary increases for 7/1/2014

      • Not in the PBA

      • Non-General fund units should budget for these announced increases

      • You may budget known, permanently funded increases (e.g., tenure promotion)

      • Faculty in CBA will receive 1.5% COLA 7/1/14

      • Faculty Merit/Compression pools

Budgeting labor cont
Budgeting Labor cont.

  • Classified Personnel budgets

    • Include step increases in all budgets & funds

      • PBA does include step increases for classified

      • PBA does include bargained COLA adjustments effective 12/1/14 through 6/30/15

Budgeting labor cont1
Budgeting Labor cont.


  • Contract is in negotiation

  • All units must budget for GTF salaries and OPE

  • Academic units also responsible for tuition & fees

  • Non-academic units with IPSA GTFs, tuition & fees reimbursed by the Graduate School

  • Remember that GTF tuition rates now vary by discipline

  • GTF Health Insurance for FY15 is unknown at this time.

Budgeting labor cont2
Budgeting Labor cont.

  • Other Pay Types-

    • Unclassified Pay (overload, vacation payout, etc.)

    • Classified Pay (overtime, shift differential, etc.)

    • Student Pay

    • Estimate based on Personnel Expenditure History

Budgeting labor cont3
Budgeting Labor cont.

OPE (Other Personnel Expenses) -

Estimated increase to medical of 5% effective 12/1/14.

Units using funds other than the GF should budget for the increase.

No significant increase in other OPE rates.

All these parameters are built into the Personnel Budgeting application. We highly recommend you use the app for your personnel budgeting.

Budgeting salaries ope
Budgeting Salaries & OPE

  • Please use specific account codes for

    • Unclassified Salaries-Faculty – 10102

    • Unclassified Salaries-NonFac – 10103

  • Please use specific account codes for OPE

    • 109*4 – Health/Life

    • 109*7 – Retirement

    • 109*8 – OPE Other

  • Requirements for forecasting and mid-year analysis are becoming more specific

  • Budgeting at this level will ensure any augments are calculated correctly for your unit.

Budgeting other expenses
Budgeting Other Expenses

  • Supplies and Services

    • General Fund

      • DO NOT budget a negative amount for supplies and services. Any structural deficit should be addressed to/by your VP

    • General Inflation Increases

      • Units may choose to budget an increase using the BRP SRI

Budgeting other exp cont
Budgeting Other Expcont.

  • Transfers In/Out

    • Make sure other side of transfer is also budgeted

  • Use 9Bxxx (Reserves for Future Years) when you have no plans to spend the funds in FY14

    • 9B100 – Salary & OPE Reserves

    • 9B200 – S&S Reserves

    • 9B300 – Travel Reserves

    • 9B400 – Capital Outlay Reserves

Budget data loaded
Budget Data Loaded

  • FY14 Permanent Budget (Period 09)

  • Academic Budget Model Permanent Allocations

    • Use xGEN activity codes to move amounts

  • Non-Academic “As Is” Permanent Adjustments

    • Description “FY15 ASIS -------”

  • Permanent New Initiatives

    • Description “FY15 NISI -------”

  • Period 13 One-Time Adjustments entered by Analyst

  • Adjustments to Incidental Fee Allocations

  • ICC Allocations

Brp website tour
BRP Website Tour

  • Navigating the BRP Website

  • Budgeting Tools Available

Personnel budgeting application pba overview
Personnel Budgeting Application (PBA) Overview

Personnel Database





User updates personnel data

User requests printable


User downloads file into spreadsheet

Update Data

Personnel budgeting application
Personnel Budgeting Application

  • Includes classified and unclassified employees (but not GTFs or Students)

  • Incorporates all salary and OPE budgeting parameters (as outlined earlier)

  • Current employee information downloaded as of 4/25/14

Functions the pba will take into account
Functions the PBA will take into account

  • if the unit is academic or non-academic (by Level 3 Org Code)

  • if any part of an employee’s labor distribution is on the General Fund

  • if the job is below 100 Appt%

  • if the job is a stipend

  • if the employee has two jobs with low appointment percents that add up to benefits-eligible

  • when a classified position is eligible for a merit increase

Functions the pba will not do
Functions the PBA will NOT do

  • Update the HRIS-Banner production database

  • Update the Beginning Budget Application (BBA)

  • Account for the six-month retirement charge lag for new employees

  • Budget differently if a job is filled by a retired employee

  • Warn you when an employee’s jobs add up to more than 100 Appt%

  • Calculate salary and OPE for GTFs or Students

  • Calculate overtime or shift differential costs

  • Re-sort records after a new record is added (use Banner ID search field)

  • Calculations for any fiscal year except FY14

  • Read your mind

Quick break
Quick Break

  • When we return, we’ll walk through

    • The Personnel Budgeting Application

    • The Beginning Budget Application

  • Then you’ll be able to sail right through the Beginning Budget Process

Budgeting salaries ope1
Budgeting Salaries & OPE


  • Be sure to read the PBA manual for more tips!

Pba personnel budgeting application demo
PBA(Personnel Budgeting Application) Demo

  • Please take the time to read through the manuals and instructions.