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Learning & Development at INROADS November 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Learning & Development at INROADS November 2011

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Learning & Development at INROADS November 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learning & Development at INROADS November 2011. Learning & Development Staff. INROADS Training and Development Why are we here?. To develop and execute the direction of training and development for INROADS Staff and Interns.

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Learning & Development at INROADS November 2011

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    1. Learning & Development at INROADS November 2011

    2. Learning & Development Staff

    3. INROADS Training and DevelopmentWhy are we here? To develop and execute the direction of training and development for INROADS Staff and Interns. The Training and Development Department provides INROADS staff with national guidelines and support to execute Intern training and development at the regional and local level. Staff development performance improvement opportunities are provided that contribute to the achievement of the INROADS mission and the overall professional development of staff.

    4. Why are we here? Our team provides support for: • Support for Strategic Initiatives • Candidate Prep Sessions for INROADS Internship candidates • Return Match Eligible Candidate Initiatives • Corporate Development Team Orientation Guidelines • Intern Training and Development • Orientation, Learning Summit, National Day of Service, E-learning • New Staff Orientation and Onboarding with HR • Staff Development • Staff competency development/Staff Development webinars etc. • Core business knowledge sharing and enhancement/Community of Practice Sessions (CoP sessions)

    5. Impacting Organization Goals Exceed Financial Goals Develop and Implement Long-Term Strategy Enhance Stakeholder Servicing Strengthen INROADS Brand Strengthen Organizational Capability Build Development and Philanthropy

    6. How does my role relate to Intern Training? In your role as a Manager and Regional Director: • Facilitate the summer training process for Interns (Learning Summits, Orientation, National Day of Service) • Executing national curriculum • Securing venue • Communicating dates and locations to Interns • Securing facilitators for sessions • Monitoring e-learning for Interns • Course material distribution • Course evaluation process • Intern summer training attendance tracking and reporting • Ensuring effective coaching is a priority with intern clients

    7. Regional Staff Support- Manager, Training Leads • Each Region has a designated lead contact for training. • This Manager is available to answer training related questions and provide direction to other staff in the region. This Manager in partnership with the RD leads the execution of Intern Training in the region. • The Training Support Team is actively involved with the design and development of training initiatives for Interns.

    8. Regional Staff Support- Manager, Training Leads • Maria Vaca, Florida Region • Michelle Phoenix, New York/New Jersey Region • Sara Corprew, North Central Region • Dwayne Diggs, Great Lakes Region • Dwight Gentry, Rocky Mountain Region • Erika Solomon, Mid Atlantic Region • Nykeki Broussard, South Central Region • Maleska Rios-Bowen, New England Region • Amber Murdock/Olivia Hill, Southeast Region • Andrea Stewart-Douglas, Midwest Region • Vanessa Serna, Pacific Northwest Region • Diane Pacheco/Patricia Shoenhardt, Pacific Southwest Region

    9. Intern Training and Development • The INROADS development process encompasses many facets including the internship, academic/career/personal coaching and training • Training is designed to help INROADS maintain a competitive edge by providing Interns with learning experiences that can increase their effectiveness in the workplace, as an Intern and as a professional. • INROADS Interns are provided training opportunities that provide a variety of formal and informal learning events. The curriculum is designed to meet the need of millennial learners and multi generational companies. • The process is tailored to train Interns to be corporate ready and immediate contributors to the success of their company.

    10. Intern Training and Development • INROADS utilizes a standard curriculum in each market. Materials for each session are standardized to provide consistency to the learning process. •  Corporate representatives, alumni and community leaders serve as volunteer facilitators.

    11. Intern Training and Development The INROADS Training Curriculum focuses on 7 main characteristics and competency areas: (1) Communication (2) Self- Management (3) Business Sophistication (4) Management Skills (5) Valuing Diversity (6) Academic/Technical (7) Community Involvement and Leadership.

