influencing others informal t commands part 1 l.
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Influencing Others Informal ( Tú ) Commands (Part 1)

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Influencing Others Informal ( Tú ) Commands (Part 1) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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36. Influencing Others Informal ( Tú ) Commands (Part 1). Negative tú Commands. -ar verbs -er/-ir verbs No habl es . Don’t speak. No com as . Don’t eat. No cant es . Don’t sing. No escrib as . Don’t write. No jueg ues . Don’t play. No pid as . Don’t order. 36.

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influencing others informal t commands part 1


Influencing OthersInformal (Tú) Commands (Part 1)

Negative tú Commands

-ar verbs -er/-ir verbs

No hables. Don’t speak. No comas. Don’t eat.

No cantes. Don’t sing. No escribas. Don’t write.

No juegues. Don’t play. No pidas. Don’t order.

influencing others informal t commands part 2


Influencing OthersInformal (Tú) Commands (Part 2)

Affirmative tú Commands

-ar verbs -er/-ir verbs

Habla. Speak. Come. Eat.

Canta. Sing. Escribe. Write.

Juega. Play. Pide. Order.

Irregular Affirmative tú Commands

decir: disalir: sal

hacer: hazser: sé

ir: vetener: ten

poner: ponvenir: ven

expressing subjective actions or states present subjunctive an introduction
hablar comer escribir volver decir

hable coma escriba vuelva digaSingular hables comas escribas vuelvas digas hable coma escriba vuelva diga

hablemos comamos escribamos volvamos digamosPlural habléis comáis escribáis volváis digáis hablen coman escriban vuelvan digan


Expressing Subjective Actions or StatesPresent Subjunctive: An Introduction
expressing desires and requests use of the subjunctive influence


Yo quieroquetú paguesla cuenta.I want you to pay the bill.

La profesora prefierequelos estudiantes no lleguentarde.The professor prefers that the students don’t arrive late.


Expressing Desires and RequestsUse of the Subjunctive: Influence