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Nursery/Planting Stage Insect Pests

Nursery/Planting Stage Insect Pests. Introduction

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Nursery/Planting Stage Insect Pests

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  1. Nursery/Planting Stage Insect Pests Introduction Agricultural crops are infested by several pest species during their growth and development in the field. Some pests are associated with specific crop growth stage while others may occur during more than one or during all crop growth stages. Pests, which infest crops for longer duration or those which directly damage reproductive parts are more injurious. It is therefore important to delineate pest profile of crops for better understanding of crop-pest interactions. Rice grasshopper Next

  2. Thrips kkn-rsc.ricethailandgo.th Green leaf hopper Courtesy: DPPQS Leaf folder Rice Thrips Stenchaetothrips biformis Green leaf hopper (GLH) Nephotettix virescens Leaf folder Cnaphalocrosis medinalis Whorl maggot Hydrellia philippina End Previous Next Whorl maggot Courtesy: ikisan.con

  3. Rice HispaDicladispaarmigera WhitebackedSogatellafurciferaPlanthopper (WBPH) Gall midgeOrseoliaoryzae GrasshopperHieroglyphusbanian Hispa Whitebacked planthopper Gall midge Courtesy; DPPQS End Previous Next Grasshopper

  4. Jassid Courtesy: agropedia.iitk.ac.in Potato Jassid Amrasca biguttula biguttula Tobacco caterpillar Spodoptera litura Cutworm Agrotis ipsilon Tobacco caterpillar Courtesy: baovethucvat.org Cutworm Courtesy: bkmakro.de End Previous Next

  5. Potato Whitefly Bemisiatabaci AphidMyzuspersicae Green bugNezaraviridula Mealy bugFerrisiavirgata Whitefly Courtesy: ivia.es Aphid Courtesy: ivia.es End Previous Next

  6. Rhizome weevil Courtesy: infonet.biovision.org Psedostem borer Courtesy: article.wn.com Banana Rhizome weevil Cosmopolites sordidus Pseudostem borer Odioporus longicollis Banana aphid Pentalonia nigronervosa Banana aphid Courtesy: ecoport.org End Previous Next

  7. Banana Tingid bug Stephantistypicus Coconut scaleAspidiotus destructor Spittle bugPhymatostepthadeschampsi Mealy bug Pseudococcus sp. Leaf thripsScirtothrips signipennis Tingid bug Courtesy:britishbugs.org.uk Scale Extension.entm.purdue.edu Spittle bug Courtesy: qwikstep.eu Mealy bug Courtesy: itp.lucidcentral.org2 Previous Next

  8. Mango stem borer Courtesy: wharsthatbug.com2 Bark eating caterpillar Courtesy: web.pau.edu Mango shoot webber Courtesy: CA4KA0O5.jpg Mango Stem borer Bactocera rufomaculata Bark eating caterpillar Indarbela tetraonis I. quadrinotata Shoot webber Orthaga exvinacea Mango hopper Amritodus atkinsoni Mango hopper Courtesy: thaibugs.com Previous Next

  9. Mango Leaf caterpillar Euthaliagaruda Red ant Oecophyllasmaragdina Scale insect Chionapsisvitis Mealy bugDrosichamangiferae Whitefly Aleurocanthusmangiferae Leaf caterpillar Courtesy: www.sott.net Scale insect Courtesy: freshfromflorida.com Red ant Courtesy: www. Shutterstock.com Mealy bug Mye-musings.blogspot.com1 Previous Next

  10. Leafhopper Courtesy: readysetfix.com Thrips Courtesy: longislandhydro.com Grape Leafhopper Erythroneura sp. Grapevine thrips Rhipiphothrips cruentatus Aleurocanthus spiniferus Flea beetle Scelodonta strigicollis Stem girdle Stethenias grisator Flea beetle Courtesy: flickr.com End Previous Next

  11. Grape Grapevine leaf rollerSyleptalunalis Coreid bug Anoplocnemisphasiana Leaf minerPhyllocnististoparcha Leaf eating caterpillarSpodopteralitura Mealy bugFerrisiavirgata Hard scaleAspidiotuscycloniae Leaf roller Courtesy:bugguide.net1 Coreid bug Courtesy: britannica.com1 Leaf miner Leaf eating caterpillar Courtesy: powellgardens.wordpres End Previous Next

  12. Leaf miner Courtesy: ikisan.com Semilooper Courtesy: mothphoto.msstste.edu Tomato Serpentine leaf miner Liriomyzatrifolii SemilooperTrichoplusiani Hadda beetle Epilachnavigintioctopunctata Hadda beetle Courtesy: baovethucvat.org End Previous Next

  13. Tomato Whitefly Bemisiatabaci Aphids Aphis gossypii ThripsFrankliniellaschultzei White fly Courtesy: ivia.es Thrips Courtesy: erec.ifas.ufl.edu End Previous Next

  14. Let’s Sum Up Nursery/planting stage crop pests: Rice:Thrips, Green leaf hopper (GLH), Leaf folder, Whorl maggot, Hispa, Whitebackedplanthopper (WBPH), Gall midge, Grasshopper Potato:Jassid,Tobacco caterpillar, Cutworm, Whitefly, Aphids, Green bug, Mealy bug Banana:Rhizome weevil, Pseudostem borer, Banana aphid, Tingid bug, Coconut scale, Spittle bug, Mealy bug, Leaf thrips Mango:Stem borer, Bark eating caterpillar, Shoot webber, Mango hopper, Leaf caterpillar, Red ant, Scale insect, Mealy bug,Whitefly Grape:Leafhopper, Thrips, Flea beetle, Stem girdle, Leaf roller, Coreid bug, Leaf miner, Leaf eating caterpillar,Mealy bug, Hard scale Tomato:Serpentine leaf miner, Semilooper, Hadda beetle, Whitefly, Aphids, Thrips Previous

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