    12. Competency and Skills Training? One comprehensive definition of "competency" is: "A cluster of related knowledge, skills, and attitudes that affects a major part of one’s job (a role or responsibility), that correlates with performance on the job, that can be measured against well-accepted standards, and that can be improved via training and development." (T & D: July, 1996)

    13. Intern Training and Development INROADS delivers intense training so INROADS Interns are corporate-ready, able to immediately contribute to the bottom line: Instructor-led, classroom learning. Interns receive live facilitated training during Orientation Day, Summer Kick-Off Session for Returning Interns, and the two day Learning Summit.  The training includes business essentials needed for leadership development. E-learning.  In addition to classroom training, INROADS provides an online learning component designed to develop their individual career and industry needs at their own pace. Experiential and Community Service learning. INROADS provides new and innovative experiences relative to the needs of these ever-changing students, while also using community service events designed to build confidence, philanthropic, leadership, and organizational skills. 

    14. Intern Learning Events for Summer 2011 • Intern E-learning Launch • Monday, May 9, 2011 • New Intern Orientation • Date varies from region to region • New Interns MUST attend an orientation before their work startdate • Should be scheduled independent of Summer Kick -Off • Summer Kick-Off (for new and returning Interns) • Summer Kick-Off will require one full day for both NEW and RETURNING Interns • Date varies from region to region

    15. Intern Learning Events for Summer 2011 • Learning Summits • Two day event • Date varies from region to region • Events should bring as many markets in region together • Optional Weekends beginning June 15th -16th and ending July 20th – 21st • Frank C. Carr National Day of Service • All service days should be held in all markets on this day • Saturday, July 28th, 2012

    16. L &D SharePoint Site

    17. Training and Development for Staff • Campus Branded Presentations for selling INROADS • Bulletin Board>SRC Recruitment Services>Recruitment Toolkit 2009.10>INROADS Branded Career Presentations • General learning tools/job aids, articles for Interns and staff • Request for additional materials must be made 3 weeks in advance • Staff development webinars, community of practice sessions (CoP) (i.e. Sales CoP sessions) • Informal Learning (First Things First Series)

    18. Registering for Webinars and CoP’s How to register for these sessions: You must register at least one day in advance to participate!! Registration is on-line. To register, do the following:1) Click on the following link: Locate the date and class you would like to participate in.3) Click on the event date. All the details for the event including the time, dial-in information, and a brief course description are shown.4) If this is the correct course, see "Register On-Line" on the left-hand side of the screen. Click the "Click Here" button.5) Enter your INROADS email address and click "register".6) Enter the required personal information. Click the button "I Plan to Attend"7) Click the red box at the bottom that says "Register" 8) Note on your calendar the session, day and times you register

    19. The INROADS View of the Pipeline and the Career Continuum • Career • Placement • Alumni/ • Ambassador • Career Ladder • INROADS Mentor • INROADS Internal Corporate Partner • INROADS Visiting faculty • Advance Studies • Donor • College • High School • Recruitment of high potential STEM and business students; Career pathing; successful graduation • Corporate Partner hires • On-boarding • Careers ladders • Jr Assoc • Mid Level Mgr • Sr Level Mgr • INROADS Ambassador • Fund Contributor College Links students graduate to INROADS College Component College Links • C-Suite; Boardroom; Entrepreneur • Training & Dev • On-boarding • Cross Functional Rotation • Successful Graduate • Client Centric Feedback • CEO/Partner • Consultant • INROADS & Mentor • Donor

    20. Vision 2015 Programming • Pre-college • Braxton, Project Director for College Links • College Links model and programming • Economic Development Administration (EDA) • Braxton, Project Director for 2 year research study

    21. Current Learning & Development Pillar Initiatives • To continue shaping direction for national standards on Intern Learning (coaching, intern experience) • To raise the development and long term career development of our staff as a key priority • Educating staff on key areas needed for ultimate job performance (sales, coaching, diversity, career trends etc) Staff • To continue providing learning events that creatively and skillfully prepare day 1 ready Interns (increase engagement) • To engage Interns in the evaluation and future planning and learning initiatives through the Intern Training Advisory Board • Increase Alumni and Corporate Client interaction with interns to enhance learning experience Interns • To ensure the successful onboarding and buy for support of the INROADS process to benefit both the client and the Intern • To develop a clearer understanding of learning opportunities provided to Interns as apart of the INROADS Internship process • To report Intern learning progress formally and informally Clients 11-12

    22. QUESTIONS??? Javona L. Braxton National Director, Learning & Development INROADS, Inc. P. O. Box 74416 | Richmond, Virginia 23236 E: | T: 804-276-4470 | F: 804-276-4478